• Contact sets issue in Simulation

    I have an issue with this Simulation. The Riser has to take 25kg weight on its top and the weights have to gradually pass thru the Ribs of the riser to internal ribs of the body. I think something is not correct with ...
  • How do I exclude the reference body from FEM analysis

    How do I exclude a reference body from being meshed (has status "invisible" in the part structure), when I only want SW to mesh the symmetri geometry? /Morten
    Morten Hansen
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  • Invalid contact sets in beam assembly

    Hi,   I'm trying to perform stress analysis on a frame made up of universal beams. The frame is made up of multiple weldments in an assembly, and I'm trying to use bonded connections for the interaction between ...
    Mark McNally
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  • Can I show Wind pressure from Simulation Standard?

    Hi, I'm using Simulation standard instead of Flow Simulation. I was wondering if I can show this without using Flow Simulation. Can I apply static force on the area which the wind hits first? How accurate will this re...
    Babar Firasat
    created by Babar Firasat
  • Can I estimate the natural frequency of a tubular frame from static deflection?

    Hello everyone, I have Solidworks Simulation standard but not the license that allows me to do modal vibration analysis. Now I would like to estimate the natural frequency of a tubular frame with a big mass mounted o...
    Lowie Van Zijl
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  • What is the difference between SG normal force and sg force in FLOW?

    I am running a SW FLOW 2019 solution for a fuselage, wing, and empennage for Sea Level standard day conditions at 160 knots airspeed and various angles of attack to derive total lift, drag, and pitching moment forces ...
    Clayton Fox
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  • How do you determine axial and shear stiffness for elastic support?

    How do I determine the normal and shear stiffness for elastic supports? I've been using the SW 2018 tutorial for reference as it is the only one I can find that even mentions elastic supports. The tutorial has yo...
    Ben Melia
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  • New Distributed Bolt/Pin

    Has anyone else worked with the new "distributed" bolt and pin connectors in Solidworks Simulation 2020?   I was keen to see the problems of SW 2018/19 fixed, and pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't just...
    Shawn Mahaney
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  • reaction forces in sensors

    Dear All,   I'm performing a static case but with large displacement. Is there a way I can get the reaction force (RF) as a sensor?   In the list of sensors, I see Free body Force (FBF) and if I select my...
    Joost van De Peer
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  • Accepted Error Percentages

    Hello All,   I simulated a cuboidal body made of a polymer for temperature distribution. This body was placed on a Copper plate heater and was heated to 70 DegC. Then, I measured the temperatures on the bot...
    Suraj Venkat Pochampally
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  • who can do frequency/deflection/stress analysis for me?

    I cant justify the cost of simulation package in solidworks. We are only having a new design requiring these calculations rarely anyway. However our hand (spreadsheet) calculations aren't very accurate, and the assu...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Smooth hiding of parts in motion study

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make an animation of an assembly where a part will be hidden for some time and then it will reappear. But I can not get a smooth transition from visible to hidden state for that part. I ...
    Shamik Chowdhury
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  • Hello Sir, am a Bellows design engineer, how can i model and analyse a multi ply bellows?. How the multiply characteristics can be given in the analysis?.

    Am trying to analyse the expansion joint in the solidworks simulation- static module. My bellows has 3 ply construction. I tried to create the multiply by offsetting the layers in the sketch module and revolved over t...
    Ananad Rajagopal
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  • H-adaptive simulation study: converge on different parameter?

    Hello,   I'm running Solidworks Premium 2017 SP 2.0, and am running a Static simulation study using the h-adaptive method. I was wondering if it was possible to choose a different parameter (for example, the nor...
    William Knapper
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  • welding connector

    Hello, I have a problem with welding connector. I understood the method: the first body selected is a shell or a sheet and the second same thing and body volume. If I understood the principle, it is at the inter...
    Baptiste Graffin
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  • Buckling - Load Factor

    Hi. Im testing SW Simulation - buckling. Igot fixed bottom of test beam. Then i tryin put load on the top point of test beam. Just basic example. I started with load F=1N then F=10N then F=100N and the last F=1000N...
    Lukas Kantor
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  • Torsional element not experiencing stress or deformation

    There is a flat bar that should be transferring a torque between two pieces. I have used symmetry already to make it easier however, I cannot get the stress to appear correctly in the flat bar which should be seeing a...
    Brandon Griffin
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  • Exclude selected faces from simulation results?

    I figured out how to show results on ONLY the faces I want to see in my simulation results, but is there a way to see the reverse?  By that I mean is there a way to select faces that I want to EXCLUDE?  Or m...
    Paul Korenkiewicz
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  • Hundreds of two-resistor components

    Flow Simulation, trying to use two resistor component for a few hundred LED. When using "copy to component instances" the faces do not copy and I get an error. I'm looking for efficient way of making a few hundred 2 r...
    Chris Evangelista
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  • Modeling a Tarp/Fabric

    I am trying to model a tarp on SolidWorks, and when I apply a force to a face of the tarp, the program models it as if the tarp has curvature. However, a point load on a tarp fixed at two ends would cause the tarp to ...
    Jake Purzak
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