• Finding heat transfer between two solid bodies in an assembly

    I have two solid bodies in an assembly which are placed closed to each other in which one body is acting as volume heat source maintained at high temperature at around 130 C and other body is at initial temperature of...
    Pratik Bagde
    created by Pratik Bagde
  • how to use steady-state mesh for transient study?

    I need to generate a mesh from a steady-state simulation, then use that mesh for a transient study.  How can I do this?  I have successfully used the Transferred Boundary Condition under General Settings, bu...
    Dan Hofstetter
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  • Query in flow freezing

    If we turn on flow freezing to speed up calculations, simulation results obtained will be correct or not ( especially for physical time ) ? I have this query because when I try activating flow freezing it is taking hi...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Do i need to model the body of water for this cooling?

    I'm trying to model water flow onto a solar panel (via water outlets)(pic attached in post, the 8 things above the panel are the water outlets) and analyse its cooling effects. This is an external flow, and i understa...
    Wei Hao Yip
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  • Flow simulation out of nozzle and onto a surface

    I'm trying to simulate flow that goes through a nozzle and onto a surface and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it.  I need the the flow to start at the inlet of the nozzle, exit the outlet, then hit the ...
    Andrew Dorscheid
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  • Pressure drop too low?

    Hello,   I have been working with a basic gas turbine engine (ignoring the fuel for now) and added these orifice plates around the flame can, to help even out the flow.  However, these plates should create ...
    Phillip Laplante
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  • Pressure boundary condition in Inlet Mass Flow

    Hello, I am trying to simulate the discharge of a fire suppression agent inside a room to understand the dispersion of the agent and the pressure distribution in each equipment surface and on the room walls/door. ...
    Joao Antonio
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  • Measure heat to ambient

    I am modeling a device which has internal radiation and free convection and external radiation and free convection. I would like to measure the heat convected and radiated to ambient . I created surface parameters for...
    Charles McCreary
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  • Calculate Velocity/Temperature profiles of a pipe

    Afternoon all, I am currently in a convection course at U of M Dearborn for my masters degree right now and my professor saw it fit to give us a project which is due rather soon and early for the semester (It's due th...
    Zachary Graham
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  • Marine propeller simulation

    Hi forum,   I having a problem with the marine propeller simulation.   As the propeller simulated without local mesh refining (pic 1), the result shown a ideal flow pattern.   As the local me...
    Choong Waiheng
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  • Thrust of Marine Propeller & Computational domain

    Hai everyone,   could anyone tell me the way to obtain the thrust of MARINE propeller by using the flow simulation of solidworks? Also, how to calculate the fluid domain that is suitable for my simulation works...
    Wernyu Hau
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  • Compressor Rotating Region

    Hello, I have been working on creating an accurate Flow Simulation model of a real Garrett Compressor, specifically the GTX 5533R with a 85mm inducer.  Here is a link to the compressor map https://www....
    Phillip Laplante
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  • Error while running fluid flow simulation

    I have a assembly in which there is heat transfer ( conduction, convection and radiation) between two parts inside a assembly. Initially when I have selected SS 321 for two parts which is default material in engineeri...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Difference between surface heat source and volume heat source

    Imagine I have a solid bar and I want to define it as a heat source. The bar is in the middle of a hollow cylinder and air flows inside. Shall I define it as a surface heat source or a volume heat source? Thanks in ad...
    Amin Faegh
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  • Facing issue in fluid volume .

    I have an assembly in which air is flowing from one opening to to other opening for which I have to do internal analysis. But when I am trying to use show fluid in check geometry tool it is displaying entire assembly ...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • How do i give the pressure boundary condition in the case of a closed room with floor heater convector air flow in and out ? (NO OTHER OPENINGS)

    I am working on the following HVAC simulations. One of the wall is glass which is at 17 deg C. The room has all other outer walls at 23 Deg C. The only means by which the temperature maintained is by the floor convect...
    Prem Kumar
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  • Regarding flow freezing

    How do we know when to activate flow freezing and which type of flow freezing (periodic or permanent) should we use in Solidworks flow simulation to speed up time dependent calculations ?? Is flow freezing only way by...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Setting up radiation heat transfer problem

    I have 3D assembly which I have to study transient heat transfer between two bodies in an assembly in solidworks flow simulation. All three modes ( conduction, convection and radiation ) heat transfer are to be consid...
    Pratik Bagde
    created by Pratik Bagde
  • Define heat source

    Hi friends   I want to simulate toaster (see link https://www.amazon.com/Chefman-Electric-Sandwich-CoolTouch-Countertop/dp/B00FVUSL3C : ). I want to measure the temperature outside the body.  ...
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  • Simplified Electronics Cooling Analysis

    I have a general heat transfer problem that I would like some more experienced users to review for me if possible (using Flow Simulation without the electronics cooling module). I have a small aluminum elect...
    Andrew Fisher
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