• Anybody having any luck with the offloaded simulation option?  Is the domain network really required?

    trying to make my life easier with the offloaded simulation of 2017 and not having any success.  Going thru the trouble shooter and it seems I need to have a domain network which means I need a server.  Not ...
    Marcus Merideth
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  • Buckling comparsion - problem

    Hello, Id like to show you basic example of buckling on rod which I calculated analytic(by hand)  then by Solidworks simulation and Ansys simulation. In Solidworks i use rod like solid then beam and shell. In...
    Lukas Kantor
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  • How can I ensure accurate results for thermal studies?

    I understand setting the proper initial conditions is a very important step in this endeavor but I am uncertain if there is some subtleties I am missing. For one study I have been running, the plots outputted for Flux...
    Trenton Brewer
    created by Trenton Brewer
  • Large Displacement vs Fully Nonlinear

    Is the Large Displacement solution faster than running a fully nonlinear solution?
    Jeff Diebold
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  • Can we do earthquake analysis in solidworks..?

    Hi All,   Can we do earthquake analysis in solidworks...? If Yes, can you explain me the steps or any case study for my reference.   Regards, Micheal Johnson S
    Johnson Micheal
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  • Flow Simulation, Air and Oil Separation

    Hello, I am currently working on a project designing an Automotive Catch Can, briefly the idea behind a catch can is to separate high pressure / high temperature Air mixed with Oil coming from the engine to relief Po...
    Ahmad Alansari
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  • Topology Study Error "an unnamed file contains an invalid path"

    I am attempting to run a Topology Study, however, I continue to encounter an error either when creating the mesh or running the study after creating the mesh. The error states, "an unnamed file contains an invalid pat...
    Miles Vranas
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  • Simply supported beam moving under symmetric load

    Hi,   I have an I-beam that is subject to two downward loads at both ends of equal magnitude (1893.75N).    It is also being supported by two upwards loads (ie. a roller support).   When I simul...
    Ana Mahmoodi
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  • hardware I/O error

    I keep getting this message out of the blue whenever i tried to run the study. I can't even save the simulation data because it also shows hardware I/O error while accessing them.    So, i just restart the ...
    Hanifah Az Zahra
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    I keep getting this message while trying to run the simulation. Followed by series of "data not available" and "running failed" / "meshing failed". It was okay when i ran a simulation before, then i have to change the...
    Hanifah Az Zahra
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  • Always crash while applying mesh control for a specific part

    I have a Solidworks 2017 running on a server with Windows 7 operating system.   I often running simulation for an assembly of about 10 to 20 big size parts (example: a 100x200x6000 hollow steel, d=400 pipe that ...
    Hanifah Az Zahra
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  • Bending angle simulation for applied force

      Hi, This is my first post in this forum, so please point me in the right direction... the above image shows a bending tool I designed. It is used to bend an aluminium strip into an angle of 12 degrees. to ac...
    Nipuna Abeysinghe
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  • Bolt Connection on "Non-Circular" Holes

    I'm trying to add 16 bolt connections in my Solidworks Simulation but when I try I get an error stating bolt connections can only be created on circular holes. This is due to the hole starting on a circular tube, the ...
    Jake Harvey
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  • Clipping algorithm error Unable to find a plane for projection

    Hi,  "Clipping algorithm error: Unable to find a plane for projection" I get this error while running solidworks simulation.  What does this mean?   Similar assembly which is fully defined, appli...
    Santosh Kumar Appawar
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  • What are you using for timing charts?

    Seems that for years everyone I know has been doing the same thing. MS project or something similar or filling in cells in an Excel spreadsheet. We have simulation software that essentially does a timing chart, but ev...
    Matt Juric
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  • Newbie to Simulation Module - need a little guidance

    Good morning All, Been using Solidworks for a few years now but have yet to experiment with the Simulation module.  I'm running SW2010 Premium and see that the simulation module is included.  I have a small...
    Dave Krum
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  • Simulation With Component Contacts

    Hi,   I am attempting to FEA a splined coupling. I have tried using the component contact feature, having it set to "no penetration".   I have applied fixtures to the model such that shaft is fixed, and th...
    Gary Smith
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    My product is a bellows expansion, where in i can apply moment in the axis of the bellows, but am unable to apply the moment on other two axis which are perpendicular to the axis of the bellows.    Can any ...
    Ananad Rajagopal
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  • Solidworks Simulation stalling mid solve

    I've been working on this simulation for over a week with and it always stalls out mid solve, I really need some help. I'm working on this scaffolding that is fixed in 10 spaces with clamps. It is clamped to extra tub...
    Jake Harvey
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  • Emulate3D alternative?

    We just had Rockwell in here on their Emulate3D software. I was looking around to see if there was an alternative that was more native to Solidworks and did not find much.   For the most part the software is Sol...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric