• Sloshing CFD

    Hello Group, Here does any one knows how to do Sloshing simulation in Solid works CFD software.   I'm trying to simulate a LNG Tank sloshing while transportation, so far i couldn't find any supporting tutorials...
    Shiva Kumar Bairoju
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  • Problem with driver PCB temperatures.

    Hello everyone,   At workplace I simulated 2 PCB's which are a part of lighting system.One is a metal core with the a LED and the other one is the driver PCB.The problem I am facing is that while on the LED PCB ...
    Chiraag Bohra
    created by Chiraag Bohra
  • Flow error, can't find the CFLD file? Anyone?

    this is known bug in 2018 sp2, fixed in sp5 though it just started for me - first time I have seen it. It was intermittent but now is all the time, at least for the file I am working on. Has anyone got a work around? ...
    Bill McEachern
    created by Bill McEachern
  • Transient Flux Plot

    Hi,   I am simulating a transient Joule Heating simulation with varying properties for the materials with the temperature. I would like to see the joule heat from one body to the others over the time. While I fi...
  • Using Flow Simulation On A Small Wing

    I am trying to measure the drag and lift of a wing with a cord of 8 inches and a span of 36 inches. I must not be setting up the simulation properly. My numbers at 20 MPH seem very low. I am fairly new with Flow Sim...
    Patrick Clifford
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  • Cannot find the faces associated with this item.

    When I attempt to apply a Fluid Subdomain to an internal fluid volume (on faces on different parts in my assembly), I get this Rebuild Error: "Cannot find the faces associated with this item." Can anyone offer any hel...
    Alex Mende
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  • Creating animation for mutliple views

    Hi, I have a flow simulation result for an electro thermal simulation. I would like to animate the transient change in temperature in the geometry from multiple views and would like to keep it as a single video (ex. ...
    Vijay Aditya Hindupur
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  • Why do I get oscillations in goal convergence graph in Flow Simulation??

    I have done internal flow simulation for one of the control valves in fully opened condition. The inlet and outlet pressure are 3.5 kg/cm2 and 2.5 kg/cm2 respectively and i have applied local mesh near valve cross sec...
    Shreeshial Biradar
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  • Flow simulation max temperature

    I've set up a flow simulation of a cooling block (with water running through) of a system to export fluid convection to simulation for heat analysis. Everything works and seems about right; the fluid temperature rise...
    Joon Kim
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  • How do I simulate turbalance without inlet and outlet flow?

    Currently Im doing an school project where I want to simulate the turbulance of a fluid in a fuel tank but currently Im just learning how flow smulation works. I tried to reproduce this but I dont know how to do this ...
    Eduardo Escalante
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  • New system passes every benchmark I can find. Repeatably fails while running flow simulations.

    I am out of ideas for what could be wrong with this computer. 9900K, 64GB of 3600Mhz G-Skill RAM, 970 Pro SSD, Gigabyte Master motherboard, P1000 GPU, and 360mm AIO cooler. Prime95, PassMark SSD, Memtest86, Cinebench,...
    Charlie Johnson
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  • Simple flow simulation getting stuck at prepare model phase

    I'm trying to simulate a simple case of external flow, a solid sphere with 5cm diameter against a air flow in X direction, but when i try to run the simulation it get stuck in the preparing model phase, i ha...
    Mauricio Castano Vergara
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  • "wall to ambient" vs "wall" for radiation

    Hello, I have a question regarding Solidworks flow simulation radiation simulation. I have an anodized plate-fin heatsink; the dimensions are 70*70*60 mm with ten fins (vertical) (the 60 mm is the heigh of the fins). ...
    Khashayar Ebrahimi
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  • Is it possible to keep the adaptive mesh for new calculations?

    I can't seem to reuse the adaptive mesh that was found from an initial study. The only thing changing between simulations is the inlet pressure on one of the boundary conditions. I'd like to be able to perform an init...
    Jordan Truitt
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  • Calculation continues after Solidworks crash

    I'm running a fairly large assembly simulation in flow.  I had a couple of crashes when executing the simulation, not sure why.  I have been able to run the model successfully with a couple different configu...
    Matthew King
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  • Does anyone have a Centrifugal Pump Solidworks example (model and simulation profile) that I can play around with?

    I have been looking high and low, and all of the youtube videos I have found dont include the model... and most get the flow direction wrong. I am new to solidworks and CFD, but I want to start playing around with a C...
    Kevin Rynst
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  • Mass/Volumetric Flow Rate Plot

    I would like to show mass and volumetric flow rate in surface plots on the inlet and outlet faces of an internal volume.  When looking through the options I don't see either and in fact there are no options with ...
    Brendan Murphy
    created by Brendan Murphy
  • Flow Simulation Network Solving and Add Computer

    Flow Simulation network solving  ... I am having issues with adding a computer and need some assistance.     I currently have a VM Server with 2013 SW with Flow Simulation installed and working prop...
    Daniel Alaniz
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  • Heat flow in exchanger not working

    Hi,   First off, this is probably some rookie mistake as I am a student making this for a school assignment. The assignment requires me to model a counterflow tube-in-shell heat exchanger, and to experiment with...
    Yari Wesseling
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  • Turbocharger boundary conditions

    Hello, I am working on my final project to the school. I've chosen a simulation of turbocharger by Garrett. I tried couple of settings but I think the results are not right and I would like to get some advice from exp...
    Jan Hrabovsky
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