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Paris Brown
I created this assembly and when move it in the 3D modeling it looks fine. Once I add a motor to it in the motion analysis, the bars seem to move in a weird way. Any reason why? I attached the zip file, any help would be great thanks!   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Motion Studies space. Please post in the appropriate space when one exists.
in Motion Studies
Greg Hynd
hello all animation guru's.   I was wondering if users of Solidworks would be willing to post simple animation movies here of work they have done? Just for general interest.
in Motion Studies
Goncalo Martins
Click to view contentEDITED BY MODERATOR: Changed subject and moved to Motion Studies space. Please use short subject titles to describe the issue and put the details in the body of the post. Also, please post in the appropriate space if one exists.   Original Subject: Hey, i need help calculating a force in my pin, im using a pulldown machine. I made a "rope" with… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Connor Benson
Hi all,   First post so bare with me!   Part of my university course requires me to conduct a multi body analysis on a component i'm designing to fully fulfil my grade.   To do this, I'm trying to verify my hand calculations for motor torque and power on a rock drilling carriage. The carriage consists of two sprockets which support a duplex… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Alan Thomason
I just wanted to make sure I'm spending time with a product for which SolidWorks has a vision.  With Motion, it is difficult to get help and if you look at the forum entries many of them go un-answered.  It seems to change very little, with the exception of becoming chromatically challenged in 2016 to match the rest of the SolidWorks software… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
DongJun Kim
Click to view contentI make path mate at barrel cam. and then add rotary motor in animation topped for a moment.   Is my way of working wrong?       EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Motion Studies space.
in Motion Studies
Ian Goetschius
Hey guys,   I have created this assembly of a toy horse with the appropriate mechanisms for it to move. The mechanism functions fine under the animation tab in motion study but for some reason the mechanism doesn't function at all when I switch over to "Motion Analysis" in order to analyze velocity and acceleration graphs. From what I can tell… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Dominic Briggs
Click to view contentHi, I am making an animation and I can't transition from one camera to another in a smooth motion. Instead it just jumps from one camera to another.   I think should be able to change this with the interpolation mode, but when I right click on these key points interpolation is not an option.   Any help would be appreciated.   Using SW2018.
in Motion Studies
Keagan Standifer
I am currently working on a breakdown animation of an assembly in SolidWorks 2017 and am having issues with using the animation wizard. First I create all the exploded steps. Then I use the animation wizard and click explode. Then when I check the motion study or save the video, all the parts that I moved in an X, Y, or Z direction move, however,… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Douglas Kimber
As the title says, I'm a newbie to SW Motion (and SW as well, really). I want to do some pretty detailed motion studies, so I decided to try some tutorials first to get a better understanding of how Motion works. I did the 4 link tutorial on page 13 of "Introduction to Solid Modeling Using SolidWorks 2011" :  … (Show more)
in Motion Studies
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