• Large Initial Gap - Linear Analysis

    I am doing analysis on an assembly that will undergo plastic deformation where large displacements are expected to occur. The simulation package I have only does static linear analysis. I understand this makes things ...
    Justin Carlson
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  • 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List

    The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see this link for more details: www.solidworks.com/top_ten   top_ten_list top_ten_ideas 3d experience 2020
    Shayna MILSTEIN
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  • How do I set the pressure, temperature, and mass flow rate through a tube for a flow simulation?

    I'm simulating tubing in a nuclear steam generator to see the heat transfer characteristics. I know what the flow rate, pressure, and temperature need to be on the inside of the tube, and what the starting temperature...
    Sean Owens
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  • Fixture for non-linear dynamic collision ?

    So I am having trouble for the fixtures of this simulation I am trying to run? The way the system behaves is that the arrow pushes the sled in one direction (x-axis) ? Am i supposed to used roller/slider fixture ? Doe...
    Josimar Sánchez
    created by Josimar Sánchez
  • Kinetic Friction in Non-Linear Dynamic study

    So I am trying to add kinetic friction for the "non-linear dynamic study" on the red circle (on the bottom surface of red circle) ? The way i did is to use contact set feature and input friction ? Is this the correct ...
    Josimar Sánchez
    created by Josimar Sánchez
  • como solucionar Solidworks simulation: "poisson's ratio should be less than 0.5"?

    como solucionar Solidworks simulation: "poisson's ratio should be less than 0.5"?, estoy tratando de hacer una simulacion de un ensamble con varios materiales, se crea la maya pero no me corre el estudio y muestra el ...
    Jose Adalberto Caraballo
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  • How to measure air quantity coming out from cylinder?

    I am working on a air flow simulation with a cylinder with a part inside. My goal is to find out the quantity of air exhaust of the cylinder.   I used 0.33kg/s for mass flow and the other end is environment pres...
    Tiffany Fung
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  • Export Plastics fill time animation

    In Solid Works Plastics, is it possibly to export the fill time animation to edrawings so I can rotate the model while it is filling?
    Dave Stevens
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  • Large Displacement vs Fully Nonlinear

    Is the Large Displacement solution faster than running a fully nonlinear solution?
    Jeff Diebold
    created by Jeff Diebold
  • Simulation Problem

    Hi All,   When I'm trying to add a Flat area to my Skeleton Bridge as a walking path, it always fails in simulation, "Not Enough Fixtures". It do work when I remove it, I tried that many times with single pa...
    Sherif Soliman
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  • Wrench on Nut

    Alright I am driving myself crazy. Trying to ensure I am not going to break either wrench tooth off. I have constrained it but I don't necessarily know if I believe solidworks (potentially due to a constraint er...
    Bradley Sanders
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  • Non Linear Dynamic School Project

    In order to know if the results I am obtaining, the acceleration vs time and velocity vs time graph of Solidworks results have to match that of the experiment (I have attached).    The way the experiment wo...
    Josimar Sánchez
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  • Peak Stress

    Hi, does anyone know what can i do to fix stress peak? I think that it is due to the mesh but refining only increase stress value. I attached an image.
    Gaby Aguirre
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  • Random Vibration - Net Section Force / Result Force Doesn't Seem Correct

    Hello,    I am running a solidworks simulation using the random vibration study type. I am trying to get the Net Section Force and Net Section Acceleration at the interfaces from the model and seem to be ru...
    Robert MacFarlane
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  • Problem with iteration time

    This is a model of the internal chamber of a oven, the reason of the simulation is to show when the chamber got a temperature by 573 K, on this case y have a internal fan ( figure like a wheel), a inlet flow volumen t...
    Andres Felipe Lara Guerra
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  • Different mesh size along different axes

    I have a part where the geometry varies rapidly along one axis but very slowly along another. I am modeling the part as a shell. I know how to create different mesh sizes for different faces but is it possible fo...
    Jeff Diebold
    created by Jeff Diebold
  • Axial force in bolted simulation "force of connector"

    Hello to all, I'm trying to figure out how the bolt connector works in Solidworks Simulation. I modeled two simple beams with end plate, where there are 4 holes for M16 bolts. In Solidworks Simulation, one end of the...
    Francesco Porcari
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  • Cant find spot weld connector

    I am trying to simulate spot welds but the I cannot find the Spot Welds option in the Connections Advisor. The only options in the drop down menu are "Contact Set", "Component Contact", "Pin" and "Spring". 
    Jeff Diebold
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  • Why engineering FEA guy alawys put a responsibility waiver note on the FEA report? What did you do for your FEA report? How did you think?

    20 years ago, I saw engineering FEA guy always put a note for responsibility waiver, such as "Do not accept or reject a design based solely on the data presented in this report", etc. 10 years ago, I saw it, engine...
    Simon Yang
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  • Help in analyzing result?

    In an assembly there is heat transfer between two models where I have to maintain the initial temperature of the one model same as it was initially ( since there will be rise in temperature of model which is at lower ...
    Pratik Bagde
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