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Dion De Greef
I am trying to model/simulate a hollow inflatable beam, which is air-tight and constraint by fibers (inextensible). So the main idea is to have a basic hollow cylinder with thins walls. This cylinder should be filled with air at a pressure of 100kPa. See attached file for the cylinder.   Now my question is how would I go about modelling this… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Tien Do Van
Hi Team,   I want to simulate like in video with SOLIDWORKS motion: Car crash with bumper and shock spring | SolidWORKS 2017 Assembly | Motion Animation Tutorial - YouTube  I want to simulate the bumper touching the base part, the car will stop like in the video. I setup contact between bumper& base but the car doesn't stop after bumper… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Diego Consuegra
I am trying to do a motion study for my chain and sprocket mechanism but my chain keeps breaking apart when I'm doing my motion analysis. Why does my chain keep breaking apart during my motion study? How can I fix that and get my chain and sprocket mechanism to rotate properly? Please help
in Motion Studies
Herman Pardon
Why are my components flying away during motion analysis? When I"m running a motion analysis my chain links are flying away. I used the Chain Pattern command to create the total chain. When I run the study, my sprockets rotate correctly. What am I doing wrong?   Herman
in Motion Studies
Harris Maxwell
Hi,  I am trying to replicate a walschaerts valve gear animation from a steam train however when I run the motion the analysis the simulation does not follow the correct path.  From the simulation it is clear that the rocker is needing to be constrained  in some way however I do not know how to do this,  I have tried various different mates and… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Tadeus Atraskevic
Hi dear Friends, I am not a professional but attending some courses for Solidworks and getting my experience in such a way. Therefore I have a question regarding animations by SOLIDWORKS. I am sure, you could help me. I have created an assembly like a human body (see picture attached) where legs and hands are fixed (coincident) to lines (grey)… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Leon Greiner
Hi, I have a problem with render an animation. When i normally start a rendertask, everything is fine. But when i want to schedule the same task to finish many animations at night, then there will be 10x times more frames to render than the animation had before without scheduling (same framerate) .But the bigger problem is that for every frame… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jeremy Langdon
I'm working on a bunch of animations at the moment and noticed that I can no longer get parts or assemblies to fade in or out gradually in a motion study. I've done this a thousand times in the past, but it just doesn't work anymore. For example, if a part is suppose to fade out gradually over 2 seconds, it will instead be a solid color and then… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Bel Shaw
Hi dears How can I hide a component during a few second in animation or motion study? I'm doing an animation and want one component to hide over in 2 second, both key points are there but nothing happens until the time bar reaches the second point, and then it just disappears. Am I missing something? I did like this video but it hasn't worked!… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Connor H.
Hi everyone, I've just finished designing a cool and relatively complex single part in SOLIDWORKS. I'm wondering if there's a way to create an animation which would kind of scrub through the progress of the part's development. So as if you were dragging the blue line that suppresses what's beneath it from the very top to the very bottom. Hoping it… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
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