• Help in analyzing result?

    In an assembly there is heat transfer between two models where I have to maintain the initial temperature of the one model same as it was initially ( since there will be rise in temperature of model which is at lower ...
    Pratik Bagde
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  • Dynamic simulation of vibrating head

    Hello everbody, I am trying to perform a dynamic simulation of vibration welding machine head and found some difficulty in understanding the results, so i need your help. Thanks in Advance. In the pictures attached ...
    Muhmmad Usman
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  • FEA for one lifting system with spreader, rope,pins

    Lifting load Lifting load = 50,000kg
    Simon Yang
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  • Simulation Mass Properties is incorrect

    SW Simulation 2017:  My situation is detailed in the attached power point.   Summary is that when I input a remote load/mass in lb using the remote load/mass feature, the "Simulation Mass properties" calcul...
    Michael Martin
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  • Contact between shell and beam elements

    Hello, I have a problem when modeling an assembly including 3 element types : solid, shell and beam. The goal is to see how these elements interacte each other and then compare the results with all solid element ana...
    Le Trungnghia
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  • weld analysis

    What is the mechanical value of sg2 SG2 welding wire Which is the American standard  
    Arif Akbas
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  • standard comparison

    american standard european standard   welding wire sg2 which should be standard What is the value. tensile strenght ? correlation factor ? partial safety factor ? SG2  which should be standard ?
    Arif Akbas
    created by Arif Akbas
  • How to make a solid body not pass through another body?

    Hello All,   I am running a static simulation involving multiple bodies. But when the bodies deform, one body is passing through another body as if they were not solids. How can I prevent it so that after the de...
    Suraj Venkat Pochampally
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  • Show off your Topology Optimization results!

    I really haven't seen much discussion on the Topology Optimization here on the forums so wanted to start a place where you can share screenshots of Topology Optimization results or pictures of any parts that were prod...
    Ryan Navarro
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  • Continuous Strain Plot

    Hello,    I did a static study for getting the Strain and Displacement plots of a model. The displacement plot I got was pretty continuous (not showing the meshed triangles in the plot) but the strain plot ...
    Suraj Venkat Pochampally
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  • Meshing Failure Diagnostics

    Hello All,   I am currently doing a simulation on an assembly and when I try to mesh all the parts in the assembly (which are of different sizes) the mesh is failing and even after I apply Mesh Controls to all t...
    Suraj Venkat Pochampally
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  • Static stress analysis of scissor lift.

    Hi, im trying to do basic stress analysis of scissor lift scissors but im not sure what kind of connections and boundaries i should use to properly simulate the connection between pair of scissors. In most of scissor ...
    Ragnar Bszeazaw
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  • simplified shell model does not show same results as solid model

    From the full solid model I made a symmetry constraint, so that I ended up with half of the solid model. The results is the same for these two (same meshsize). But when I simplify the model further with a part of the ...
    zafercan dedeoglu
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  • Beam moment of inertia

    Hey there   Is it possible to define a custom moment of interia for a beam? I do have fairly complex profiles and I want to avoid to geometrically model the cross section. In other FEA tools, it is possilbe to d...
    Dario Denzler
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  • Non linear static simulation of multi-material part

    Hi All,  I'm having an issue with the simulation whenever i have multi material bodies, the warning says "negative or zero pivot". the only scenario the simulation will yield a result is when i combine all bodie...
    Moh Al Nashar
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  • Can you simulate resting state due to gravity/weight?

    Here is a right view of an assembly I created. If I wanted to simulate where its final resting position would be due to gravity/weight (assuming the rod doesn't flex) is that possibly in solidworks? I can get the CG n...
    Bradley Sanders
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  • Pin Connector and Local Effects

    Recent experience led me to write up an illustrated example, with a new model made just for the purpose, of what can happen around happy little things like pin connectors. The complete write-up is published at https:...
    Shawn Mahaney
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  • Is there a way to look at the results of a design study while it is still running?

    I am running a design study linked to a nonlinear simulation, and since it is a complex simulation and I am running quite a few iterations of it, it is taking a long time to finish. I was wondering if anyone knew of a...
    Adam Scheuman
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  • Non-uniform force

    Hi   I try to simulate wire spool analysis to find displacement when the cable is wrapped. I attached images to better understand. The force should be big towards the outside of the surface. I have 2 questions....
    created by HUSEYIN BAYRAM
  • About DSTAR error

    Dear All,   Is anybody knows what is the meaning of error "DSTAR has stopped working" while solving the frequency study in SolidWorks 2015?  Is there any way of fixing this error?