• How to use physical dynamics with Limit Angle mates?

    Hello, im trying to animate the motion of a seeder. It consists of the main cylindtical body which spins clockwise while the white roller assembly stays fixed. The L-bars need to collide against the white roller and b...
    Mohammed Firozhusein
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  • Help for animation

    Hi everybody! I need your help because I'm trying to do an animation but, cause the large assembly (see spec attached), is it all very slow! Change mates, change viewpoint is always a very long operation! I need to do...
  • motion driven by angle mate

    I cannot obtain a correct behaviour of any moving angle mate. At each frame the current angle value jumps on one side and on the other side of the zero degrees axis. Please try yourselves with the annexed sample. Can...
  • Smooth Paper folding effect with Motion study

    Hi! ( Noobie here) I would like to animate (Motion Study) a paper ( or sheet metal) to do a letter fold (1/3 ration) like in the attached GIF. Can someone please guide me with a video tutorial or step by step procedur...
    Manoj Manickam
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  • Sheet metal rolling on a core cylinder

    Hi! ( Noobie here) I would like to Basic Motion (Motion Study) a flat metal sheet to roll around a cylinder which is fixed on a stand (Eg. GIF attached). Can someone please guide me with a video tutoria...
    Manoj Manickam
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  • The great animation thread.

    hello all animation guru's.   I was wondering if users of Solidworks would be willing to post simple animation movies here of work they have done? Just for general interest.
    Greg Hynd
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  • How to zoom in during motion study?

    I created a motion study and I found that the zoom level cannot be control, so I used external program to zoom in. It made the video quality bad. Any advice? The following is my video     EDITED BY MODERATO...
    Jason Apple
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  • Motion analysis - how to define compression/extension spring?

    Hi,   Is there any way of distinguishing between compression or extension spring in Spring option in Motion Analysis?   Cheers, Mike
    Michal Uhman
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  • 0.1mm press fit falls together under gravity

    I've got some plastic parts that require approx 50lbs to press into one another. These take about 1 second to more than fully engage with one another.  Gravity is acting on the upper part, which weighs less than...
    Stephen Carson
    created by Stephen Carson
  • weird motion study?

    I created this assembly and when move it in the 3D modeling it looks fine. Once I add a motor to it in the motion analysis, the bars seem to move in a weird way. Any reason why? I attached the zip file, any help would...
    Paris Brown
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  • Can not calculate force on pin using rope on pull down machine

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Changed subject and moved to Motion Studies space. Please use short subject titles to describe the issue and put the details in the body of the post. Also, please post in the appropriate space if ...
    Goncalo Martins
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  • The Future of Motion

    I just wanted to make sure I'm spending time with a product for which SolidWorks has a vision.  With Motion, it is difficult to get help and if you look at the forum entries many of them go un-answered.  It ...
    Alan Thomason
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  • Motor Torque for Linear Motion Analysis

    Hi all,   First post so bare with me!   Part of my university course requires me to conduct a multi body analysis on a component i'm designing to fully fulfil my grade.   To do this, I'm trying to ve...
    Connor Benson
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  • unexpected barrel cam motion(animation)

    I make path mate at barrel cam. and then add rotary motor in animation topped for a moment.   Is my way of working wrong?       EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Motion Studies space.
    DongJun Kim
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  • Motion Analysis Calculation Errors

    Hey guys,   I have created this assembly of a toy horse with the appropriate mechanisms for it to move. The mechanism functions fine under the animation tab in motion study but for some reason the mechanism does...
    Ian Goetschius
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  • No interpolation option for cameras

    Hi, I am making an animation and I can't transition from one camera to another in a smooth motion. Instead it just jumps from one camera to another.   I think should be able to change this with the interpolation...
    Dominic Briggs
    created by Dominic Briggs
  • Newbie needs Motion Study help - Redundant Mates and wrong torque

    As the title says, I'm a newbie to SW Motion (and SW as well, really). I want to do some pretty detailed motion studies, so I decided to try some tutorials first to get a better understanding of how Motion works. I di...
    Douglas Kimber
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  • Motion Study won't update with changes and other general issues

    I've created a simple assembly with a screw and nut (acme thread, for a linear actuator). The parts are mated so that the nut accurately traverses the nut when rotated.   When I add a motor in motion study I can...
    Nathan Huber
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  • Negative inertia

    Hello, well I've been using SolidWorks to do a spider robot with 8 legs (4 on each side) (the legs are crank-rocker mechanism) I tried to see the motion analysis using only 4 legs just on one side to see that everythi...
    Adel Saade
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  • Making a rope follow a cam?

    Working with a compound bow and I would like to model the motion profile as the wire rope gets pulled and rotates the cam. (In real life it does move the cam pivot position due to the limbs flexing, but I'm trying to ...
    J. P.
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