• Shell elements with bolt connectors

    Hello!   I was wondering if a bolt connector can be used in an FEA simulation with shell elements? I have set up very basic study utilising the symmetry of a component and this type of error came out (see attach...
    Michal Kolbuc
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    Hi everyone!   I am wondering why the result forces in the bolts (axial) are not the same as calculated by hand? The simulation study I have created is a simplified version of more complex design and I am lookin...
    Michal Kolbuc
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  • Nonlinear Analysis Failed - Improper Contact Surfaces for a Contact Area

    I am running a nonlinear analysis for latch/snap. The model and motion are pretty simple.  The analysis is not failed during the bending, but failed at where it's almost done. And the stress distribution is...
    Louise Yi
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  • How do I properly constrain this panel for buckling

    I'm using sheet metal for a buckling analysis with fastener holes on each side of the panel. I want to add forces in the longitudinal direction of the panel and I want simply supported boundary conditions as well on t...
    William Hensley
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  • Setting Graph Axis labels/ scale

    Hi   I m doing a deflection simulation and I would like to plot force against deflection. I can extract the force from the Joint Normal force plot (As this plots it against time). However my current axis labels ...
    ROb Staruch
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  • Suspension linkage fixture question

    Hello I'm designing an MTB suspension linkage, and have a basic form for the "rocker" link. I've done a motion study and have imported motion loads appropriately. I would like to run a topology study with this load c...
    Davis Humphrey
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  • Transferring Loads from different simulation types

    I have a static simulation with fixes and loads, Is there a way to transfer the loads into a buckling simulation? Thanks! Gil,
    gil maor
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  • Linear Displacement Pump Flow and Force Simulation

    I want to test a linear displacement piston pump at different drive forces applied with the flow simulator to determine exit flow rates and pressures. This will require a variable force applied to the pump head along ...
    Noah Bougie
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  • Assembly Static Simulation - Gravity

    I am having a confusing issue with a simulation study and the application of gravity. It seems to me like when gravity is applied to a solidworks simulation that basically the software is applying a point load at the ...
    Michael Rahhal
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  • stress concentration Static problem

    a probelem of stress concentration around houle, how can i fix this problem ? and converge in stress ? model stress result thank you !
    Mohamed Maadani
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  • Beam Analysis

    Hello All,   Basically, I am trying to find the deflection only for the orange coloured pipe (transverse) beam below screenshot. Please keep in mind that the orange beam is continuous just like other parallel b...
    Bora Doker
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  • Solidworks Dynamic Analysis

    I need to know and learn if the Dynamic FEA Analysis can be performed for a Milling Cutting Tool on workpiece like in the video link I posted. I tried many tutorials but nothing I could able find.  Design and An...
    Momin Bashir
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  • Control arm analysis - fixtures

    Hi, I have a question regarding fixtures in case of control arm analysis. Here's an image showing constraints applied to the model:   The following fixtures were defined: 1) on cylindrical face (for int...
    Jacek Michalski
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  • How can I input Time Curve data already in Excel instead of typing one point at a time?

    I created a set of 21 time curves to be used as temperature change with time in a Simulation of a transient analysis of steam turbine rotor startup procedure.  I have entered one Time Curve and it really is time ...
    Teodoro Leon-Salamanca
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  • Sine Vibration Analysis with specified time frame for the analysis?

    Hello! How do I setup the analysis for harmonic analysis in SOLIDWORKS simulation as below Sine vibration test     05-33 Hz     +-1.125 mm constant displacement     1 h...
    Mahendra K. H.
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  • How to generate simulations report when soliworks says unable to complete action because other program is busy?

    I downloaded word after downloading solidwork. I also made sure word was not open when I tried to publish the report from solidworks simulations. Maybe I should try reinstalling solidworks
    Alan Andonian
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  • Composite shell fixturing and loading

    I have created a composite disk using planar surface feature and then specified material, number of plies, orientation of plies in simulation tab.   I want to model a quarter disk and then apply cyclic symmetry,...
    Tim Buckley
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  • Tree Growth Simulation (CAO)

    Hi,   I am trying to find a way to implement this method by Claus Mattheck that reduces notch stresses by simulating tree growth. What I'm trying to do in Solidworks is the following: Run a static stress study ...
    Arild Amland
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  • solidworks intermittent weld simulation

    Hello guys,   Could enyone help me... Could I make FME simulation in solidworks including intermittent weld?   Or even better...  Could I use weld from weldments (weld Bead)?   Thanks,   ...
    Ziga Volk
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  • Simulation Real World Benchmark

    For a customer I am performing different simulations. For the Buckling simulations the customer states the following in reports from previous simulations they have performed on their own in 2016: "Based on official Be...
    Egbert Joostens
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