• Motion Study not responding.  What's going on?

    It seems like Motion Study doesn't care if I make things move.  why is it randomly not working?  Is it because I'm doing something wrong, or is Solidworks usually this bugged?
    Joshua Cagle
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  • torque simulation

    I'm making a custom wrench for personal use. For fun, I'd like to run an FEA and see if the wrench will fail. below is a similar wrench. A torque wrench is applied to the square hole. Where do I fix and apply the load...
    Grant Baugh
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  • Flow Simulation Rotating Region Direction

    Hello, I'm having an issue modelling a wtaer pump in Flow Simulation. I modelled a basic propeller, placed it in a dummy body and applied a rotating region to the dummy body. The propeller is completed integrate...
    Christian Conti
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  • How to change your active model configuration in Solidworks FEA 2020

    Besides copying or duplicating a study and changing the Active Configuration that way, I already have a study loaded and would like to change the model configuration. How do I do this?
    Robert Schubert
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  • Struggling with hydraulic cylinder

    i have assembly move up by hydraulic cylinder , which connections and contact set preferred . Awaiting for kind response Please Thank you
    Asis As
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  • Simulation Report - Pictures not Showing

    Hi,   I made a simulation on SW, however when generating the report, all pictures are black, I have no idea where to fix this tried to google but no luck.   I'm using SW2017   See below an example.
    Victor Luna
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  • bolt safety factor ?

    What should be the bolt safety factor? What are the criteria?
    Arif Akbas
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  • Interpretation of stress in pipe (cross section / average)

    Hey guys,   I would like to shine a light on something I encountered, work done by a third party. We had some analysis done (simple static) to determine tolerable stress in a construction. (material etc in this...
    Roel Scheffers
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  • How to generate simulations report when soliworks says unable to complete action because other program is busy?

    I downloaded word after downloading solidwork. I also made sure word was not open when I tried to publish the report from solidworks simulations. Maybe I should try reinstalling solidworks
    Alan Andonian
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  • Factor of safety is too low

    hi   please Need suggestion   factor of safety of structure is too low , how can i improve it ??   Thank you very much 
    Afia Kawnwal
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  • How do you apply bearing loads to shell elements?

    I am designing a tailing lug for a cylindrical pressure vessel, and would like to check the plate stresses with a bearing load applied to the lug at a 15° angle.   I am trying to model this using shell elem...
    Martin Arnesen
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  • 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List: Vote for Your Favorites!

    We moved into the voting phase of the Top Ten List on January 4th, 2021 and will continue to have open voting until February 1st, 2021. Idea submissions have closed, but the Top Ten list is still open for comment...
    morgan Strong
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  • Generating of simulation reports.

    I have this problem and reinstallation of office doesn't help.
    Krzysztof Slezak
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  • Acceleration Load on PAN extending out

    Hello I am performing a simulation where I have a PAN which slides out of a column at a certain acceleration. The objective is to study the structural stability of the column when the PAN extends out. In Dynam...
    Parthiban Ramalingam
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  • How can I wind roller-shutter slats onto a shaft - Motion

    Is it possible to wind up roller-shutter slats onto a shaft (overlapping spiral)?  I made a quick test model to try it out, but I'm unable to get it to work.  
    Joshua Cagle
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  •   Drop test, Informative value?

    Good morning dear community, I am currently working on the drop test studies at SW Simulation and have some questions. An ABS housing is dropped from a height of one metre and hits the edge at an angle of 45°. &#...
    Andreas Bayer
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  • composite option is not available in shell definition

    I have only two option thick and thin, but composite option is not there... please help me , It is necessary to do my project.
    Suraj Rout
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  • Simulation Stresses Too High

    Hi,   I am not an expert at simulations but understand somewhat of how to do things.   I'm having issues with my simulations as I have never done an assembly like this before and I keep getting errors and ...
    Fahad Kafrawi
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  • Mesh convergence study

    Hi guys,   I have a model of a needle with the following boundary conditions: fixed at one end and constrained  in the y and z directions at all 5 faces in the tip. I have also applied a total of 1 N&#...
    Joana Lopes
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  • How do I solve this error while performing a Linear Dynamic Harmonic Simulation?

    I'm trying to perform a Linear Dynamic Harmonic Simulation, but it keeps popping up with the following error:   Error: Additional points are required in definition of the exciting curve, to cover the upper part ...
    Spencer Littlejohn
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