• How to conduct FEA on this part?

    Hi All,   I'm trying to run an FEA on this part to find the yeilding point of this part with a certain amount of weight it holds. The part is an around all welded bracket which pivots on its spindles in one...
    Babar Firasat
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  • Mold clamping force calculation using SW thermal simulation.

    Hello, Please let me know the possibility to calculate below requirement using SW simulation premium. This is a draft of a mold. I needed to calculate the clamping force F when the rubber strip temperature reached ...
    Heshantha Manupriya
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  • Vortex crosses the pressure opening

    I have a made model to recirculate air, I first started with no ducting, just a pressure outlet at the end to see if the air velocity was what I wanted (green). I have added ducting to simulate re-circulation of the a...
    Michael Youngman
    created by Michael Youngman
  • Deflection caused by wind load

    Hello all, I am working on a static wind load study and am running into a few problems. The antenna shown below is experiencing wind speeds of 135 mph, and a cumulative corresponding normal force (perpendicular to the...
    Daniel Moriarty
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  • Custom Material Modulus Error

    Hi all, I study dynamic materials and I am hoping to run a reasonably simple tensile test simulation with a 12.5 x 9 mm custom material. I would use a Nonlinear dynamic study and I would upload my stress-strain curve...
    Marlon Pinedo
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  • Error: Mooney-Rivlin constants  (A+B) < 0 from curve fitting

    Hello there,    I was trying to do a nonlinear simulation with Polyurethane material with Model Mooney Rivlin. I got the S-S curve data(uniaxial, biaxial and planar raw data)  from Matereality, but no ...
    Felix Yang
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  • Jacobian exceeded the accepted limit for an element

    Hello!   Is anybody able to tell me what this message means in my study? I have found it that the max Jaobian number on mesh quality plot is 25ish which I think it is still acceptable (lower than 40). Even if I ...
    Michal Kolbuc
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  • Why is my simulation not considered converged?

    I don't understand how convergence criterion works. In the case pictured - the criterion is set manually to 0.5 m/s velocity and 0.5 kg/s mass flow. What are these numbers measured against? I would assume that they ar...
    Martin Malmqvist
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  • I try to run a simple static simulation. I usually have to re-mesh. Then sometimes it works, most times I get the message Unable to create plot do to requested quantity cannot be found in results file . Today, I did a force study on a pipe and it ran fine

    I try to run a simple static simulation. I usually have to re-mesh. Then sometimes it works, most times I get the message below. Today, I did a force study on a pipe and it ran fine, the I did an FOS study and got res...
    David Becker
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  • How to find Static Pressure across System

    I have created a system that replicates the air flow capacity of the fan I am thinking about using. My problem is I don't know what the static pressure drop across the system is. Is there a way to find this out either...
    Michael Youngman
    created by Michael Youngman
  • Stopped running studies

    I ran simulation one or twice today, simple static. Now, I try a new identical study and it tells me:  the requested quantity cannot be found in the result file and the study doesn't run. I've deleted all my...
    David Becker
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  • anyway to copy sw simulation features from one assembly to another?

    (contacts, bolts, etc from assembly file to another? Or to merge two assembly files with different studies and then copy over the features?
    Drew Plichta
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  • Changing elements from shell to solid

    Hi everyone,   it there a way to switch back from shell to solid elements w/o creating a new simulation? Let me explain: in my last simulation I had to investigate a stack of sheets and, in order to reduce the ...
    Federico Bassi
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  • Pressure Drop across porous media.

    I have been reading through the Flow Simulation Technical Reference and found a series of equations to calculate the pressure drop. I have found two (2) equations that are quite useful (for anyone interested they are ...
    Michael Youngman
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  • What is the difference between Static Pressure, Environmental Pressure and Total Pressure when selecting a pressure opening as a boundary condition.

    I cat see to figure out the difference between these three selections, could some pleas explain. Thanks.
    Michael Youngman
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  • Help with Flow Simulation Wizard

    Can someone explain what changing the parameters on the last page of the wizard in flow simulation does? I have attached a picture of the page of which I am talking about.
    Michael Youngman
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  • Pressure drop vs velocity graph

    I'm trying to create my own porous media to control airflow so I need to be able to determine the pressure drop vs velocity graph. Does anyone have any way to know how to calculate these values?   What I also fi...
    Michael Youngman
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  • Calculating lift over an airfoil

    I need to calculate the lift generated if that airfoil was moving through air at sea level  at a velocity of 100 m/s.  Resolve those distributed loads into evenly spaced loads over the edges of the airfoils....
    Stevie Mixon
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  • Correct application of Force load in static simulation

    Hello all -   I've created a welded stand that I would like to perform a static simulation on.  I have created the stand using weldments, and fixed the bottom joints.  I then applied a force 10,000 lbs...
    Powell Barber
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    terminating mesh takes a long time
    Michael Koss
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