• Suppress contacts multiple configuraiton and copy study to multiple configs

    hi all,   I have two questions regarding configurations in solidowkrs assembly. I currently have a static model with 117 different configurations which are just variations of one model. I want to create and run ...
    Ahmed Sarwar
    created by Ahmed Sarwar
  • 3 point bend teste simulation

    Hey guys  I have a problema and i dont know how to solve I am trying to simulate a object  but I need to provide similar things on 3 point bend (bending) test So i dont know how to do it and I need your h...
    Simao Manuel
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  • Simulation functions to enable animation of molding liquid to solid?

    Is there any function in SolidWorks simulation which allows the visualization of a phase change from liquid to solid? I want to animate a casting process and want to show pouring a liquid into a mold and it transforms...
    Pranav Menon
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  • Solidworks static parametric study help

    hi. I am trying to optimize the minimum number of screws (7 total min 3 so total combinations are 7c3+7c4+7c5+7c6+7c7) needed for a fracture plate in a broken human femur. I have everything modeled and running.  ...
    Ahmed Sarwar
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  • Transient Thermal Study Negative Temperature Results

    I am working on a thermal simulation where half of an object is submerged in hot fluid and the other half remains exposed to a cooler fluid (air). I am assuming that prior to exposure to the hot fluid, the object is a...
    Daniel Landgraf
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  • How to explain seemingly random "pockets" of high error in simulation results?

    Hello all,   I am looking at a very simply weldment structure. The material is set to the Solidworks ASTM A36. I saved the weldment as a simplified part with one body.    The part is constrained ...
    Daniel Landgraf
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  • Can we find poisson ratio in simulation?

    Hey. I must do a simulation in solidworks that based on homogenisation analysis. I must find poisson ratio v23 in cube of Matrix and fibre. Can anybody help?
    Daniel Kiejko
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  • Horizontally Vibrating Sieve

    Hello everyone,   I would appreciate it if someone could help me setup a vibration analysis using Solid works simulation tools. I am new to this kind of analysis and I have the following questions:   1- I ...
    Hesham Alsurmi
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  • I am unable to set a prescribed displacement based on rotation

    I am trying to figure out how to simulate living hinges and compliant mechanisms, but I am unable to achieve any desired results, and so the only way of testing my parts is to wait a few hours for the parts to 3d prin...
    James Swinburne
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  • Can concrete be simulated in Solidworks?

    Looking to do static simulations that involve concrete. Is this possible in Solidworks 2016? Or other newer versions? I can't find concrete in the material selection, is there a work around?
    Jake Harvey
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  • Simulation (normally not too difficult) that is not working

    Hello everyone,   I have a problem with a simulation that i cannot run. I have tried to solve the problem many times but there is obviously something wrong that I am doing. The problem is, I am doing a simulati...
    Alexandre Mecca
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  • Anybody having any luck with the offloaded simulation option?  Is the domain network really required?

    trying to make my life easier with the offloaded simulation of 2017 and not having any success.  Going thru the trouble shooter and it seems I need to have a domain network which means I need a server.  Not ...
    Marcus Merideth
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  • Buckling comparsion - problem

    Hello, Id like to show you basic example of buckling on rod which I calculated analytic(by hand)  then by Solidworks simulation and Ansys simulation. In Solidworks i use rod like solid then beam and shell. In...
    Lukas Kantor
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  • How can I ensure accurate results for thermal studies?

    I understand setting the proper initial conditions is a very important step in this endeavor but I am uncertain if there is some subtleties I am missing. For one study I have been running, the plots outputted for Flux...
    Trenton Brewer
    created by Trenton Brewer
  • Flow Simulation, Air and Oil Separation

    Hello, I am currently working on a project designing an Automotive Catch Can, briefly the idea behind a catch can is to separate high pressure / high temperature Air mixed with Oil coming from the engine to relief Po...
    Ahmad Alansari
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  • Topology Study Error "an unnamed file contains an invalid path"

    I am attempting to run a Topology Study, however, I continue to encounter an error either when creating the mesh or running the study after creating the mesh. The error states, "an unnamed file contains an invalid pat...
    Miles Vranas
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  • Simply supported beam moving under symmetric load

    Hi,   I have an I-beam that is subject to two downward loads at both ends of equal magnitude (1893.75N).    It is also being supported by two upwards loads (ie. a roller support).   When I simul...
    Ana Mahmoodi
    last modified by Ana Mahmoodi

    I keep getting this message while trying to run the simulation. Followed by series of "data not available" and "running failed" / "meshing failed". It was okay when i ran a simulation before, then i have to change the...
    Hanifah Az Zahra
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  • Bending angle simulation for applied force

      Hi, This is my first post in this forum, so please point me in the right direction... the above image shows a bending tool I designed. It is used to bend an aluminium strip into an angle of 12 degrees. to ac...
    Nipuna Abeysinghe
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  • Bolt Connection on "Non-Circular" Holes

    I'm trying to add 16 bolt connections in my Solidworks Simulation but when I try I get an error stating bolt connections can only be created on circular holes. This is due to the hole starting on a circular tube, the ...
    Jake Harvey
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