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Eduardo Escalante
Currently Im doing an school project where I want to simulate the turbulance of a fluid in a fuel tank but currently Im just learning how flow smulation works. I tried to reproduce this but I dont know how to do this simulation without adding the  inlet flow  and outlet pressure. What I want to do I just add the fluid inside the fuel tank and put… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Charlie Johnson
I am out of ideas for what could be wrong with this computer. 9900K, 64GB of 3600Mhz G-Skill RAM, 970 Pro SSD, Gigabyte Master motherboard, P1000 GPU, and 360mm AIO cooler. Prime95, PassMark SSD, Memtest86, Cinebench, and Solidworks benchmark all pass with flying colors.   The issues comes up seemingly randomly while running a flow simulation.… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Mauricio Castano Vergara
Click to view contentI'm trying to simulate a simple case of external flow, a solid sphere with 5cm diameter against a air flow in X direction, but when i try to run the simulation it get stuck in the preparing model phase, i have been waiting for a while but nothing happens and the processors don't look like they were working. i'm running it on a workstation with 2… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Joon Kim
Click to view contentI've set up a flow simulation of a cooling block (with water running through) of a system to export fluid convection to simulation for heat analysis. Everything works and seems about right; the fluid temperature rises as it picks up heat from heat transfer. One thing I'm having trouble understanding is the "maximum temperature" plot. Only space… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Khashayar Ebrahimi
Hello, I have a question regarding Solidworks flow simulation radiation simulation. I have an anodized plate-fin heatsink; the dimensions are 70*70*60 mm with ten fins (vertical) (the 60 mm is the heigh of the fins). I am doing natural convection analysis + radiation. I set up a simulation in Solidworks flow simulation and defined the anodized… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Matthew King
Click to view contentI'm running a fairly large assembly simulation in flow.  I had a couple of crashes when executing the simulation, not sure why.  I have been able to run the model successfully with a couple different configurations.  Two calculations were halted by Solidworks (2018 sp2.0) crashes.  When the software starts up again, the feature tree says that the… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Jordan Truitt
I can't seem to reuse the adaptive mesh that was found from an initial study. The only thing changing between simulations is the inlet pressure on one of the boundary conditions. I'd like to be able to perform an initial mesh convergence study then run a parametric study with the converged mesh but can't seem to do that. Is my only solution to… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Kevin Rynst
I have been looking high and low, and all of the youtube videos I have found dont include the model... and most get the flow direction wrong. I am new to solidworks and CFD, but I want to start playing around with a Centrifugal pump (because have worked with them IRL before).   Any resources where I can find a model and sim profile?   Thanks!
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Brendan Murphy
I would like to show mass and volumetric flow rate in surface plots on the inlet and outlet faces of an internal volume.  When looking through the options I don't see either and in fact there are no options with flow units in the velocity and flow rate section of the customize parameter list.   How do I show flow rates in a surface plot?
in Flow Simulation
Daniel Alaniz
Click to view contentFlow Simulation network solving  ... I am having issues with adding a computer and need some assistance.     I currently have a VM Server with 2013 SW with Flow Simulation installed and working properly.  Both my workstation and server have the same version SW w/flow simulation including the same service pack.  Every time I try to add it is… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
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