• Results & Plots

    What is the meaning of "Mag" in the plot label "Angular Velocity - Mag (deg/sec)"?
    John Sutherland
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  • SolidWorks Motion Survey

    Hello all, Product definition team has started the planning for Motion 2011 and will like to know the problems you want to solve using SolidWorks Motion, what are some of the pain points during motion setup, and a...
    created by 1-HHC69
  • impact load calculation

    i am using solidwoks 2009. i want to calculate impact load in spur gear simulation. please help me to calculate impact load in motion studies. regards jp
    created by 1-6IQYAK
  • Motion study, Camera view jerkiness

    I am working on an assembly with about 20 camera key-points. All camera positions are now dialed in and i am happy with how it looks, except when the timeline reaches the next keyframe. The problem is this fast ra...
    Vlad K
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  • trnsffer motion loads

    hi i have created a motion study of torsional spring. now i want to calculate the effect of spring on the components, so i transffer the load motion to static analysis. but somehow it,s animation is different ...
  • Motion Analysis

    Problem occurs using SW 2009 Premium, Windows XP 32 bit machine. I have a Windows Vista 64 bit machine available but have not tried this simulation on it yet. The assembly I am trying to apply motion analysis to...
    John Ashton
    created by John Ashton
  • cosmos motion 2008

    Hi, I'm designing a crank-rod system with two rods in parallel. The problem is that the forces on the rods are not equal as it should be. The reaction forces in concentric 5 and concentric 8 are not equal. Why? Thanks
    federico colombo
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  • Animation with Equations

    I have a comlex assembly for a project I am working on and am trying to animate for a presentation. I have some top level equations that when I change the value and rebuild it moves the parts how I need them to move. ...
    John Vickers
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  • gear animation

    Hi, I made two helical gears. I want to make a motion simulation using these two mating gears. Can anyone please help me with some tutorial how I can make the simulation. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sonju Ch...
    sonju chowdhury
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  • Spring force

    Hi, I am having trouble plotting the magnitude of the resultant spring force between two components. I have two components vertically aligned in an assembly that are separate in free space, with one component ...
    Edmond Husseini
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  • For Final Assignment

    hi... my name is jay (wijaya), im from Indonesia. I have some problem using solidwork motion analysis. Does it require huge amount of RAM and high spec computer?? if it does what size do i must have to run this mo...
    Wijaya Saputro
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  • 3D Contact elastic properties in CosmosMotion 2008?

    Hello, In CosmosMotion 2008, 3D contacts/elastic properties/impact there are parameters for stiffness, exponent, max. damping, and penetration . The only information I can find in the help files for the elastic prop...
    Dave Kolacz
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  • large assembly with animation

    I do some work as large assy, thus i split into small sub-assembly and make animation in all sub-assy. it's very good performance to do that. finally, I want make top assy. and want to import all sub-assy into that...
    Jaray Mekkaew
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  • Exploded Animation question version '07

    Hello, Can someone tell me how to save/record an animation? I am using Premium version 2007. I am under the configurations tab in my assembly then I right click on the "ExplView1" and the click "Animate Collapse"....
    bill iliffe
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  • cloth simulation

    Is it possible to simulate a cloth wrapping around a tube as it spins round? Something close to looking like that is also good.
    daafje braafje
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  • Issues with COSMOSMotion

    I've been trying to do a comparison of these two tracks, with a block sliding along simulating a vehicle. The circular track works fine, and I got the applied force to stay parallel to the vehicle. The constraints are...
    Derek Reamon
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  • Problem with persective

    If I am in perspective mode, and I try to change a part from hide to show, the view jumps to a slightly different location. It does this if the view is static or changing. It doesn't do this when not in perspective mo...
    Matt Wallace
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  • simulation express

    is there anyone know how to change the deformation scale in simulation express?
    Gurpreet Singh
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  • How to make the camera rotate around the model 360 degrees.

    I have an assembly. I created a new camera. I want that particular view to rotate around the camera ( just as the animation wizard allows ). I cannot use the animation wizard because it rotates along on a chosen axis....
    Ben Heath
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  • Assigned mass and CoG

    Say I have a solid body to which I assign a custom mass and centre of gravity position... In motion simulations how does SolidWorks calculate what the moments of inertia when motion of the part includes rotation?
    Edmond Husseini
    created by Edmond Husseini