• Calculate Drag and Lift coefficient

    Hi, Solidworks is quite new to me and I need some help to calculate the drag and lift coefficients of my modified naca airfoil. I worked at school with flow simulation and obtained data about X (Drag) and Y (Lift) fo...
    Quentin Copin
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  • Define heat source

    Hi friends   I want to simulate toaster (see link https://www.amazon.com/Chefman-Electric-Sandwich-CoolTouch-Countertop/dp/B00FVUSL3C : ). I want to measure the temperature outside the body.  ...
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  • Resolution and Interpolation

    Hi,   im in a needle-valve simulation and try the find the minimal pressure in the system. This will be around the corner (see in Picture) but i cant determinate/read out it excatly: Problem is when i do not int...
    Bence Rivasz
    created by Bence Rivasz
  • Leak tracing - Start Face is not laying on the boundary between solid and fluid region.

    SW 2018 SP5.0   OK, so leak tracker is supposed to help trace leaks so that you can close the model for an internal analysis. I've used it before successfully.   Now I have a model that is supposed to have...
    Ken Lux
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  • Bad values - problem of simulation

    Good evening, I am currently working on this project but I have wrong values when I start the calculation (on flowsimulation). Can someone here solve the problem? I do not understand why ...
    Thor Rlern
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  • How to become proficient in Flow Simulation?

    Hey everybody, I'm starting a new job and will be required to use SolidWorks and also the simulations such as Thermal and Flow. I know how to set up studies and do the basics so far.   Are there any resources or...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • Flow Simulaton  - particle study material properties

    I am currently researching the flow properties of organic materials, (plant residues) through a centrifugal fan,  however, within the particle studies results section there is no material available that matches ...
    Samuel Crouch
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  • Feature Request for Parametric study

    Hi there I have an idea for a new Feature/or update an old one. Unfortunately I do not know where to send this, maybe somebody will see this:   In a parametric study of a flow simulation we can define geometric ...
    Vlad Martian
    created by Vlad Martian
  • Heat exchanger with helical baffles

    I'm currently working on a project of heat exchanger with helical baffles with both water entering in the tube and the annulus side. Dimensions of the geometry is used attached here. I am just confused because only a ...
    Michael Fidel
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  • Free Surface with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

    The new free surface option in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 is fantastic. Here's a simulation of pouring water from a water bottle into a mug. Please share your animations to show off what you've solved.   Hi...
    Michael Steeves
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  • Flow coefficient, Cv

    Could anyone please tell about the flow coefficient determination in Valves? The formula for the flow coefficient is: Cv= Q/(p1-p2)^0.5 Is Cv unitless ? If yes,then the right hand side is not matching the left h...
    Idspl Support
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  • Flow Simulation Error: Not possible to calculate the internal task, if there are mass/volume flow openings but no pressure boundary conditions defined.

    Hello,   I've got some problems with flow simulating my dual fuel cell setup.   No problems when checking the geometry and giving the inlet tube a boundery condition.   But when I press the run butto...
    Nico R.
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  • Fluid subdomains or initial condition same behaviour ?

    Dear readers,   I'am simulating a closed model witch is divided in to two sections. One is filled with air one with an user defined liquid. ( divided by a lid )     I difined two fluid subdomains, whi...
    Koen Menke
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  • Would be an interesting simple trick!

    'Number of Levels' in a 'contour legend' can be altered right on the screen and without going into the chart>edit definition. See the image below.
    Siavash Khajehhasani
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  • Top Ten list: Idea submission extended to December 16, 2015

    The deadline for submitting an idea for the top ten list has been extended to December 16th!   You can submit an idea by going to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 Top Ten List area. Make sure the idea title is succinct, but ...
    Siri Belton
    created by Siri Belton
  • I thought clones were supposed to be identical...

    So I've been running a series of variations of a flow simulation (2014 SP5).  I made a change in geometry that I wanted to make sure was captured in the mesh.  Well apparently not everything gets copied corr...
    Chris Michalski
    created by Chris Michalski
  • GPU utilization

    Hi all,   I currently have an SPR with SolidWorks (533330) to try to get them to utilize the GPU during the flowsym process. The GPU (I feel) would be better/quicker at crunching the numbers involved in this pr...
    Matt Taylor
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  • Frequency of Flow Sim crash on clone

    Okay, not looking to start a complaint session toward SW programmers here, but how often does Flow Simulation crash for everyone else while cloning projects? I doubt I'm the only one who generates 2GB+ results files ...
    Chris Michalski
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  • can i get the flow simulation training file of 2011

    hi can i get the flow simulation training file of 2011
    Roney C Joy
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  • Is it possible to lock the Computational Domain in Flow?

    (This is more of a rant than a question)   I'm stuck in 2011 so it might have been "improved" in newer versions of Flow...  I'm wondering if you can lock the computational domain yet?    Everyti...
    Chris Michalski
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