• Flow Menu disappeared

    My Flow "ribbon" menu has disappeared after 2018SWX crashed and I can not restore it.  I toggle the "Add Ins" and the ribbon does not come back.  I can run Flow just fine using the pull-down menus but I need...
    Bill Dempsey
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  • Simulating power outage in boiler

    The scope is to know, in the event of a power outage, how much the temperature of the liquid inside of a boiler coil will raise only by the radiant heat generated from the adjacent components' heat capacity until all ...
    Nicola Mora
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  • Problem with selecting point goal

    Hello, I'm making a flow simulation of intake manifold of car, it contains few parts (throttle, intake manifold and cylinder head). When I try to add point goal in channel of manifold, which is in computational domain...
    Michal Korbut
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  • Flow Simulation API?

    Is there an API for Flow Simulation existing that would allow to automise exporting data to text files? I am using particle studies quite often in my simulations defining several injections for each study wi...
    Thomas Wagner
    created by Thomas Wagner
  • why does my fan pressure difference so small?

    Hi, i'm a student and i'm working on my final project about fan performance using flow simulation. The installation of fan performance test that i made is bassed on AMCA 210 standard, my boundary condition is environ...
  • Getting stuck on 'Meshing in progress'

    Hello all,   Background I was successful in getting a summer placement at my university but due to the current pandemic am unable to use the computers there. I'm running the newest version of Solidworks on my A...
    Rhys Williams
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  • More Wing Lift Questions - 2

    I may have used the wrong "method" looking for help.  Sorry for the repeat, but now as a question:     All,   I have been watching a lot of videos on how to use Flow Sim.  Some are very good. ...
    Joel Thompson
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  • Clarification on Flow Thermal simulation

    Hi all,   I'm new to SW Flow Thermal simulation and I have a doubt on adiabatic wall condition (Internal flow) VS External Flow.   Boundary condition : A Hollow pipe of steel has to reach certain temperatu...
    Kishore K.
    created by Kishore K.
  • Calculation time for lift on 3D wing

    All,   I have recently been working quite a bit with SW flow sim and have gotten good results in 2D. I am working my way up and have now begun trying to tackle a 3D wing. Find my 2D simulation here: Lift Coeffic...
    Josiah Lund
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  • Aerodynamic Centre of an aircraft

    Hi, I was wondering if there is an efficient way to determine the aerodynamic centre of an aircraft. I set up a model of the aircraft where drag is in the Z direction and lift is in the Y direction. I set up a grid of...
    Brian Robinson
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    Good Morning.  I have a problem with the analysis of the thermal exchange of a specific heat exchanger. The simulation never completes all the progress of the analysis and does not generate the engine graphics. N...
    Jonathas Tavares Neves
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  • Hello everyone, How to save the calculation in flow simulation? After saving, I will be run continuously the saved assembly, please. 

    Dear Sir, This is Aung Soe Min. Depending on the CPU time is so long to finish a final iteration, I want to save the calculation process of flow simulation in a Solidworks assembly. And then, the saved assembly will...
    Aung Soe Min Dme
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  • Solver abnormally terminated, please help!

    I was trying to use flow simulation and as I press run, it starts to generate mesh but suddenly "Solver abnormally terminated" appears and it happens only for this model because I've tried flow sim for other models bu...
    Aryan Panthri
    created by Aryan Panthri
  • Flow Simulation surface plot render problem

    Hello,   Has anyone seen this before (see attached image).  It's from a Flow Simulation surface plot and shows the default grey surface colour popping through occassionally.   I've seen it much wo...
    Iain Gilmour
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  • How do i find swirl number using solidworks flow simulation analysis

    I have rotational flow that i want to analyze to find the swirl number given by the following equation, is this possible to do in solidworks simulation? thank you!! (seen here 8.4.3 Turbulence Modeling in Swir...
    Xavior Bryth
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  • Wing trailing edge not captured correctly

    As you can see the trailing edge of the wing isn't captured correctly.   Any tips on how to fix this?   The refining cell for the mesh shown is 4 since if I put it like 5 or 6 the mesh hangs at around 30%.
    Thu Win
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  • Meshing for CFD flow

    I am trying to simulate a bi-plane wing.   I did a mesh convergence study with the initial mesh and the force in the X and y-direction for "initial meshes from 1-5" are not converging.   Mesh level 6 is ta...
    Thu Win
    created by Thu Win
  • Volumetric Parameter - Shear Stress - Cannot Compute Parameter

    I am using SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2019 SP2.0 to run a series of simulations of a centrifugal pump for pumping blood. I want to quantify the shear stress of the fluid in the volumetric domain. From my simulati...
    Landon Tompkins
    created by Landon Tompkins
  • Heat flow analysis

    Hello Everyone,   I am try to find heat absorbed by the tube as shown in the photo below. liquid at room temperature is flowing through the pipe and hot flue gases are passing around the tube. I am using conjuga...
    Samarth Joshi
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  • wall motion direction?

    Wall motion direction is positive for clockwise direction relative to positive direction of axis?   I mean is this correct? Or is positive wall motion in other direction?
    Damir Galic
    created by Damir Galic