• Quick return mechanism analysis - contacts

    Hi, I am trying to perform a stress analysis of a quick return mechanism used in shaper machines. Here's a picture of the model: So far I assumed that the bottom side of these blue parts, back side of the orange w...
    Jacek Michalski
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  • Analisys of the support points

    Hi,   I have a problem with some simulation of the body deformation. I want to check in which configuration of the four support points, the board will exhibit the smallest deformation, like with the Airy an...
    Mateusz Naroznik
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  • Problem with study motion

    When applying the motion study option, the program tells me that there is an error and closes. What can I do to solve it?
    Hiram Carlos
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  • Pipe bending simulation

    Hi, I'd like to ask regarding pipe bending situation where there is also a inner pressure applied.   I have a DN1000 pipe with wall thickness of 11mm. It has a inner pressure of 2,5MPa and the bending moment(us...
    J Lahde
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  • How to do a linear time history analysis on a cantilever?

    I am trying to do a time history analysis on my musical comb same as the one done here (1. Time History), and I am having trouble attaining a result. My part file is attached. I have fixed the bottom face of...
    John Kathros
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  • Failed to mesh imported structure when treated as Beam.

    Hello! I am trying to perform structural analysis to a simple table structure which is originally a IGES file and imported to SOLIDWORKS. When I treat all the members as solid(default) I was successfully able to perfo...
    Mahendra K. H.
    created by Mahendra K. H.
  • Make a force-displacement graph from FEA results

    I am performing an nonlinear FEA in Solidworks simulation in order to obtain the force-displacement behaviour of a compliant mechanism I'm designing. A compliant mechanism is a flexible part that is able to move due t...
    Dennis Koens
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  • How to get the View Factor of two objects in Flow Simulation

    Hi,   I am new to the Flow Simulation add on and have a question regarding the view factor of two objects in the simulation.   I want to calculate the view factor of a break disk (Object 1) of a vehicle to...
    Louis Petersen
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  • ASD values from Random Vibration FEA

    I have recently been looking for some information regarding ASD graphs which are derived from Random Vibration analysis. Frequency analysis as Random Vibration FEA simulation is relatively new for me and I was wonderi...
    J. T.
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  • Remote Load wrong

    hello   i am facing remote load issue , please need guidance   Thank you
    Afia Kawnwal
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  • Simulation of orthotropic materials

    Hi there, I am trying to run a simulation (static analysis) of a pine structure in SW2020 Simulation Premium. Being unable to find any comprehensive tutorial on simulation of wooden structures (or orthotropic mate...
    Alexander Korotkov
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  • Need help meshing 20 pts to whoever solves it

    for some reason this assembly is not meshing i tried everything from medium, to the finest smallest mesh there is no interferences   there is a circular cable inside a thermal paste which sits inside a tool pla...
    Keval Patel
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  • Effect of material constants in fatigue analysis

    I am doing fatigue analysis. I would like to change the material constant without changing the simulation target and investigate the variation in life due to the material constant. I changed my mind that tensile stren...
    Takumi Matsumura
    created by Takumi Matsumura
  • Mate Controlled motion simulation works only if being shaken

    Hi,   Please advise, I am trying to make a simple XY motion simulation and I tried few ways and none is working correctly.   The Mate Controller may work correctly or may not when closed and open again or...
    Orest Yaavtushenko
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  • Deflection calculation of Simply supported beam with point load

    Hello, I am attaching the hand calculation of deflection of the beam. But I am not getting the same deflection in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. I am attaching the pdf of hand calculation. I software I am getting deflectio...
    Gaurav Harane
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  • how to remove this redundancey

    hello This is a problem where roller do not rotate , and there is a hinge as a redundancey.   Please guide how to remove this redundancey   Thank you
    Afia Kawnwal
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  • Fatigue analysis result life

    Fatigue analysis is performed with solidworks simulation to check the life of parts. However, in solidworks, the lifespan is only output in cycles. Therefore, a dynamic load is applied by linear dynamic analysis (moda...
    Takumi Matsumura
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  • Adding thermal paste to assemby

    I have this cable inside a groove on a tool plate, inbetween the wire and the toolplate (not all around just bottom) i wanted to add thermal paste and run a simulation idk how to add the paste ( or if i even can) i ...
    Keval Patel
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  • What That actually Mean

    whta this error is all about   Integration error   Please guidance Thank you
    Afia Kawnwal
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  • Weird message in solidworks motion study

    this is assembly consist of two plates moving , when i click on motion study it not moving this message appeared i tried a lot but could not figure out , please need guidance   Thank you very much    
    Afia Kawnwal
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