• Deflection caused by wind load

    Hello all, I am working on a static wind load study and am running into a few problems. The antenna shown below is experiencing wind speeds of 135 mph, and a cumulative corresponding normal force (perpendicular to the...
    Daniel Moriarty
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  • Changing elements from shell to solid

    Hi everyone,   it there a way to switch back from shell to solid elements w/o creating a new simulation? Let me explain: in my last simulation I had to investigate a stack of sheets and, in order to reduce the ...
    Federico Bassi
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  • Pressure drop vs velocity graph

    I'm trying to create my own porous media to control airflow so I need to be able to determine the pressure drop vs velocity graph. Does anyone have any way to know how to calculate these values?   What I also fi...
    Michael Youngman
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  • System Requirements

    Hi,    Please would someone be able to advise me on a suitable computer set-up for running SW simulations on?    I have recently been running a frequency domain 3D model, on windows 10, with syst...
    Elizabeth Sharp
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  • Simulating FDM Printing in SolidWorks

    Hi all,   I am currently doing my thesis, which deals with comparing polymer/clay nanocomposites that have been produced using both injection moulding and FDM printing and how the flow through the inlet/nozzle a...
    Peter Kernan
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  • tank not stable with rotation constraint applied

    Hi, I have a round tank model with bottom reinforced structural underfloor support welded onto the outside surface. The model is at the assembly level with two parts (tank and support). The tank is fixed at the botto...
    Thomas Bayley
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  • Static FEA example

    Part Delivery Device PDD works on the both side tracks, take 15000 N horizontal direction load, ......
    S. Y.
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  • Need help animating rod flexing/bending

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for some assistance in animating the flex feature.  By following a video I found online, I was able to create a flex feature on the rod I am looking to flex and add equations to ...
    Kevin Liu
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  • Composites in Injection Moulding?

    Is it possible to use the injection moulding simulation for composites? Specifically PLA and clay? How would I go about doing that?   Thanks in advance
    Peter Kernan
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  • Deformation due to screw torque

    Hi everyone, this is my first time making a post as I can usually find my answers from questions already posted but I have had no luck with my findings. I am toying around with the simulation features at work to try a...
    Zack Szappanos
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  • How to simulate mechanical load over a spool

    Hello all. Bumped into this shop-floor problem recently and wanted to know how to approach this problem in SimulationXpress. Given below is a picture of cylindrical steel cores more known as spools in...
    Ashistaru Dey
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  • Simulation not working

    Hi.. I am trying to make an non-linear simulation with Plasticity material definition with appropriate tangent modulus. The model is a quarter section of the complete assembly with quarter of the total force applied o...
    Sarvesh Ambekar
    created by Sarvesh Ambekar
  • Heat exchange using saturated steam in solidworks flow simulation

    The task is to calculate the reactor. Saturated steam is supplied to the casing at a pressure of 0.3 MPa, at the output of 0.1 MPa. A tank is installed on casing. The heat from casing should heat the tank. I used the ...
    Roman Zhuravskiy
    created by Roman Zhuravskiy
  • Solidworks Simulation Meshes Deleted Parts

    I have a big symmetric assembly. I try to do static analysis of it, by creating a sketch above one half and using Extruded Cut to get rid of that half. Unfortunately, Solidworks also makes a mesh for parts from that d...
    Pawel Gwalinski
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  • H adaptive study runs without being selected

    Hi, I performed a static analysis and after the adaptive study ran and gave a solution, suddenly a newly created static study now performed also an h adaptive study without being selected which is quite annoying. An...
    Theo Linders
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  • What's the possible reason for incorrect prescribed displacement in static analysis?

    I want to run a static analysis for a model. There is a 0.1mm prescribed displacement for an edge. It does not pop up any error but the result is a much larger displacement.    The picture below is the mode...
    Louise Yi
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  • How to Convert Number of cycles into Days / Years ?

    How to Convert Number of cycles into Days / Years ? Dear Everyone, Good day! I am doing a Fatigue Analysis using Linear Harmonic study and getting a Life plot using cycles. Can you help to clarify how to convert num...
  • Curved beam with pins at either end

    Hello,   I'm trying to run a simulation for deforming a curved beam via forces on pins attached to either end. This image shows the assembly. The forces on the pins are acting to bring the two pins closer tog...
    Eric Ambrose
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  • My Pressure Load Simulation Failed

    I got the following error message (simulation only went to 9%) before failing:   The Iterative Solver stopped. Numerical difficulties. (Preconditioning failed) Please check model boundary conditions. No results...
    Mahutin Paul
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  • How to obtain element force along shell edge to size welds?

    Hi everybody!   I was hoping you my be able to help me with a linear static shell analysis that I am running. I am trying to obtain the element forces (normal forces and shears forces) along the edge of a shell....