• Harmonic Analysis Error: Defined curve not proper

    Hi guys,   I have been trying to run a Harmonic analysis but whenever i try, the following error pops up all the time "ERROR: Defined curve(s) not proper." What should I do to successfully run the simulation? am...
    Frank Martinez
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  • Get normal force measurement for different surface

    I am modeling a bi-wing and I would like to know how can I get the normal force measurement for the lower wing and upper wing separately?   I know in Ansys I can name the surfaces and then measure the forces on ...
    Thu Win
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  • Nonlinear analysis of mooring chain over fairlead

    I'm currently writing my Msc thesis on fatigue damage in mooring chains. As a part of the thesis I have to find the hotspot stress in a chain laying over the stern of a anchor handling vessel. (See case2.JP...
    Emil A. Edwin
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  • Volumetric Heat Generation

    I’ve run into an issue in modeling the scenario in the figure. I need to have volumetric heat generation inside the encapsulated domain. The generation is a function of temperature and varies spatially. In the T...
    Peter Hartvigsen
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  • Why so long setups...?

    So ... Why do I need to setup connections for 5 to 10 hours... and simulate in 10 minutes?   So please add automatic dectection for contact sets: - beam - solid - joint - solid   Funny thing solidworks a...
    Damir Galic
    created by Damir Galic
  • Editing Topology Optimized Parts

    I have ran a topology simulation on a part, and am wondering how I can edit the part, as the optimized part changed things in ways that aren't physically possible to use, for example, the bolt holes which I told the p...
    Mike Alexander
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  • Every single mate in my assembly is considered an interference. How can I run simulation on a simple assembly?

    I have a very simple skid and I want to see if I can stack several of these on top of each other. The areas that will support the skid above are in blue in 01.   I fix the bottom part of the assembly. And apply ...
    Claudio Gutierrez
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  • Is there a way to determine interfacial surface tension between my surface and a fluid in solidworks?

    I have created a surface in Solidworks, and I would like to determine if it is super hydrophobic. I have not found any software that will allow me to determine contact angle on my surface, so I was wondering if there ...
    Cameron Harvey
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  • case hardening

    Hi, I am looking at the creep deformation that occurs on a spring, with and without case hardening at a certain depth. Does SolidWorks have a way of performing case hardening? Thanks
    Michael Goldreich
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  • "Source surface not defined at bolt connector" - Correct solution or not?

    Anyone every seen this error message? I have been fighting through this message for hours and there is little to no information out there about this error, or at least how I searched it.   I have an assembly tha...
    Scott Baugh
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  • how to apply loading to simulate a fluid 90% filled in a centrifuge?

    can nonuniform distribution be used in simulate the force applied by the fluid on the container?
    Anup B.
    created by Anup B.
  • Simulate 2020 - Error Message

    Hi,   I just installed Solidworks 2020 Premium and Simulate Premium on my Lenovo. Everything works just fine except I get this "Error Message" when I try to open Simulate.      If I hit "Enter" t...
    Thomas Revsbeck
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  • SW 2020-2021 Installation  Errors

    Marc Rickeard
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  • Transient time step and temp set up

    Hi all,       I am working on a transient study thermal VBA code. I have managed to get my code to switch from steady state to transient. however, I cannot get it to allow me to set a time step, t...
    Kyle Thomson
    created by Kyle Thomson
  • simulation collision detection for a lookup table

    Hi.   we have a robot  with 4 degrees of freedom designed in solidworks. I want to create a simplified model with all the plastic covers and external mechanics and to check collisions.   in the end, ...
    Ben Galili
    created by Ben Galili
  • how to have multiple solution steps in solidworks simulation?

    I want to have multiple steps with different time increments in a dynamic linear simulation (modal time history). how can i do this? for example i want to have two steps with the following details: step 1:  in...
    Sadegh Fffff
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  • how to increase maximum number of time increment in dynamic simulations?

    i'm doing a research on a topic with several load and boundary conditions. my total time is 30s and I need at least 0.001 time step to achieve an accurate result. however the solidworks simulations has a limit on...
    Sadegh Fffff
    created by Sadegh Fffff
  • The solver missed some contact surface(s), Do you want to restart?

    Does any body knows what is the intent of this error message? Is it the geometry or a simulation, or both, or another error?
    Vinay Sudera
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  • weld simulation

    Hello Everyone, Can we simulate a welded joint of (2) parts at an angle to each other (not perpendicular)? A screen cap of the welded joint is attached... It seems SWX can only analyze welded joints with perpendicul...
    Ghanem Jandali
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  • Static simulation on lifting frame

    Hi Everyone,   First post of many to come I’m sure, I’m fairly new to the simulation aspect of solid works and I’m unable to get my model to stabilize, so it will not run. The model is a...
    Matthew Permintella
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