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Matt Juric
First Can someone direct me to a decent tutorial or video or something on approaches to setting up motion analysis.   What I'm attempting to do. I have a Part on a table. That table is sitting on a pivot/Axis that tilts left and then right. I need to be able to control the angle of tilt and the time...oh and the motion is not linear it's a… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Brett Bell
Hi,  I would like to create a "custom" spring that will mimic the input of a solenoid which has a very non-linear response. Does anyone have a workaround for this type of input? It would be nice if you could do this with the force function, but it is only in terms of time. I don't see how to make it relative to dist.
in Motion Studies
Julian Sowa
I am on a FSAE team and we have sensors which allow us to measure the motion of the wheels. This directly relates to a specific distance between two points in our cad model. I can make a motion study of the vehicle and adjust the distance manually at each increment but I was wondering if it is possibe to take a list of data from a .csv or other… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Tommy Stypula
I am working with Motion Analysis motion studies and I am generally able to build a study that works properly.  I continue to add motors and tasks and it continues to be successful.  Then I realize that I would like to add an additional feature like another actuator or another part that will help accomplish what I am after.  Once I add the new… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
David Dragomir
Hello Community!   I am trying to make a simulation of a robotic hand grasping a ball and after this, different objects. I would like to reduce the problem to just one finger. Let's suppose that the finger is fixed and can just rotate from the bottom axis. I place a motor at the bottom of the finger, and i would like that the finger stops when it… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Brendan Schuler
Hi, I am trying to export an animation video of an assembly that I created. The issue is that when I export the video the assembly shows up on the far right side of the frame instead of right in the middle of the video frame. Is there a way to change this without having to recreate the entire animation?
in Motion Studies
Carlos Ferreira
Hi All   I am Trying to to a study between a sphere hitting a glass pane. It works well on the basic motion, however when I set the motion analysis, the sphere just goes through the glass without causing any effect   I have tried all possible scenarios on the contacts and also on the assemblies    Below link to the assembly folder Microsoft… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jean-Michel Melkonian
Hi,   I am using SW 2019 Premium SP3.   According to the documentation (2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Tracing the Motion of a Point in an Assembly ), it should be possible to draw the trajectory of a point during a motion study. I cannot find the "Results and Plots" button anywhere. Has the feature been removed? Do I Does SP4 solve this? Do I need… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
Jeremy Langdon
I'm working on a bunch of animations at the moment and noticed that I can no longer get parts or assemblies to fade in or out gradually in a motion study. I've done this a thousand times in the past, but it just doesn't work anymore. For example, if a part is suppose to fade out gradually over 2 seconds, it will instead be a solid color and then… (Show more)
in Motion Studies
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