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Ashwanth Narayanaswamy
I see that the contact pressure calculated by SW simulation is higher than what it should be (all versions give same results) I just did a hand calc for the SW simulation built in tutorial and it seems to me that the actual analytical result, for shrink fit contact pressure, is too far off from the SW simulation result (CP using analytical hand… (Show more)
in Simulation
Vito Brabetz
Click to view contentHi everyone,  so I am quiet new to simulation with solidworks and I have got a problem where I doesn't really know if I did it right.   So here is my problem: I want to simulate how a cone 1 (hard material) is pushed in a cone 2 (soft material). 1. First with a definite force to get to know how deep cone 1 will get into cone 2 2. Secondly… (Show more)
in Simulation
Gilmar Geraldo Paulista
Is it possible to chanhe the view of motion sutdy toa camera instead of default isometric view and use this view (of teh camera) to save the video file? 
in Simulation
Keithen Drury
I am trying to run a stress simulation on a hydraulic valve by importing the pressure results from flow simulation. My question is, how do the lids created in the flow simulation affect the analysis? They are are only in the model so that I can specify end conditions for the flow simulation, but if I add them to the part, it will affect the… (Show more)
in Simulation
Lukas Kantor
Click to view contentHello, Id like to show you basic example of buckling on rod which I calculated analytic(by hand)  then by Solidworks simulation and Ansys simulation. In Solidworks i use rod like solid then beam and shell. In Ansys simulation just beam. The results are too much different in beam and shell study against analytic result. Where is problem? Only… (Show more)
in Simulation
Jacek Michalski
Click to view contentHi,   I can't get my analysis of two spur gears working properly. I have a model of simple spur gear that I inserted into assembly as two instances and manually positioned both of them so that they can come into contact. Initially they are separated because I couldn't achieve contact between them without intersection. Remote displacements were… (Show more)
in Simulation
Max Maxi
Click to view contentHi every one, Recently I try to use frequency simulation to find Resonant Frequencies for my work ... (c# api create assembly that contain plenty simple box parts with override mass for each box and It tries to do the layout them so Total Mass and Center of Mass in my work is important) . After some try and errors I found this fact that… (Show more)
in Simulation
Rod Newstrom
Click to view contentI see a number of responses in these forums indicating SW FEA doesn't handle Hertzian cylinder contacts properly, but they're all older. I'm wondering how accurate they are in SW 2019. I'm designing a cam driven engine. I do all the calculations in Excel then export the results as equations to Solidworks where I create 3D models and run analysis… (Show more)
in Simulation
John Forsyth
If I 'Stop and Save Results' during a multi-load case topology study, can it be resumed from latest iteration once results are viewed?
in Simulation
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