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Adel Saade
Hello, well I've been using SolidWorks to do a spider robot with 8 legs (4 on each side) (the legs are crank-rocker mechanism) I tried to see the motion analysis using only 4 legs just on one side to see that everything is working well but I got this message: Time 0.000000E+0: Acceleration computation failed to converge after 25 iterations.… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jacob Picolet
Click to view contentWorking with a compound bow and I would like to model the motion profile as the wire rope gets pulled and rotates the cam. (In real life it does move the cam pivot position due to the limbs flexing, but I'm trying to figure out the motion problem first.) The animation will let me move the lower donut and "pulls" on the string as it has a static… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Alex Baker
I am currently doing a project in which I need to create an animation of a bath toy floating (and possibly swimming!). I am unsure how I should go about doing this. I've worked out how to make the fins, that will propel it forward, spin around. Now I just need it to appear like it is bobbing around in the water. Any help is greatly appreciated,… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Connor Benson
Hi all,   First post so bare with me!   Part of my university course requires me to conduct a multi body analysis on a component i'm designing to fully fulfil my grade.   To do this, I'm trying to verify my hand calculations for motor torque and power on a rock drilling carriage. The carriage consists of two sprockets which support a duplex… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jay Dave
Hi All,   I have an assembly which contains 3 Sub-assemblies...   When I create a Motion, do I have to turn-off all the Mates (Constraints)??? And where would be the option to turn-off those Mates (Constraints)???   Thank you.
in Motion Studies
Ehsan Hoseinkhani
hi guys i simulated a simple falling of a ball on a plate. i have expected that  after balls contact, it would be jump up and down alternatively. but unfortunately it fall and then stop. the attached file is my assembly project, please find & check it. many thanks for your favor
in Motion Studies
Md Sobug Mia
Hi, I am trying to simulate/capture the vibrational amplitude/ acceleration (in three direction X, Y & Z) in an assembly consists with 3 Ball bearings, 3 bearing housings (will be fixed on a plane), 1 Shaft, & 2 Weights (attached on the shaft). What I am expecting that, I will keep fixed the bearing housing carrying bearings with shaft inside.… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Sherif Soliman
When I apply "Motion Analysis" on an Assembly and Start to Calculate, it gives me this Statement "Failure to satisfy velocity initial conditions.  A probable cause is an over-specification of initial velocities of bodies.  Please specify fewer initial velocities and try again", How can I solve this Problem?
in Motion Studies
Wilbert Flora
Click to view contentHi,   I wanted to do a basic linear motion on an assembly by following the video on youtube (SolidWorks Motion Manager - Drag Motion - YouTube ) as I am new to solidworks.   I am getting this message. What? does this means.   I did tried another method using the motor (Piston Hareketi Linear Motor Solidworks 2015 - YouTube ) just skip it to… (Show more)
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Matt Juric
Can you make a chain array move in a motion study around a belt? Picture a cleated conveyor belt? The motion study says you can use "Anything but free", however "Free" is the only one that appears to move the entire array when you move the seed. So if you do the chain array in free and move the seed everything else moves on the path properly. All… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
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