Joe Galliera

Split Lines and Wraps are useful for Simulation

Blog Post created by Joe Galliera Employee on Dec 8, 2009

There are multiple benefits of using a Split Line (Insert > Curve > Split Line) feature for SW Simulation.  When you want to apply an attribute in Simulation, such as a fixture, load or mesh control, to only a portion of the face and not the entire face, a split line will break up that face to be able to do what you want.  New in 2010 is the ability to have many closed profiles in a sketch to use in a Split Line feature yielding multiple new faces.  But previously in 2009 or before, you could only do this for a single sketch profile.  And since I know that many of you are using 2009 or earlier, I will try to help out with a tip for multiple closed sketch profiles.  (I could go on about why for Simulation at least you should be using the latest version 2010, but I'll have to leave that until another blog post.)

In 2009 or earlier, have you ever gotten this error (see screenshot below): "Rebuild Errors: There should only be one profile in the sketch."  All you wanted to do was to project these four sketch circles onto the face of this plate.


You could create a multitude of Split Line features to get the four breaks that you want (see screenshot).
Go on a feature diet with a Wrap instead!  Create as many sketch profiles as you want, and then go to the Wrap feature (Insert > Features > Wrap) and choose Scribe as the Wrap Parameter as shown in the screenshot.

This will break up the face for you with only one Wrap feature (see below), which now you can use in your Simulation studies.  The one down side is that you can only split a single face with a Wrap feature.  Did I happen to mention that with SW 2010, you can use a Split Line feature to split multiple faces with multiple closed sketch profiles!  SW 2010 is the real deal.



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