• How do I get the proper shape profile for my buckling analysis

    Several days ago a posted a similar buckling analysis and I didn't know why it wasn't giving me the results that I wanted. I had the panel clamped-clamped and according to other members, there wasn't anything that I w...
    William Hensley
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  • Belt and Pulley setup

    Hello,  Is it possible in solidworks to change or to specify belt tension in a belt and pulley assembly? 
    Rohan M. R.
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  • Solidworks Flow -- Adiabatic Heat Transfer Coefficient?

    I'm trying to validate some hand calculations of heat transfer coefficient with turbulent flow through a pipe wall. I've setup a simple flow model with said pipe/flow (internal flow, adiabatic out wall) & measure ...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Solidworks Flow -- Contact Resistance Off?

    In one of my recent flow simulations I noticed something a little wonky with a definited contact resistance between two surfaces (K/W option). So I decided to make a basic flat-plate on flat-plate conduction-only mode...
    Matthew Moore
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    Hi everyone!   I am wondering why the result forces in the bolts (axial) are not the same as calculated by hand? The simulation study I have created is a simplified version of more complex design and I am lookin...
    Michal Kolbuc
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  • Nonlinear Analysis Failed - Improper Contact Surfaces for a Contact Area

    I am running a nonlinear analysis for latch/snap. The model and motion are pretty simple.  The analysis is not failed during the bending, but failed at where it's almost done. And the stress distribution is...
    Louise Yi
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  • How do I properly constrain this panel for buckling

    I'm using sheet metal for a buckling analysis with fastener holes on each side of the panel. I want to add forces in the longitudinal direction of the panel and I want simply supported boundary conditions as well on t...
    William Hensley
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  • Setting Graph Axis labels/ scale

    Hi   I m doing a deflection simulation and I would like to plot force against deflection. I can extract the force from the Joint Normal force plot (As this plots it against time). However my current axis labels ...
    ROb Staruch
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  • Suspension linkage fixture question

    Hello I'm designing an MTB suspension linkage, and have a basic form for the "rocker" link. I've done a motion study and have imported motion loads appropriately. I would like to run a topology study with this load c...
    Davis Humphrey
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  • Linear Displacement Pump Flow and Force Simulation

    I want to test a linear displacement piston pump at different drive forces applied with the flow simulator to determine exit flow rates and pressures. This will require a variable force applied to the pump head along ...
    Noah Bougie
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  • How can I input Time Curve data already in Excel instead of typing one point at a time?

    I created a set of 21 time curves to be used as temperature change with time in a Simulation of a transient analysis of steam turbine rotor startup procedure.  I have entered one Time Curve and it really is time ...
    Teodoro Leon-Salamanca
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  • Sine Vibration Analysis with specified time frame for the analysis?

    Hello! How do I setup the analysis for harmonic analysis in SOLIDWORKS simulation as below Sine vibration test     05-33 Hz     +-1.125 mm constant displacement     1 h...
    Mahendra K. H.
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  • How to generate simulations report when soliworks says unable to complete action because other program is busy?

    I downloaded word after downloading solidwork. I also made sure word was not open when I tried to publish the report from solidworks simulations. Maybe I should try reinstalling solidworks
    Alan Andonian
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  • Composite shell fixturing and loading

    I have created a composite disk using planar surface feature and then specified material, number of plies, orientation of plies in simulation tab.   I want to model a quarter disk and then apply cyclic symmetry,...
    Tim Buckley
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  • Tree Growth Simulation (CAO)

    Hi,   I am trying to find a way to implement this method by Claus Mattheck that reduces notch stresses by simulating tree growth. What I'm trying to do in Solidworks is the following: Run a static stress study ...
    Arild Amland
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  • Simulation Real World Benchmark

    For a customer I am performing different simulations. For the Buckling simulations the customer states the following in reports from previous simulations they have performed on their own in 2016: "Based on official Be...
    Egbert Joostens
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  • Rotational Vibration

    I'm looking for the method to analyze rotational vibration on an assembly.   I have input parameters of a dither at 720 Hz, 0.003 to 0.004 degrees rotational vibration about the center axis.   A circuit bo...
  • Simulation Solver Stalling in Background

    I'm sure many of you have been running your Solidworks Simulation Studies in the background while working on other things. I have done this many times with no issue. Lately when I have been trying to do this, the solv...
    Shawn Kamphuis
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  • Does anyone know how to add TPU into the material libary for solidworks. Im designing a part for an FEA for uni and TPU would be the best material to use i think.

    Just looking to add TPU to solidworks i couldnt find it in the external libary 
    Iain Scott
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  • Static Simulation Properties Not Showing Up

    So I have been using Solidworks 2021 SP0 since it came out to carry out static simulations, and just today when I right click on the Name of the protect on simulation and click on properties of the simulation to chang...
    Tom Law
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