• Simulation on weldment keeps crashing - instability issue

    Hello All, I recently was given the task of making a model of a crane that was designed on an old hard to read drawing around 45 years ago.  It oddly never had the tonnage rating on the drawing called out. ...
    Dave Krum
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  • Solidworks flow CFD cut plot black screen

    Hi all,   I'm a student from Antwerp, Belgium. I'm not too familiar with CFD, but I've got some weird things going on here. My screen turns black after using a 'cut plot'. Does anyone have any idea how I can fi...
    Salma Yachchou
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  • Max and min values of simulation are flipped for Shear diagrams on two different computers with exact same model. Does anyone know why does this happen and how to resolve it?

    I a performing simple beam simulation on two different computers for the same problem. I get colors and Max, Min values flipped on these two different computers. See below. Does anyone know why is this happening? and ...
    Ajit Mujumdar
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  • Turbulence intensity

    Hello   I was wondering how to interpret the turbulence intensity parameter. From my research, it is the the amount of "fluctuating" flow in relation to the main flow. Still, I find it hard to interpret and set ...
    Dario Denzler
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  • Simulation Report

    How to force SWX to recognize that I actually do have the software on my computer? SWX 2020 SP5 & Word 2016 32bit MS office was already installed then I installed SWX Simulation Premium. For some reason when I g...
    Jim Riddell
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  • using flow simulation to find stall angle of a wing

    My son writes: I am running into some trouble that has come up in my Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) testing for my Science Fair project. I am using Solid Works CFD to measure the lift force at increasing angles of...
    Bert Rasmussen
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  • Cryogenic Vibration Analysis

    I am working on a cryogenic system and am trying to set it up correctly to make sure that the resulting displacement from the input base excitation load.   The load is applied through a user defined variation wi...
    Jason Kaye
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  • Solidworks Flow -- Contact Resistance Off?

    In one of my recent flow simulations I noticed something a little wonky with a definited contact resistance between two surfaces (K/W option). So I decided to make a basic flat-plate on flat-plate conduction-only mode...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Solidworks Flow - Use Fan BC for Pumps?

    This might be a silly question, but I can't for the life of me find any information as to whether the Solidworks Flow fan boundary condition can be used with pumps instead? Obviously I would import the pump PQ curve &...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Contact Resistance on Multiple Faces -- Wrong?

    I've been having some issues getting the expected temperature rises when using contact resistance to add an extra thermal layer between a heatsink & a PCB chip.   Essentially, I've applied a single contact r...
    Matthew Moore
    created by Matthew Moore
  • Solidworks Flow -- Adiabatic Heat Transfer Coefficient?

    I'm trying to validate some hand calculations of heat transfer coefficient with turbulent flow through a pipe wall. I've setup a simple flow model with said pipe/flow (internal flow, adiabatic out wall) & measure ...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Results of Aerofoil Flow Simulation don't match Theory

    Hello,   I'm currently in the process of learning how to use Solidworks Flow Simulation and so I've started with a simple simulation measuring the lift force generated by a particular aerofoil as the angle of at...
    Syed Ahmad
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  • How to display "Displacement" result AGAIN after deleting in study?

    It's probably a noob question (it is) but after I deleted the 'displacement' results in my buckling study, it doesn't come again. Re meshing and running the study again only gives me buckling again and again. The disp...
    Ahmad Shumayal
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  • Belt and Pulley setup

    Hello,  Is it possible in solidworks to change or to specify belt tension in a belt and pulley assembly? 
    Rohan M. R.
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  • what is this tolerance

    what does this value mean  
    Arif Akbas
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  • Motion Analysis Result Problem

    Hi. I have been having issues with the result of the Motor force from these linear motors. Ideally, they are to be mostly equal since they are two motors on the same load, connected in parallel. But the result is givi...
    Glory Jaiyeoba
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  • jacobian ratio  max value

    what is the highest jacobian value  
    Arif Akbas
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  • How do I get the proper shape profile for my buckling analysis

    Several days ago a posted a similar buckling analysis and I didn't know why it wasn't giving me the results that I wanted. I had the panel clamped-clamped and according to other members, there wasn't anything that I w...
    William Hensley
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  • "Wind tunnel method" in CFD for Ahmed body testing

    Hi all, I am currently completing my dissertation in the field of CFD, using SolidWorks flow simulation. I am aiming to analyse the flow around the Ahmed body and how the addition of a rear diffuser alters both the dr...
    Ryan Myers
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  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation legacy projects from version 2014 or older

    SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 cannot read the project data from SOLIDWORKS files in format 2014 or older. This is actually an intended behavior, as it relieves the R&D team from maintaining code to perform the c...
    Julien Boissat
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