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Rahul Mula
Hi I got a problem regarding in contact stress between two cylinders(static simulation in solid works). When i run the simulation and looking at the results of contact pressure (see in vector plot), the max stress is not exactly in axial direction. The maximum stress in axial direction is achieved when the mesh size is above 2mm but the results… (Show more)
in Simulation
Toby Dyks
I'm a student and I trying to carry out a simple drop test on a basic model that I've made. However I cant get it to work and to be honest I'm not sure what I am doing. Whenever I try to carry out the drop test I get meshing errors. I've attached the file and any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks
in Simulation
Nick Vanderkamp
I am trying to simulate the stresses of a shaft inside two bearings. I am using no penetration contacts. I was able to run the simulation before, but now when I try to run the simulation  I get the below error message. I have tried turning the soft spring stabilization on and off.  That doesn't help.   any ideas??
in Simulation
Eddie Chua
Hi all, I'm currently doing a project and am tasked to design a rectangular chamber to withstand certain vacuum and/or positive pressure.   I've come up with the design. However now the issue is with simulations that I should be doing on the chamber.   Are there any rules or steps to ensure an accurate simulation?   I've been running a few… (Show more)
in Simulation
Ilker Şahinoğlu
Hi friends I need to calculate the thermal conductivity values of clay bricks DATA: Material density: 1800 kg / m3 Material thermal conductivity: 0.550 W / mK There is a report on different methods for this brick. goal to achieve lower values in different brick designs
in Simulation
Sean Johnson
I've looked at the Solidworks help, and it plainly says that you can define loads and view stresses relative to a local coordinate system   2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Coordinate Systems   Local Coordinate Systems Local coordinate systems are coordinate systems other than the global coordinate system. You can specify restraints and loads in any… (Show more)
in Simulation
Frank Molinari
I need some guidance im running a static load test of two parts with four screws. For one screw  (bottom left), i keep getting calculated FOS of 3.19 which seems wrong compared to the other three. what is going on? Is their an error in my mating? connections? meshing? or is the prediction right?
in Simulation
Emanuel Frade
Hello! Thanks for your answer to my last question. I know I should ask this to my teacher, I tried but he's not available, I thought you guys could give me a little help   Now, I have a question a bit more....theoretical, I think.   When I look at the displacement of this beam I see 4mm with one fixed geometry fixture.   But, when I put a 2nd… (Show more)
in Simulation
Majd Al Mohtar
I have a wall made of plastic blocks mounted on top of each other, and mounted on top of a rail fixed to the ground. The figure below demonstrates my study.     First, my goal is to apply a linear motor on the middle block to see motor force breaks the wall. The blocks are made of plastic and the rail of alloy steel. I wanted to set contact… (Show more)
in Simulation
Chris Michalski
Okay, it's likely faster to post here than to open a case with tech support.   I created a simulation, then decided I wanted to add some split lines for applying restraints, so I made a "simulation" configuration.  How do you change which configuration a simulation is using?  I know if you duplicate or create a new simulation you can pick which… (Show more)
in Simulation
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