• Is 4e06 for von Mises stress a high stress level?

    I did a finite element simulation on a Gable roof shell structure of 4 by 4 metres, of thickness 5 mm.   The maximum stress was at 4 x 10^8 MPa for von Mises stress. Is that too much? Should I increase my thick...
    Jayen Pillay
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  • Deformation due to screw torque

    Hi everyone, this is my first time making a post as I can usually find my answers from questions already posted but I have had no luck with my findings. I am toying around with the simulation features at work to try a...
    Zack Szappanos
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  • Find conflicting mate

    Hi, I have an assembly of a machine which has a gantry. The gantry sub-assembly consists of many sub-assemblies and sub-sub-sub-assemblies.  When I open the gantry sub-assembly I can use my mate controller and...
    David Boydston
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  • Is high P1 stress here acceptable?

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to design and test a 16mm aluminium hub similar to this product. However, the stress analysis comes back with rather high P1 stresses for 30Nm input torque:     Is P1 stress...
    John Munroe
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  • shaft notch stress high

    Hi, I got point stress of some >600N/mm2 on shaft edge where notch is while in the middle there is basically almost no stress... How should I deal with this situation? It's the similar case as in this situation:...
    Damir Galic
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  • Determining correct reation forces

    Hi all,   Im asking a question on behalf of my friend.   He is carrying out an initial analysis of a section of suspension arms and wants to determine the reaction forces present on the fixed location (Piv...
    Ryan Delacourt
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  • Pre Check simulation

    Is there a way to run a simulation in an "Abridged" mode or some sort of pre check mode?    I had a simulation running most of yesterday and all night, 18hrs. It finished this AM. I forgot to add the main f...
    Matt Juric
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  • Run stress analysis on arm

    Hi   I'm trying to run stress on a simple arm where the left end is meant to be driven by a motor giving up to 30Nm and the right end is a load. Am I running the simulation correctly by fixing the end with the l...
    Eg Gloo
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  • Reaction force not shown

    Hi Guys, I have a CHS (60.3 x 5.4mm) designed to support a horizontal SHS. Loading combination of 2584N dead load and 4kpa live load is applied on top of SHS (100 x 5, total length 2500mm) and the loading area is...
    Thomas Bayley
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  • Post data is invalid

    Immediately after finishing an FEA, I get an error:  "Unable to create the plot due to: 1) The requested quantity cannot be found in the result file... 2) Post data is invalid..." (transcribed for future goo...
    Loren Sackett
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  • I have an issue with SOLIDWORKS plastics , I cant' create the report I have an error  "the project path is too long": le chemin du projet est trop long,

    Philippe Benoit
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  • Surface hardening in simulation?

    Is there a way to simulate surface hardening in SW simulation? I'm sure I would get relatively realistic numbers if I split my part into two and had a thin hard part on top of the rest of the soft part, but was wonder...
    Matt Juric
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  • Selected body contacts are not interacting

    Hey, I'm new to simulation and I'm running into some trouble with body contacts not interacting. (see video below) Am I missing something obvious here or?   Only one wheel interacts with its surroundings, and no...
    Bodhi de Brabander
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  • The Iterative Solver stopped. The solver has numerical difficulties. Model may not have adequate fixtures. No results saved.

    hello, I designed a elbow 90degree, 64inch.   PSI is 150 (internal pressure). I have done the fixtures, fixed geometry on the both ends of the elbow. material properties is done, which is cast iron.   ...
    Hassan Samad
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  • How to simulate mechanical load over a spool

    Hello all. Bumped into this shop-floor problem recently and wanted to know how to approach this problem in SimulationXpress. Given below is a picture of cylindrical steel cores more known as spools in...
    Ashistaru Dey
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  • Simulation not working

    Hi.. I am trying to make an non-linear simulation with Plasticity material definition with appropriate tangent modulus. The model is a quarter section of the complete assembly with quarter of the total force applied o...
    Sarvesh Ambekar
    created by Sarvesh Ambekar
  • Simulation and motion analysis

    Hi   I'm completely new to SW so I may word this question incorrectly. I would like to find some software so that I can perform some dynamic simulation on a prototype, I believe in SW it is referred to as motio...
    Roger Allen
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  • How can I do the mesh better?

    I got some questions from a ABAQUS simulation, but since I don't see any abaqus foru and FEA theory issues in independent of the software used, I asked them here. I meshed my solid and completed the job. However, I h...
    Jayen Pillay
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  • FEA Element histogram plot

    Hi,   I hope someone can help me plot FEA results better. I used to do a Histogram plot of elements by stress after a FEA / Von Mises test. This showed when you had a Singularity in a very localised area so was ...
    Andy Southern
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  • Solidworks motion analysis contact body not working

    I am trying to simulate the motion of a prosthetic hand grasping onto an object using motion analysis contact bodies. However, when i set the contact between the fingers and the object the fingers penetrate the object...
    Michael Maged
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