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Sometimes I have tips for software other than SolidWorks Simulation.  I tend to like to use animated GIFs in my PowerPoint slides, but with MS Office 2007 the animated GIFs were not working as it turns out in MS's effort to reduce the file size.  So they made it a little difficult for me until I learned the following tip that I'd like to share.

It turns out that PowerPoint 2007 compresses pictures (including  animated gifs) by default every time you save the presentation. You can turn that off for a single presentation or edit the registry to turn it off for all.

So here's how to turn off image compression:

To turn compression off (but only for the current  presentation):
Choose File, Save As.
In the Save As dialog box click  Tools.
Choose Compress Pictures.
On the Compress Pictures dialog box,  click Options.
On the Compression Settings dialog box that appears, remove  the check next to "Automatically perform basic compression on  save".
Optionally remove the check next to "Delete cropped areas of  pictures".
Click OK to dismiss the Compression Settings dialog box.
Click  OK to dismiss the Compress Pictures dialog box.
Back in the Save As dialog  box, you can either go ahead and save or cancel. The compression options you  just set will be preserved either way.

Turn  off compression for ALL presentations:
***  N.B. Before changing your Windows registry, make certain to make a  backup.***
Close  PowerPoint
Open registry editor (Start > Run and type Regedit)
Go to  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\PowerPoint\Options]
Create  a new Dword value named AutomaticPictureCompressionDefault
Make sure that the  value of the new Dword is 0
Close registry editor

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