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Awais Arif
When i try to export the Animation or motion study using any of the built-in scenes or just colors at custom resolution (other than solidworks screen), i get the black screen in the exported video..Check out the attachment to have an idea..
in Motion Studies
Michael Uhrig
Click to view contentHi!   I'm working on a motion study and try to figure out how to add an assembly mate to the motion study. When creating a new motion study it includes all assembly mates. When creating a new assembly mate it is added to the motion study. The assembly mates can then be deleted from the motion study (see screenshot below), but I can't figure how… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Cory Mader
So for work I was given an STL of a car model in order to render some videos with our product inside (the product is a hand control that helps physically impaired people to drive). Unfortunately the STL was too big and had to be imported to Solidworks as a Graphics Body. Now to the problem at hand. I set up the motion study to show the product… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Pranav Nalawade
I am trying to do a motion analysis for this pawl pusher mechanism. Currently the problem I'm having is that there seems to be almost negligible friction damping, leading to the pawls pushing the basket to and fro. I have calculated the spring stiffness based on the reaction that should be developed by the basket but it only seems to work when it… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jason Grace
What's the reason for the not a number value computed for integration error message? How do i resolve it?
in Motion Studies
John Munroe
Click to view contentHi   I'm trying to run a motion analysis on an assembly. About 0.2s into the simulation, I get an error message saying:   Number of new element states 2 doesn't match number of old ones, 3.     The simulation stops and refuses to proceed further. Does anyone know what this might mean? From the animation, I see that a part (solid) protrudes to… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Christopher Buckley
I would like to generate motion study animations for multiple configurations and have the results of these be mutually exclusive (one motion study animation per one configuration). In the Solidworks Documentation[[2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Configuration-specific Motion… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Stephen Mounioloux
Hi,   I've got an assembly with a few parts rotating around a main axis of rotation and would like to plot the center of mass of the assembly. I am able to create these plots for all of the parts, but I can't figure out how to get a combined results for multiple parts.   I tried the Reaction Force approach but again, I think I am… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Stefano Tiburzi
Click to view contentHello everyone, here is my problem: I made a very simple mechanism by layout assembly, created the blocks, mate them and built the parts from them. Essentially is a slide crank guided by a 4 bar linkage. I fixed poin A and B and linked B and C with horizontal mate. Line red made also horizontal. Started animation, applied a motor to the first… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Venkat Ganesh
I'm trying to run a force analysis on a modified design of a vertical axis wind turbine to get a plot of the force on the blades over degree of rotation (Example attached) The operation of the turbine is that when wind blows from a direction, on one side the blade opens up (since there is no restriction) and on the other side, the blade is… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
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