Joe Galliera

Flow animation tip: Combine arrow flow animation with static pipes

Blog Post created by Joe Galliera Employee on Nov 16, 2009
A good way to show flow trajectories is by combining an  animation of arrows with pipes resulting in the below example animation.  When  animating the type called "Lines with arrows," it acts like an animation with pipes where they start from the beginning and go to the end; that's not the result that I am looking for.  But with the  new combination, the pipes stay static and the arrows move on top of the  pipes.

To accomplish this,  just simple create a flow trajectory plot with "Arrows" (flat arrows also work  well).  Set the size of the arrow appropriately, in my example I used a 2mm  arrow size.  Clone that flow trajectory plot and then edit the type to "Pipes" and make the size about 4 times smaller, so in my example the pipe size is  0.5mm.  Then just animate the first flow trajectory plot with the Arrows, so that the one with the Pipes stays static.


Animated 3D arrows with static pipes.gif
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