• how to simulate axial load on thrust bearing

    I am trying to run a simulation on how much axial load a thrust needle roller bearing can withstand, but am unable to figure out a way of doing so. The assembly consists of 2 race washers either side of 40 needle roll...
    George Stoneham
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  • Saving an Assembly as a Part

    If you have a large assembly with multiple sub assemblies. Would it simplify the simulation process at all to save the sub assemblies as part files?   For example, I have a sub-assembly consisting of an I-beam a...
    Jacob Harris
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  • Remote Mass vs. Remote Load. What's the difference?

    I'm doing an analysis a support component which will hold an antenna that weights about 5 lb. I see an option for remote load and also an option for a remote mass. What's the difference between the two, and in what si...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • Fixtures moving during deformation

    Hi   I'm trying to make a simulation of a carabiner with open gate being pulled in a tensile testing machine with 7,3kN as shown on the image below:I'm using a nonlinear study since the stresses will exceed the ...
    Jens Mejdahl
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  • Crash while Meshing

    Hello all,   I am currently working on a simulation for a large assembly. I have spent much time simplifying the model and am at the point where I am trying to get the assembly to mesh. My plan was to do an over...
    Jacob Harris
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  • "Database not found." ????

    I've gotten a good run out of my model, and I'm setting up the images for my Report.  For some reason I'm getting the error message now "Database not found" as I try to activate my Displacement or Stress plots.&#...
    Clark Thompson
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  • Elastic Support to replace tie rods

    I'm trying to simulate as accurately as possible a hydraulic cylinder which is pushing against a plate. The cylinder is connected to the plate with steel tie rods that are restrained on the back side of the cylinder w...
    Ethan Kay
    created by Ethan Kay
  • Did motion move to the latest ADAMS motion solver?

    Wondering if the latest version of ADAMS solver is used in the motion analysis in Solidworks.   Any upgrade or change plans for motion in the near future?  Seems to be a dead product and am tired of pay...
    Marcus Merideth
    created by Marcus Merideth
  • Meca3D simulation problem

    Hello, I want to make a simulation with meca3d of car driving on a platform but i have a problem when i implement the simulation , it sends an error message. I don't know what to do , can someone help me please ? Th...
    Rasit Er
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  • Surface model FEA static solution error

    I have made a surface model of a bike chassis and used knot surface command to bonded for the surfaces. When I start to do static study, after like 4 to 5 hours, it displays the error static model failed. The meshing ...
    Hamid Qureshi
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  • "Large Displacements" error message. Help

    I am running a simple analysis of a rod fixed on one end, and I am trying to find the minimum force required to the material to yield. I am getting a large displacements error message. If I continue with the analysis ...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • For my Shock Response Analysis, why am I getting larger deflection values when I increase thickness of the rod and plates?

    I'm doing a Shock analysis on this assembly. I chose to use the bonded (welded) connection for the rod and the plates. I varied the thickness of the hollow rod and the top and baseplates together using three different...
    Jeremiah Hess
    created by Jeremiah Hess
  • How to use the graph of the Crash Hazard Shock Test profile in MIL-STD 810G for my simulation?

    I am working on a Shock Response problem for an antenna that is attached to a PTV military vehicle. It is attached via a support component (rod). If the vehicle were to strike something or be subjected to so...
    Jeremiah Hess
    created by Jeremiah Hess
  • For my static loads analysis, would it be okay to treat an antenna as a remote load for this simulation?

    I am trying to simulate a static load case in which a military vehicle has an antenna fixed to a support component. I tried two different simulations, and I wanted to know which one would be preferable for this study....
    Jeremiah Hess
    created by Jeremiah Hess
  • the beam profile could not be imprinted

    Hi,   I want to calculate the frame of a legpress and when starting the study I get a message that "the beam profile at the joint could not be imprinted, Rather than imprinting the profile, the joint will attemp...
    Theo Linders
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  • I used a lot of modes, but Mass Participation is still very low. Any thoughts?

    For this support component, I wanted to perform a modal analysis to see what the natural frequencies were at the relevant modes. I started off being choosing 15 modes. Then, I increased it to 50 when the mass particip...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • "Please define Thermal conductivity in material properties."   ?

    I'm trying to run my first thermal study with the only thermal load being Temperature. I defined everything and then hit Run. I got the error message saying to define the Thermal conductivity in mater properties. Howe...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • Prescribed Displacement & Reaction Forces

    Hello  I am currently performing a linear simulation, where i know the allowable displacement for which i require to find the force required for that face to deform. I used prescribed displacement fixture a...
    Muralli Krishna
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  • Shock Analysis shows more deflection for a solid rod than a hollow one. How come?

    I have run a simulation on a 5-foot rod with two plates attached to it as seen below. First, I ran a simulation of a hollow rod, and then I ran a study of a solid rod. I upload a shock profile from a plot that I found...
    Jeremiah Hess
    created by Jeremiah Hess
  • Input Stopping Threshold

    I am performing a Static Analysis on a component. Are there units for the "Input stopping threshold" (convergence tolerance)? If so, what are the units?
    Alex Dalla-Pozza
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