• Is there a way to apply heat loads programmatically?

    Let's say I have n stacked cubes and I want to apply a power load to each of them as a function of their relative position. If n is large this can be a huge pain to do through the GUI. Is there a way to apply loads...
    Brendan Williams
    created by Brendan Williams
  • Is it possible to analyze twisting two wires?

    We ran a model in which two wires were fixed on one side and torque was applied to the other. However, the shape of the wire is excessively deformed, and the result is not correct.
    静香 古川
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  • 二本の電線をねじる解析は可能ですか?

    静香 古川
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  • Floxpress does not display the results after simulation

    Hey guys, I am trying to use solidworks floxpress for a simple pipe. It solves the pipe but does not display the results. Has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you solve it? Thanks
  • Basic Motion contact driving

    I have a worm with an inconsistent pitch surface, so not a constant surface. This needs to drive another part by contact. This works partially with Basic Motion, but gravity influences the movement of the driven par...
    R. Van Dijk
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  • How to do analysis of nanofluid in flow simulation ? Is it possible to enter solid particles properties in flow simulation?

    Recently I did an analysis of nanofluid inside a radiator by entering nanoparticles properties in "add fluid" option in wizard. Is this the right way to do nanofluid simulation. I tried entering nanofluid properties (...
    Anandu S. K.
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  • Power source that changes value with position?

    I'm performing a steady state thermal analysis and one of the loads is an x-ray with known power and incident size. However, I can't simply model this load as occurring only on the surface since it penetrates the mate...
    Brendan Williams
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  • How can I imposed uniform volumetric heat power in solidWorks Flow simulation?

    I created a volumetric heat  source with 100% porosity. I imposed a volumetric heat source (10W) in a triangular pyramidal prism but, when I ran the flow simulation without any gas injected, the temperature was n...
    Benard Tabu
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  • I am trying to simulate motion of a tire on soil. Can anyone advice, what kind of mating to be carried out between the two entities?

    I am unable to generate rolling and linear motion of the tire. 
    Parikshit Kumar
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  • SimulationXpress add-in missing

    I was just using it last week. I select the SimulationXpress icon and I get this error. It's not listed in my add-ons Anyone have a quick solution?
    Bryan Obermeyer
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  • What's the possible reason for incorrect prescribed displacement in static analysis?

    I want to run a static analysis for a model. There is a 0.1mm prescribed displacement for an edge. It does not pop up any error but the result is a much larger displacement.    The picture below is the mode...
    Louise Yi
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  • How to Convert Number of cycles into Days / Years ?

    How to Convert Number of cycles into Days / Years ? Dear Everyone, Good day! I am doing a Fatigue Analysis using Linear Harmonic study and getting a Life plot using cycles. Can you help to clarify how to convert num...
  • "Run" in Design Study Greyed Out

    I was running some design studies for a project up until a while ago when the "run" button greyed out and became unclickable.   I tried restarting my laptop and creating a new design study from a new part, but...
    Willy Teav
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  • I am using Cosmos/M for Solid modelling. I could not generate surface more than 8000 numbers. Is it true that we cannot have bigger problems in cosmos/M?

    I am using Cosmos/M for Solid modelling. I could not generate surface more than 8000 numbers. Is it true that we cannot have bigger problems in cosmos/M?    
    Saravana Perumal
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  • Simulate the amount of force required to deform the material

    How do use simulation to calculate the amount of force required for the situation ? I'm using a Hex Washer Head (10-32) for clamping the shaft.
    Rohit Mehta
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  • Help required with Simulation

    Hi All,   I have a real life part which has been bent from a 70kg load. I have attached pictures to show the part, there is an arm which gets pulled to raise the cylindrical device. The red line shows where it g...
    Babar Firasat
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  • Can anyone help with Simulation Set Up ??

    Hi everyone, I am working on a Project for Deck Design for Crane. however, I am not sure how to correctly Set up the Study in My particular case. I have attached the Picture of Deck Design on Which the Crane is being ...
    Kartik Patel
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  • Simulating UV light intensity.

    I am a student currently taking a design class. For my project I am looking to design a microwave like box which contains UV-C light bulbs. While I have some experience with solidworks, I have yet to use the simulatio...
    Arthur Perce
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  • Converting air space to solid material

    I am running flow simulation, and needing to treat an internal airspace as a solid material or a vacuum. The space is very complex, including circuit boards, and many internal features. Does there exist a way in flow ...
    Chris Disalvatore
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  • critical speed of rotation

    Hello guys,can Solidworks simulation calculate the critical speed of the shaft in the rotor system? If it can do,how to do it?
    Chengxiang Cai
    created by Chengxiang Cai