Joe Galliera

Creating Flow Trajectories for an External Flow

Blog Post created by Joe Galliera Employee on Jun 8, 2010

After finishing the  calculation for an external flow problem, a great way to show the results is  with flow trajectories.  Since the computational domain usually is quite large  for external problems, this is not as straight-forward as for an internal flow  where one can choose either the inlet or outlet lid.  The best way to create  flow trajectories for an external flow problem (concentrating the flow lines  around the body) is by manually picking points on a plane.  I'll instruct you  how to do this later, but first some example pictures:




After you right click Flow Trajectories on the tree and choose Insert, you get the dialog box shown below.  Choose the second Starting Points option button for Picking Points that has XYZ on it.  In the blue box below that choose a Plane, and then orient the graphics window perpendicular to that plane and use the slider bar in the dialog box to position the plane to where you want it.  At this stage you can manually enter XYZ coordinates, but this is way too cumbersome to do many points, so instead select the Pick Points button that looks like an anchor (think of it as fixing that plane).  Now orient the graphics window normal to the body, and then start graphically picking points just around the body (see the selected points in the pictures at bottom).  As you move your cursor around the values in the now grayed out XYZ boxes will change to reflect your cursor position on the screen.  You have additional options of replacing, deleting individual or deleting all points.  The remaining options for flow trajectories below this section are the same.  Finally, click the green checkmark for OK.






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