• Beam moment of inertia

    Hey there   Is it possible to define a custom moment of interia for a beam? I do have fairly complex profiles and I want to avoid to geometrically model the cross section. In other FEA tools, it is possilbe to d...
    Dario Denzler
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  • Non linear static simulation of multi-material part

    Hi All,  I'm having an issue with the simulation whenever i have multi material bodies, the warning says "negative or zero pivot". the only scenario the simulation will yield a result is when i combine all bodie...
    Moh Al Nashar
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  • Can you simulate resting state due to gravity/weight?

    Here is a right view of an assembly I created. If I wanted to simulate where its final resting position would be due to gravity/weight (assuming the rod doesn't flex) is that possibly in solidworks? I can get the CG n...
    Bradley Sanders
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  • Pin Connector and Local Effects

    Recent experience led me to write up an illustrated example, with a new model made just for the purpose, of what can happen around happy little things like pin connectors. The complete write-up is published at https:...
    Shawn Mahaney
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  • Is there a way to look at the results of a design study while it is still running?

    I am running a design study linked to a nonlinear simulation, and since it is a complex simulation and I am running quite a few iterations of it, it is taking a long time to finish. I was wondering if anyone knew of a...
    Adam Scheuman
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  • Why engineering FEA guy alawys put a responsibility waiver note on the FEA report? What did you do for your FEA report? How did you think?

    20 years ago, I saw engineering FEA guy always put a note for responsibility waiver, such as "Do not accept or reject a design based solely on the data presented in this report", etc. 10 years ago, I saw it, engine...
    Simon Yang
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  • Non-uniform force

    Hi   I try to simulate wire spool analysis to find displacement when the cable is wrapped. I attached images to better understand. The force should be big towards the outside of the surface. I have 2 questions....
    created by HUSEYIN BAYRAM
  • About DSTAR error

    Dear All,   Is anybody knows what is the meaning of error "DSTAR has stopped working" while solving the frequency study in SolidWorks 2015?  Is there any way of fixing this error?
  • Remote Mass vs. Remote Load. What's the difference?

    I'm doing an analysis a support component which will hold an antenna that weights about 5 lb. I see an option for remote load and also an option for a remote mass. What's the difference between the two, and in what si...
    Jeremiah Hess
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  • read in  power sources from spreadsheet

    I have a microelectronics problem that requires up to 2300 power sources on a surface.  Is there a limit to the number of surface sources in Simulation FEM?
    Thomas Tarter
    created by Thomas Tarter
  • SolidWorks Simulation Benchmark V3

    In an effort to compile and compare benchmark data for Linear Static FEA’s a SolidWorks forum thread was created on December 19, 2012.  In the following weeks the post received 5600+ views and 160+ replies....
    Russ Johnston
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  • SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List

    Thank you to everyone who has submitted enhancement ideas for this year’s SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten. As a reminder, the idea submission phase will be open until December 12th, 2018.   If you have an idea for...
    Daniel MCGINN
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  • Simulation addin available but i'm not able to select the new study

    I had installed the Solidworks with simulation professional license and I had  enabled the Simulation addin but when I tried to select the New study in the addin  i'm not able to select "Its showing like a H...
    last modified by KALIAPPAN KANAKESAN
  • BIG PROJECT PLEASE HELP: Is it possible to simulate screening and debris capture in a particle flow

    The two types of materials are Grapes and pieces of wood. My project revolves around taking out debris from grapes for a winery's flow process, i want to simulate different screen/mesh patterns but want to know if thi...
    Daniel O'Connell
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  • No Element Group Is Defined?

    What does this error message mean? I am new to COSMOS Works, and the part isnt too complex, and I have done my mesh, forces, restraints, etc.
    Eric Beckman
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  • Need to analyze, how a Rubber item deform when demolding from a mold

    I need to analyze, how a rubber item/ product deform when demolding from a mold. sample simple mold is as follows. I want to visualize/ analyze step by step how rubber item deform when demolding. Because, I face si...
    Amal Fernando
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  • what will be the shell thickness for a solid shaft in simulation?

    What will be the shell thickness for a solid shaft in simulation? I am running a edge weld simulation between a solid shaft(44.45mm) and a hollow shaft? I am defining the solid shaft as a shell. But having trouble abo...
    Barnaby Alvin
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    Hi,   I realized that making a bonded contact between non-touching faces or edge using the 3 following techniques could produce wrong result :   "Non-touching faces" option in component contact Using the ...
    Vincent Shebib Loiselle
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  • cosmos companion

    Lot's of references on this site to Cosmos companion.  Lot's of questions asking for a copy, or where to find. I found quite a few PDFs (I don't know for sure if this is all of them) so I zipped them together ...
    Steven Soeder
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  • Which parameter can I choose to static test simulation with forces on same direciton?

    I want these forces are same direcitional
    Ensar Yazgan
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