• Help with Motion study

    I prepared 3D assembly, but I don´t know how to support it with Motion study. Please, help.
    Mirko Žohar
    created by Mirko Žohar
  • Simulation of Arrow in Solidworks in Motion Study

    I am trying to simulate an the projectile motion of an arrow launching. But so far the arrow did not follow the shape of the arrow or the center of mass of the arrow. I just started in SOLIDWORK so I am not sure what ...
    Hong Jian Tan
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  • Simulation of hollow inflatable beam

    I am trying to model/simulate a hollow inflatable beam, which is air-tight and constraint by fibers (inextensible). So the main idea is to have a basic hollow cylinder with thins walls. This cylinder should be filled ...
    Dion De Greef
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  • Motion Analysis for a Replication of a Steam Train

    Hi,  I am trying to replicate a walschaerts valve gear animation from a steam train however when I run the motion the analysis the simulation does not follow the correct path.  From the simulation it i...
    Harris Maxwell
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  • Coincident Mates relation is lost in animation if floated

    Hi dear Friends, I am not a professional but attending some courses for Solidworks and getting my experience in such a way. Therefore I have a question regarding animations by SOLIDWORKS. I am sure, you could help me....
    Tadeus Atraskevic
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  • Animation render

    Hi, I have a problem with render an animation. When i normally start a rendertask, everything is fine. But when i want to schedule the same task to finish many animations at night, then there will be 10x times more f...
    Leon Greiner
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  • Having issue fading parts and assemblies in Solidworks 2019 motion studies

    I'm working on a bunch of animations at the moment and noticed that I can no longer get parts or assemblies to fade in or out gradually in a motion study. I've done this a thousand times in the past, but it just doesn...
    Jeremy Langdon
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  • How can I enable/disable an inner assembly's mates?

    For a Motion Study I want to disable some mates from an assembly that's included in my main assembly in order to be able to animate some of the parts therein (sort of an exploded state).   But I don't seem to be...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Motion problem scissor mechanism

    Hey guys,   I am working on a solidworks motion study of a car with a scissor mechanism on top. This scissor mechanism has to go up, pick a box up and then come down again. After that the car drives over diffe...
    Till Spengler
    last modified by Till Spengler
  • Having problems with Motion Study animation renders using photoview

    So for work I was given an STL of a car model in order to render some videos with our product inside (the product is a hand control that helps physically impaired people to drive). Unfortunately the STL was too big an...
    Cory Mader
    created by Cory Mader
  • Not a number value integration error

    What's the reason for the not a number value computed for integration error message? How do i resolve it?
    Jason Grace
    created by Jason Grace
  • Assembly works in 3D model but not in Animation/Basic Motion

    Hello,   I've been working on a mechanism for a pull toy to drive the legs of a tortoise back and forth (driven by the green axle in attached .zip file).  When I click the red rod and drag it in Model view,...
    Ben Chung
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  • Motion Analysis of a vibrating screen

    Hello Everyone,   I am currently working on a motion alalysis for a vibrating screen which is supported by compression springs (see the image 3). I would like to know how the vibration amplitude changes accordin...
    Andres Felipe Diaz
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  • Slow Calculation and Rendering Motion Analysis

    Hey, I just bought a new Acer Helios Predator 300, intel core i7 - 9750H CPU 2.60/4.3Ghz, RAM 16Gb, NVDIA GeForce RTX2060.    I am currently having a quite large assembly with 1510 components (approx 4...
    Rony Rony
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  • Solidworks Animation Jittery when rotation

    Ive been struggling for awhile trying to get my animation to stop fluctuating. It just goes crazy on its own rotations. I have this problem only with rotating components & it does not seem to do a smooth rotation ...
    Cristian Cruz
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  • Animation Issues

    I am using the 2019-20 student version SP3 to do some animation in an assembly. I have noticed that I am unable to hide/show a component correctly. In the 2018-19 I could hide a component over ~2 seconds and it would ...
    Kevin Kearney
    last modified by Kevin Kearney
  • Adding materials under contacts (motion analysis)

    I've been doing a motion analysis of a vehicle with tyres of Polyurethane on a sandy/rocky terrain. By default the materials available under the contact properties are aluminium, rubber, nylon, acrylic and steel. When...
    Saisha Kashyap
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  • can the motion of belt be described and mesasured the velocity and acceleration of belt?

    plz somebody answer
    Emotion Man
    last modified by Emotion Man

    Dear members, i am using Solidworks 2008 sp0.0. i got problem in cosmos motion. i can modify existing motion study in solidworks. but i am unable to create new study. please give me solution for creating new...
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  • SOLIDWORKS Motion solves the two marbles two holes puzzle

    See how SOLIDWORKS Motion solves this puzzle: Computer solves two marbles two holes puzzle - YouTube
    Michael Steeves
    created by Michael Steeves