• View the simulation result frame by frame

    Hi, I want to observe the displacement result of a nonlinear simulation. It's about the deformation of snap during assembly so I want to view it frame by frame.   I know solidworks can play the animation and can...
    Louise Yi
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  • Asymmetric motion loads

    Hi,    I have to design a scissor mechanism. I already have the whole assembly ready and the motion analysis runs without any problems. However, I want to import motion loads to the base of the structure an...
    Jakub Krakowski
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  • two componets being disconnect when viewing simulation results

    Hi all, I have a model set up for simulation against the vertical force exerted on a flat surface. As far as I understand, if I keep the default global contact for the model, the entire model will be bonded on all th...
    Thomas Bayley
    created by Thomas Bayley
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation legacy projects from version 2014 or older

    SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 cannot read the project data from SOLIDWORKS files in format 2014 or older. This is actually an intended behavior, as it relieves the R&D team from maintaining code to perform the c...
    Julien Boissat
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  • Fine mesh a hole in a multi component assembly

    Hi all,   I have an assembly with three separate components. After I created the mesh for the entire assembly, I plan to make a fine mesh around the cut hole at the bottom of the tank. I have tried the mesh cont...
    Thomas Bayley
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  • Simulation won't load on one particular file anymore.

    I had a simulation project I was working on yesterday crash, and now the simulation tabs won't load anymore.  Simulation tabs loads on other files and earlier versions of this file.  Any ideas on how to fix ...
    Kevin Harms
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  • Metal Plate Bending Simulation

    Hello As you can see we have a punch which is going to bend the flat plate by moving in vertical downward direction.We have calculated the force acting on the punch but aren't able to verify it as we are pretty new t...
    Omkar Bhatawadekar
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  • Challanges with static simulation

    I`ve drawn a steel structure in SW and want to do a static analysis. Here is what happens: When I open the static study I get his message: "Problems have been found while creating joints due to short beams and wrong...
    Odd Ramone
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  • Simulation On Curved Surfaces

    What is the best way to perform a simulation on Curved Surface or a Fillet, Its a good practice to remove curved surface as a part of pre-processing but the main reason of the of Curved surface is to distribute stress...
    Varun Kottoori
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  • Assemble Simulation

    Dear Gents, I Designed A Hydrolic Hot Press and everything was OK, while I tried to do Simulation either Static or Thermal I couldn't find any results, it stays for more than 10 Hours in meshing with no results at al...
    Sherif Soliman
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  • Problems with the thickness of shells

    Good morning, I´m new here and try to simulate a mixed model with shells and solid parts. In the shell manager are all sheets listet which are going to mesh as shell. Unfortunetly there is un error when  ...
    Andreas Bayer
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  • Analysis for scissors

    I need to define the fixtures and loads for the model attached, it is one half of the pair of scissors. I am thinking of adding a hinge fixture to the axis and a load where the finger would go. I am not sure whatsoeve...
    Cece Fert
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  • I have conducted a random vibration test with my ASD vs Frequency plot and have received my complete simulation. My question is what is a general check to determine " Will this solution work?". Can there be "Green/Yellow" in the design or are those automa

    Alex McCloskey
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  • Unknown Error in Simulation Results

    I'm having trouble with a simple simulation on a Rosette. Hand calculations suggest it should be cable of withstanding 57kN tensile force and 24kN shear force, material has yield strength of 240MPa. However in my simu...
    Jake Harvey
    created by Jake Harvey
  • Peltier unit simulation help

    Hello, I'm making a caloric vestibular testing device for my senior design project where I am using a Peltier unit for cooling. I have to cool one of the sides to 24 degrees Celsius and is unable to do so. When perfor...
    Jithin Mathew
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  • Bending stress and Von Mises stress for shell elements?

    Hi Community,   I'm running a simple simulation of a rectangular vacuum chamber subjected to external ambient pressure using shell elements, just to verify my calculation with the ASME VIII code. However, I got ...
    Xiao Shang
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  • fea stress file

    What is the fea stress output file name
    Philip Pisczak
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  • Where did the simulation tab go?

    I'm not sure if "tab" is the right term or not. But I'm talking about the tabs (Features, Sketch, Surfaces, etc) that bring up the different sets of icons in the upper left. The Simulation tab has gone AWOL and I can'...
    Loren Sackett
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  • Motion Study of assembly consisting of multiple moving sub-assemblies

    I am trying to make motion simulation of complex machine with few XY and XYZ sub-assemblies and I want each of these sub-assemblies would move in special order.   I can set Motion to opened alone sub-assemblies,...
  • volume flow rate subdomain fluid error

    I have done a flow simulation (solidworks premium 2019) with 3 fluids: Nitrogen, Xenon and water. They are perfectly separated in different subdomains, no mixing possible. After running the sim, I check SUrface Para...
    E. Brega
    created by E. Brega