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I thought I'd just post some additions to inform you all of the Simulation software that the developers have snuck into SP's of 2012.  Thanks to my friends and colleagues, Delphine G. & Omar Z. for providing me with these details.


I think you'll agree that I always look forward to the What's New every year.  What's even cooler is when you get gifts like these after the initial release.  It's like Xmas in July!


Simulation 2012 SP2 (not verified yet by yours truly, um just simply not enough time in the day)

  1. In NL, plot reaction or contact forces vs time
  2. In NL, select a time value instead of a step to view results
  3. In NL, plot contact contours, not just vectors
  4. In NL, animate contact contour and vector plots


Flow Sim 2012 SP1 (same disclaimer as above)

  1. Improved solution-adaptive meshing technology (SP1). The improved refinement technology improves the quality of the computational mesh in the high-gradient flow regions in case solution-adaptive refinement is involved.


Flow Sim 2012 SP2 (ditto)

  1. Chinese UI and Help.
  2. Improved fan model. The new model offers better convergence and less oscillations at the beginning of the calculation.
  3. Record video. Now you can record screen activities as an animation file
  4. Improved definition of Electrical Condition. Now the specified electrical resistance is applied to the exact area of contacts between conductive solids.
  5. Export materials and connection to external databases. Now you can export desired material from Engineering Database to XML files.
  6. Tutorial for Tracer Study


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