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Material tests

Blog Post created by Joe Galliera Employee on Mar 8, 2010
Last week, I had a healthy conversation with a customer and VAR AE regarding testing methods to determine the mechanical properties for different material models used in SolidWorks Simulation.  The customer had an Instron machine for doing testing, although many customers would not have this testing equipment readily available to them.  Even if you do not have to perform these tests yourself, it may be important to understand how they are done.

I found a few websites that can help out in understanding the different tests that are done for material characterizations:

From Axel Physical  Testing services site: The links under the heading "Testing Services" are really good.  Also you can download PDFs with more details of testing different materials from the links below the heading "Technical Downloads" (or from

Datapoint Labs offers various TestPaks specifically for SolidWorks Simulation material models at:

The previously mentioned customer conversation was specifically about defining Mooney-Rivlin constants for hyperelastic materials. In the Knowledge Base on the Customer Portal, there is an  article number that provides details about how to calculate the Mooney-Rivlin constants with the SolidWorks Simulation Nonlinear bundle and also gives an example problem.  The Solution ID number is S-034890.

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