• "Wind tunnel method" in CFD for Ahmed body testing

    Hi all, I am currently completing my dissertation in the field of CFD, using SolidWorks flow simulation. I am aiming to analyse the flow around the Ahmed body and how the addition of a rear diffuser alters both the dr...
    Ryan Myers
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  • Shell elements with bolt connectors

    Hello!   I was wondering if a bolt connector can be used in an FEA simulation with shell elements? I have set up very basic study utilising the symmetry of a component and this type of error came out (see attach...
    Michal Kolbuc
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  • Transferring Loads from different simulation types

    I have a static simulation with fixes and loads, Is there a way to transfer the loads into a buckling simulation? Thanks! Gil,
    gil maor
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  • Assembly Static Simulation - Gravity

    I am having a confusing issue with a simulation study and the application of gravity. It seems to me like when gravity is applied to a solidworks simulation that basically the software is applying a point load at the ...
    Michael Rahhal
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  • stress concentration Static problem

    a probelem of stress concentration around houle, how can i fix this problem ? and converge in stress ? model stress result thank you !
    Mohamed Maadani
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  • Beam Analysis

    Hello All,   Basically, I am trying to find the deflection only for the orange coloured pipe (transverse) beam below screenshot. Please keep in mind that the orange beam is continuous just like other parallel b...
    Bora Doker
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  • Solidworks Dynamic Analysis

    I need to know and learn if the Dynamic FEA Analysis can be performed for a Milling Cutting Tool on workpiece like in the video link I posted. I tried many tutorials but nothing I could able find.  Design and An...
    Momin Bashir
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  • Control arm analysis - fixtures

    Hi, I have a question regarding fixtures in case of control arm analysis. Here's an image showing constraints applied to the model:   The following fixtures were defined: 1) on cylindrical face (for int...
    Jacek Michalski
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  • solidworks intermittent weld simulation

    Hello guys,   Could enyone help me... Could I make FME simulation in solidworks including intermittent weld?   Or even better...  Could I use weld from weldments (weld Bead)?   Thanks,   ...
    Ziga Volk
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    How can I activate this 2D simplification function from a 3D design? (see the photos)
    Santiago Roman Montoya
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  • Suitable Analysis Type?

    I currently have a model of a stainless steel cylinder and have used the linear static frequency analysis to inspect some of the structures vibrational frequencies.    Eventually I want to load the inside o...
    Elizabeth Sharp
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  • Defining more than one Virtual Wall

    Hello everybody, I was conducting a simple test to understand if it would possible definine two virtual walls for faces standing on different heights (50 mm, about 2 inches) with foundation bolts. I applied a vertica...
    Stefano Tiburzi
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  • Roller on pipes - contact problem

    Hello everyone, I need to do simulation of roller on pipes. I'm aware that should be nonlinear study because roller slides on pipes, but I have to do it in static study. My question relates to marking on screen. Why ...
    Janusz Jankowski
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  • Flow Simulation Rotating Region Direction

    Hello, I'm having an issue modelling a wtaer pump in Flow Simulation. I modelled a basic propeller, placed it in a dummy body and applied a rotating region to the dummy body. The propeller is completed integrate...
    Christian Conti
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  • Struggling with hydraulic cylinder

    i have assembly move up by hydraulic cylinder , which connections and contact set preferred . Awaiting for kind response Please Thank you
    Asis As
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  • bolt safety factor ?

    What should be the bolt safety factor? What are the criteria?
    Arif Akbas
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  • Factor of safety is too low

    hi   please Need suggestion   factor of safety of structure is too low , how can i improve it ??   Thank you very much 
    Afia Kawnwal
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  • Simulation Stresses Too High

    Hi,   I am not an expert at simulations but understand somewhat of how to do things.   I'm having issues with my simulations as I have never done an assembly like this before and I keep getting errors and ...
    Fahad Kafrawi
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  • Volume Integration

    I would like to know the if there is any method/tool available in the solid works to do the integration of surface or volume like the Comsol ?     For example: if I want to calculate the  displaced vol...
    Mangleshwar Srivastava
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  • Basic Simulation Help !

    Hello All,   I have a really basic simulation study that needs some solutions, however, cannot get any appropiate results due to some large displacement errors. Briefly need to apply a load of 7 tonnes from the...
    Bora Doker
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