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Dimitra Giannopoulou
Hi all,   I am trying to do a static analysis in an offshore jacket foundation. The problem is that when I am trying to mesh it the mesh of most of the parts fails. Could you tell me why? I am new in SolidWorks. Thank you very much in advance! I am attaching the file.
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Kresimir Dakovic
Midside nodes on two edges of an element are merged, element: 96954 (Reducing mesh tolerance or specifying a higher no. of points for Jacobian check for meshing may help).
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Apostolos Athanasiadis
Hello and have a nice week!! Due to a postgraduate programm in which I am attending to I have a coursework over a simulation study.I decided to make a static analysis of a dumper truck frame.Since I am novice on simulation I came up to many problems during the procedure.After designing the frame(I am also not an expert in design) I want to make a… (Show more)
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Eric Christison
I am looking at a steel dart falling onto a piece of glass that's bonded into a plastic housing by 4 spots of glue.   I started off by modelling the glass, the glue dots and the dart, making the glue dots built in on the surfaces where they would contact the plastic mount in real life.   So, I start the analysis with the dart in contact with… (Show more)
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Anthony Castellano
Hi all,   I am doing a simple reality check so that I can trust the thermal simulations. I am running into a situation I don't fully understand.   Setup: I have two platforms, with a connection by a wire. The top one has a fixed temperature, the bottom one dissipates heat at a fixed rate. When I run the thermal simulation, it shows the… (Show more)
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Prabhakar Purushothaman
I have carried out shock analysis of 30 g shock in 11 ms half sine pulse shock loading for a cantilever beam and I got stress and displacement result how do I cross verify by hand calculations? I have attached my inputs and result image I want to know how to perform hand calculation.   Thanks and Regards Prabhakar P
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David McCullough
I am curious how flow simulation calculates the values for average, delta, minimum, maximum, and criteria? Are the values computed over the entire solve process or over the convergence interval? It seems to me the values are somewhere in between the entire solution and the convergence interval. Is there anything in the help files that explains… (Show more)
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Michael Kuhn
Hello fellow Simulators,   im trying to verify a tensile test of a rubber like material. The material can handle strains up to 300% (last datapoint of the diagram). I am running a 2-Dimensinal non linear simulation. The Non-linear tensile test data (material data) looks like the following: Material Data Geometry I´m using the… (Show more)
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Lakhvinder Singh
Hi All,   I am running a Random Vibration analysis. But the value given is 0.025G RMS. How do I input this value in the Uniform Base Excitation, acceleration tab which has g^2/Hz units? Any advice please?   Regards,   LS
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Abdelrahman Shalaby
Hi, i am a running a static simulation on this assembly. The input forces/torques are applied from the pulley shown in the image (the pulley sets on two bearings) and the aim is to get the bearing connector's reactions of all the bearings in the mechanism. There are 3 inputs, one force upward on the pulley (240 N), one torque around the axis of… (Show more)
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