• best simulation Workstation

    Hello, I want to buy a new simulation Workstation.  Which Workstation is the better of this 4 configurations: Dell Precision 7820: Intel Xeon Platinum 8256 3.8GHz, 3.9GHz Turbo, 4C, 10.4GT/s 3UPI, 16...
    Cyril Reiter
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  • FEA for one lifting system with spreader, rope,pins

    Lifting load Lifting load = 50,000kg
    Simon Yang
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  • how to decide weither mesh density is suffcient for Transient analysis ?

    In order to decide adequate mesh size for the transient analysis, we compare the current mode (mesh )shape with the previous Mode (mesh) shape. I compare it visually.   Is there any tool that can compa...
    Shivkant Tilekar
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  • Simulation Buckling Results

    Using SolidWorks Premium 2015 x64, service pack 5.   I am trying to use the Buckling study to analyze a simple cylinder model, and am not understanding the results.   What is the Mode Shape/Amplitude Plot ...
    Joseph Contreras
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  • Why isn't SolidWorks Simulation reporting mesh properties correctly

    Hello All,   I have recently started using the report publisher to save time compiling results of simulation studies, especially useful when multiple simulations are run on the same part. Lately, however, the re...
    Jordan Thomas
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  • Why is the aspect ratio statistics not available for Planar 2D Mesh?

    Hello,   I try to check mesh quality of a 2D simplification in my static study and realized that compared to a Solid Mesh for Planar 2D Mesh the aspect ratio statistic is missing.   Is this a SW bug, missi...
    F. R
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  • SW FEA simulation - Fixture - compresion only

    Hi, is possible to have compression only support of face in static analyse of the part?  I mean that the support is active only when the force is acting against the support (only 1 direction), in reverse directi...
    Dusan Falar
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  • DOF of a roller fixture

    I am working on a simulation of an assembly that is tied down to a floor. I assumed a frictionless floor and applied a roller fixture to the entire base of the assembly. When I applied a substantial inertia load to th...
    Adrian Tayne
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  • solidworks failed to instantiate ms word

    I have create static report but when I try to publish the report I got message "solidworks failed to instantiate ms word" Please help 
    Pawel Klatecki
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  • Meshing Failure Diagnostics

    Hello All,   I am currently doing a simulation on an assembly and when I try to mesh all the parts in the assembly (which are of different sizes) the mesh is failing and even after I apply Mesh Controls to all t...
    Suraj Venkat Pochampally
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  • Does simulation have log files?

    Maybe I didn't search right, but does Simulation have log files for runs?    I have a run that worked fine the other day, but today fails with no error messages.    Then it failed saying there we...
    Sean Johnson
    created by Sean Johnson
  • Relative displacements in frequency analysis

    When looking at different modes within one simulation study, are the relative displacement numbers only valid within each individual mode, or is the relative displacement valid across modes?     In other wo...
    Michael Posner
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  • Parts displaying black and white checker

    I am working on a study and ran into something new. Some of the components are displaying a black and white checkered pattern. They don't display this way in modeling, only in simulation. What is this and how do I mak...
    Aaron Hayden
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  • Does Simulation have a setting for simulating set screws, or do I need to use the Tool box or separate resultant force/torque representation? Thx!

    Is there a manner to simulate a bolted contact for a set screw? Maybe I'm overlooking an easy setting, but it appears the bolted contacts all assume that the bolt has a head and goes through a clearance hole in one pa...
    Chris Marquis
    created by Chris Marquis
  • vibration analysis resources

    I'm looking at getting started with SW Simulation, particularly with vibration analysis. Two questions: 1) Has it been a useful tool for anyone? (examples of industry would be helpful) 2) I'm looking for some resour...
    Brad Walker
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  • Simulation - Attaching two parts far apart

    Hi All,   I am performing a simulation and I need two parts to be attached to each other as I am not being able to use a bolt connection, as the countersink bolt head is not completely round. There are 2 plastic...
    Lakhvinder Singh
    created by Lakhvinder Singh
  • High stresses around bolt holes

    Hi!   I'm having trouble with high stresses around bolt holes on my simulated bolt connections.  I've been reading up on simulating bolts in Simulation and I'm aware of the warning that 'reported stresses w...
    Ansel Misfeldt
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  • Measuring average stresses across a cross-section

    I have come across a building code requirement that limits the "tensile yielding in the gross section". Is there a good way in Solidworks Simulation to check that no cross section average of a structural member (say, ...
    Erin Seligsohn
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  • Simulation,licenza premium

    Salve a tutti, dispongo di una licenza premium, nonostante ciò il pacchetto simulation non è completo, e nell'analisi di progetto per l'ottimizzazione del prodotto non posso inserire un sensore simulation....
    Vincenzo La Gatta
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  • Weld Line check box does not appear in Solidworks Plastics

    Hi,   I am quite new to Solidworks Plastics and came across an issue in which the Weld Line check box does not appear under the Fill Time results after running a Flow & Pack simulation.   Did any on...
    Michael Nicholson
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