• Stress simulation on a cantilever in a rotary kiln

    Hi all,   My system is a rotary kiln where a cylindrical metal probe is attached to the inner surface(like a cantilever). The kiln diameter is 3 meters, and the probe length around 35 cm. In our system, strain g...
    Pierre Siccardi
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  • How to properly fix a lifting arm when considering two forces.

    Hello!   I'm after some advice about how to simulate the forces on a lifting arm please.   In the image attached there are 3 holes A, B, C: There is a weight (force travelling down) at point A. There is ...
    Paul Davin
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  • Flat Coil Spring Animation

    Hi Everyone,   I am currently trying to design a gear box for a toy car that is propelled by a flat coil spring for a school project. I am able to create the spring and put it in the correct orientation for the ...
    Jackson Cook
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  • Drop Simulation Troubleshooting

    I've been having trouble getting reasonable results with SolidWorks Drop Simulation. The below model is a 100mm X 100mm X 100mm ABS-PC cube with fillets the cube is dropped at a height of 1 meter. The max stress just ...
    Joseph Mamerto
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  • force vs remote load vs distributed mass

    Hi   Starting to use simulation for a shelf, and have a question about the external loads: what would be better to use,force, remote load, or distributed mass; the force seems to be more straightforward to under...
    Mine Same
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  • Mesh information not available

    All, I have a fairly simple assembly with 44 parts.  nothing fancy. all solids.  I create a mesh, and the mesher completessuccessfully and you can view the mesh, and no warning or errorindicators are...
    Kevin Spradley
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    Hey guys,    I am wanting to find out the max force that needed until deflection begins on this part below. Is there a way this can be done using Solidworks simulation?    Essentially I want a fi...
    Cristian Cruz
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  • Solidworks simulation innacurate displacement

    Hi, I am a student using solidworks simulation to get an accurate representation of how the weight of a 95 percentile male would affect a standing aid I am designing for my final year project. I have fixed the botto...
    Andrew Lynch
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  • Shaft and key analysis

    Hello,   I am trying to verify the strength of a shaft and key with an applied torque of 1200Nm.     I had originally managed to get the simulation to run but the stresses predicted in the ke...
    Kristian Thompson
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  • Topology Optimization Result Question

    Hi, I am working on topology optimization of a beam for a project and I have a problem. I am supposed to optimizate this beam so that its stiffness is highest for most of its mass removed. However when looking at the ...
    Oemer Tulgar
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  • how bend into sheet metal

    hi, srry someone know  how bend this plane into sheet metal? here is the link it is for pie cut
    Llkjs Dkskanld
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  • Simulation ignoring manual bonds, parts flying into space

    I am trying to run an analysis of a container door assembly, and the corner castings keep flying off the model. See below. I have re bonded this ample times and it always seems to "deform" like this. I'm coming to th...
    Carl Jackson
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  • Solidwork Flow Simulation

    Hello,   I'm having a college project about thermal and flow study. I need to use solidwork CFD to do a flow simulation on a metal with a hot air constantly blow on it surface. I will using time dependent to solv...
    Jerry Kent
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  • Radiation to Ambient of Simple Plate Question

    Hello, I'm just trying to verify a simple plate steady state scenario in SolidWorks Simulation before moving on to my real assembly and I'm getting confusing results. I'm assuming I have a simple plate of set thicknes...
    Jerami Martin
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  • Skid / Frame loading

    Hello,   i would like to get your idea, on how to put the correct entries (fixture, force, etc...) to get this simulation the most realistic as possible.   In a previous simu-study (not made by myself) th...
    The Merovingien
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  • Matrix Singular or Indefinite Stiffness Matrix Negative Diagonal

    Hi,    I am using Solidworks to model an assembly comprised of two parts, an inner and outer can. The inner can is concentric to the outer can, the inner can base is coincident with the inside base (face) o...
    Elizabeth Sharp
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  • Simulating Loads on a Surface

    Hello,      I am designing a table intended to store several large aluminium beams, so naturally I would like to run some simulations to find my stresses/displacements, etc.  I ran a simulati...
    Grant Dell'andrea
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  • Cyclic Symmetry Not Working In Nonlinear Study

    I'm having trouble with the cyclic symmetry fixture. In my nonlinear analysis the 60 degree sections are not being bonded across the symmetry planes. I'm using the exact setup as my initial linear (copied study to non...
    Jordan Truitt
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  • Large displacement calculation - "Solver failed"

    Hi   I'm running a linear static analysis for a relatively simple contact problem. I've tried running linear analysis without "large displacements", but it suggests that "large displacements" is needed. If I for...
    Eg Gloo
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  • Transient thermal simulation unusual initial temperature rise and infinite transient state

    Hi, as part of a university project I am doing a thermal study on a system that is made to emulate laser absorption.  In order to study this behavior, i have made an assembly with the prototype and did a thermal ...
    Pierre Janvier
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