• Fan profile on custom fan.

    Hi everyone. So I have an interesting problem that I have tried to scale down from the actual experimental setup. The new experimental test chamber I am using is a rectangle with a fan fixed inside of it (test.png). A...
    Ljuboslav Boskic
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  • ERROR in SImulation Setup

    Hello, I am trying to simulate Internal Flow in the Extrusion hub, but it is showing that face@X is not laying on the boundary between solid and liquid region,I tried to create lids, but it still showing Invalid at th...
    Gagan Kumar Chappa
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  • Sloshing CFD

    Hello Group, Here does any one knows how to do Sloshing simulation in Solid works CFD software.   I'm trying to simulate a LNG Tank sloshing while transportation, so far i couldn't find any supporting tutorials...
    Shiva Kumar Bairoju
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  • Problem with driver PCB temperatures.

    Hello everyone,   At workplace I simulated 2 PCB's which are a part of lighting system.One is a metal core with the a LED and the other one is the driver PCB.The problem I am facing is that while on the LED PCB ...
    Chiraag Bohra
    created by Chiraag Bohra
  • Transient Flux Plot

    Hi,   I am simulating a transient Joule Heating simulation with varying properties for the materials with the temperature. I would like to see the joule heat from one body to the others over the time. While I fi...
  • New system passes every benchmark I can find. Repeatably fails while running flow simulations.

    I am out of ideas for what could be wrong with this computer. 9900K, 64GB of 3600Mhz G-Skill RAM, 970 Pro SSD, Gigabyte Master motherboard, P1000 GPU, and 360mm AIO cooler. Prime95, PassMark SSD, Memtest86, Cinebench,...
    Charlie Johnson
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  • Does anyone have a Centrifugal Pump Solidworks example (model and simulation profile) that I can play around with?

    I have been looking high and low, and all of the youtube videos I have found dont include the model... and most get the flow direction wrong. I am new to solidworks and CFD, but I want to start playing around with a C...
    Kevin Rynst
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  • Heat flow in exchanger not working

    Hi,   First off, this is probably some rookie mistake as I am a student making this for a school assignment. The assignment requires me to model a counterflow tube-in-shell heat exchanger, and to experiment with...
    Yari Wesseling
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  • Negative drag force values?

    I am simulating an airfoil to get lift and drag values. Using a What-if approach in a parametric study I step the foil's angle of attack in a constant wind velocity. The drag force values decrease with increase in ang...
    Carel Kriek
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  • Simulating centrifugal pump. Beginner, already looked at every post

    (pictures attached at the end!)   Hello, I am new to flow simulation and got really thrown into it and now I have to deal with it. I need to simulate a centrifugal pump. I know there is a lot of information alr...
    Marvin K.
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  • How to simulate gap pads

    Hi,   I am facing some difficulties regarding simulation of thermal gap pads. In my model I have a CPU cooled towards an aluminium cooling profile. Between the CPU and the cooling profile I have a 1,5 mm thick g...
    Erik Steen
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  • Flow trajectory problem

    I'm trying to model water flow from a water pipe drilled with holes (represented by thing (or outlet) above the panel and the flow is defined there) onto a solar panel. I've also defined a heat source on the panel sur...
    Wei Hao Yip
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  • Regarding material definition

    I have specified material for parts inside an assembly in feature manager design tree. So do I need to specify material for respective parts in insert solid materials icon in flow simulation again ?? Someone please he...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Finding heat transfer between two solid bodies in an assembly

    I have two solid bodies in an assembly which are placed closed to each other in which one body is acting as volume heat source maintained at high temperature at around 130 C and other body is at initial temperature of...
    Pratik Bagde
    created by Pratik Bagde
  • Query in flow freezing

    If we turn on flow freezing to speed up calculations, simulation results obtained will be correct or not ( especially for physical time ) ? I have this query because when I try activating flow freezing it is taking hi...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Do i need to model the body of water for this cooling?

    I'm trying to model water flow onto a solar panel (via water outlets)(pic attached in post, the 8 things above the panel are the water outlets) and analyse its cooling effects. This is an external flow, and i understa...
    Wei Hao Yip
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  • Flow simulation out of nozzle and onto a surface

    I'm trying to simulate flow that goes through a nozzle and onto a surface and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it.  I need the the flow to start at the inlet of the nozzle, exit the outlet, then hit the ...
    Andrew Dorscheid
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  • Calculate Velocity/Temperature profiles of a pipe

    Afternoon all, I am currently in a convection course at U of M Dearborn for my masters degree right now and my professor saw it fit to give us a project which is due rather soon and early for the semester (It's due th...
    Zachary Graham
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  • Error while running fluid flow simulation

    I have a assembly in which there is heat transfer ( conduction, convection and radiation) between two parts inside a assembly. Initially when I have selected SS 321 for two parts which is default material in engineeri...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Facing issue in fluid volume .

    I have an assembly in which air is flowing from one opening to to other opening for which I have to do internal analysis. But when I am trying to use show fluid in check geometry tool it is displaying entire assembly ...
    Pratik Bagde
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