• Aerodynamic Centre of an aircraft

    Hi, I was wondering if there is an efficient way to determine the aerodynamic centre of an aircraft. I set up a model of the aircraft where drag is in the Z direction and lift is in the Y direction. I set up a grid of...
    Brian Robinson
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  • Solver abnormally terminated, please help!

    I was trying to use flow simulation and as I press run, it starts to generate mesh but suddenly "Solver abnormally terminated" appears and it happens only for this model because I've tried flow sim for other models bu...
    Aryan Panthri
    created by Aryan Panthri
  • Meshing for CFD flow

    I am trying to simulate a bi-plane wing.   I did a mesh convergence study with the initial mesh and the force in the X and y-direction for "initial meshes from 1-5" are not converging.   Mesh level 6 is ta...
    Thu Win
    created by Thu Win
  • Flow Simulation Meshing Error

    Hi, I am attempting to run a flow simulation for a CD nozzle with a pitot tube on the surface of the tunnel at supersonic conditions however the mesh inside the tube will not capture the fluid cells.  i have...
    Ronald Patterson
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  • Best way to perform a paramatric study for a wing

    I am performing a parametric study on a wing.   On Solidworks, I see there is an ability to create a parametric study.  What's the best way to conduct a parametric study, making sure that meshing doesn't af...
    Thu Win
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  • Improvements in separated flow at low angles since 2012?

    Good afternoon fellow Flowheads,   I've been using Flowsim 2012 at home since 2012 to investigate flow over a subsonic aircraft. I was told many years ago that the drag and lift for separated flow at a low separ...
    Steve Grossman
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  • roughness in wall

    Best regards Someone will have some table of manning roughness expressed in micrometers to introduce to the solidworks flow simulation. Thank you
    Josel Core
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  • Pressure drop across capillary hole in spinneret

    A melt spinning process typically can require quite high pressures to extrude polymer melt of high viscosity through a spinneret.  Literature for process I have found seems to show 5k - 10k psi pressure across sp...
    Justin Sadler
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  • Gas mixture into a pre-filled pipe

    Hi,   I am doing a fluid simulation in Solidworks:   Step 1: Inject 30 sccm of Helium into a pipe for 30 minutes  Step 2: Inject 20 sccm of Hydrogen and 10 sccm of Methane at the same time into a pip...
  • Flow Simulation Lift and Drag for my thesis ireland

    hi guys im currently doing my level 8 thesis on obtaining accurate figures of lift and drag in solidworks however i am far from it and i only have 3 weeks left to submit my thesis so any helo would be appreciated. i a...
    Zorar Ahmadi
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  • Surface plot looses gradient when fan is added

    I am doing an external heat simulation with a heatsink fan and a led volume source. I am having trouble with the surface plot. When I don't involve the fans the surface plot looks normal with a gradient over the enti...
    Mono Tovarisj
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  • WingLift Curve

    I am new to SolidWorks Flow Simulation.  I have been trying to create a lift curve for a wing.  I have not figured out how to do that.  Any help is greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Joe T.
    Joel Thompson
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  • More Wing Lift Questions

    All,   I have been watching a lot of videos on how to use Flow Sim.  Some are very good.   But, I still have a lot of questions.  Also, there have not been any responses to my original question:&...
    Joel Thompson
    created by Joel Thompson
  • Flow Simulation What If Analysis, Relative Humidity

    Hello,   I'm trying to run a what if analysis in flow simulation looking at temperature, pressure and relative humidity. When I go to select my input variables I can see Pressure and Temperature, but not option ...
    Max Hensley
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  • Decreasing one component's temperature

    Hello,   I am trying to decrease one component's temperature. To do so, I have designed with SolidWorks an aluminium enclosure and now I want to simulate with Flow Simulator whether this enclosure is he...
    Brais Luar
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  • solver abnormally terminated!

    When trying to run a Rotational Local region (Sliding) I get a SOLVER ABNORMALLY TERMINATED! Please contact the support service.   Here is some information on the setup. Total cells 17,728 Internal Air  ...
    Taylor Nichols
    created by Taylor Nichols
  • Fan profile on custom fan.

    Hi everyone. So I have an interesting problem that I have tried to scale down from the actual experimental setup. The new experimental test chamber I am using is a rectangle with a fan fixed inside of it (test.png). A...
    Ljuboslav Boskic
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  • Why do I get oscillations in goal convergence graph in Flow Simulation??

    I have done internal flow simulation for one of the control valves in fully opened condition. The inlet and outlet pressure are 3.5 kg/cm2 and 2.5 kg/cm2 respectively and i have applied local mesh near valve cross sec...
    Shreeshial Biradar
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  • Flow simulation max temperature

    I've set up a flow simulation of a cooling block (with water running through) of a system to export fluid convection to simulation for heat analysis. Everything works and seems about right; the fluid temperature rise...
    Joon Kim
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  • Is it possible to keep the adaptive mesh for new calculations?

    I can't seem to reuse the adaptive mesh that was found from an initial study. The only thing changing between simulations is the inlet pressure on one of the boundary conditions. I'd like to be able to perform an init...
    Jordan Truitt
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