• Problem with persective

    If I am in perspective mode, and I try to change a part from hide to show, the view jumps to a slightly different location. It does this if the view is static or changing. It doesn't do this when not in perspective mo...
    Matt Wallace
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  • simulation express

    is there anyone know how to change the deformation scale in simulation express?
    Gurpreet Singh
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  • How to make the camera rotate around the model 360 degrees.

    I have an assembly. I created a new camera. I want that particular view to rotate around the camera ( just as the animation wizard allows ). I cannot use the animation wizard because it rotates along on a chosen axis....
    Ben Heath
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  • Assigned mass and CoG

    Say I have a solid body to which I assign a custom mass and centre of gravity position... In motion simulations how does SolidWorks calculate what the moments of inertia when motion of the part includes rotation?
    Edmond Husseini
    created by Edmond Husseini
  • simulation and animation difference?

    SW 06 has a simulations toolbar (with motors, gravity etc.) and it also has an animator add in. (for which there is a little tab down in the bottom of the screen that toggles between 'model' and 'animation'). My ...
    created by 1-9REWIW
  • Animating Large Assemblies

    Here are the questions I would like answered: Besides Animator, what software packages do you use to animate large assemblies? What do you use to create environments? I am looking to get information from pe...
    Kenyon Sharp
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  • CosmosMotion connector question

    I have a question about simulating a joint w/o connector hardware parts in the assembly. The pivot end of a cylinder assembly is mated axis-to-axis with the the bushings in the arm sub-assembly. Using ComosMotion, how...
    Christopher Thompson
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  • Difference between motion on part vs joint?

    I have a question about best practices of adding motion to an assembly in CosmosMotion 2007. In SW (w/o CM), a physical simulation motor will be mapped to a part motion using CM Intellimotion Builder. This is useful s...
    Christopher Thompson
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  • How does one animate the position of a sketch block?

    Hi, I am using SW2007 and in the "Online User Guide" under "Introduction to Solidworks Animator" it says "You can animate the following: . Component position . Blah, blah, blah... . Position of sk...
    Mark Broyles
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  • Animation in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

    Hi, I'm trying to add a 3D model with animation into a PDF-files using Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. The 3D model shows but not the animation part (it's greyed-out). Does anybody how this works? Is there a way to make a...
    Mark Van Hurne
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  • SimulationXpress Survey

    SimulationXpress Survey SolidWorks is hoping to hear from any customer who has done simulation work in SimulationXpress (formerly COSMOSXpress). Even if you only use it occasionally or haven't used it in a while, we...
    Vince Adams
    created by Vince Adams
  • Starting comosxpress

    when trying to start comosxpress i get the message "The specified module could not be found". what is the problem?
    Steven Donald
    created by Steven Donald
  • COSMOS Express & Assemblies

    I have a Student edition of SolidWorks that has COSMOSExpress. I want to do a stress analysis on a simple assembly - a rod welded to a base plate. It says I have to run a motion study before I can have it do the stres...
    Kaitlyn Lowery
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  • 2009 - Interrupt Calculation?

    Moving from swx 2007 to swx 2009 (skipped 2008) and can't figure out how to stop a motion study. In 2007, hitting the escape key would abort a motion study before it finished. Is there something comparable in 2009? ...
    Jason Swackhamer
    created by Jason Swackhamer
  • view in animation?

    In SW2009, is it possible in animation to rotate an assembly to a position then switch to a section view? Also, any recommendations on how to learn animation techniques?
    Mark Kraabel
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    I Have solidworks office professional 2008 x64 edition sp3.1. The distance mate does not work in the animator. Which sp in 2008 does it work in?
    Jonathan Peltier
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  • beam simulation

    Hi, I want to simulate a beam with the attendant radiation at a beamline. Is that possible with SolidWorks 2008? The beamline is already designed in SolidWorks. Cheers, Janin
    Janin Lubeck
    created by Janin Lubeck
  • Bouncing Ball ?  COSMOS Motion

    Ok, I have a 4" diameter rubber ball in free space 2 inches above a .5 inch thick steel plate. I apply gravity and drop the ball. Everything I've tried setting all frame rates to max, 3-d contact resolution to max etc...
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  • Animation

    Is it possible to import flex effects in animation
    vineet kumar sharma
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  • Is animator available in sw 2005

    Dera All First time post here I am new to solid works having used inventor before .I have been given a copy of SW 2005 to try out .I am mainly interested in 3d animations for e learning projects.I can not seem to f...
    peter wyrt
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