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Mizanur Siddique
I have a centrifugal fan (also people call blower, radial fan etc). The flow is coming from both side axially and leaving radially through one volute/duct. I have manufacturer supplied fan curve. How do I model the fan (inlet, outlet)? All examples/tutorials available are for axial fan. Have anyone did this kind of simulation before? I am not… (Show more)
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Jacek Michalski
Click to view contentHi, I.m trying to solve a simple frame consisting of 3 members lying in the same plane. They all have pipe cross-section. When I draw it using extrusion along path, it's not recognized properly as beam structure in the analysis module. Here's how it looks like after conversion to beam members:   As you can see, there are only two joints (no… (Show more)
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morgan Strong
The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live. Within the Top Ten List you can share your enhancement ideas for SOLIDWORKS products. After ideas have been submitted, all community members will be asked to vote on their favorite ideas. Check out the SOLIDWORKS forum posting ( for more information.
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Felix Yang
Jerry Steiger  Jay Seaglar Bill McEachern Had this question for a while. Hope someone here can tell me a few fundamentals in SolidWorks Simulation.   Can users simulate how the material is going to react and perform under compression when all the material data input is about tension tests (Uniaxial, biaxial and planar tension tests)? I know the… (Show more)
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Afia Kawnwal
Click to view contenthello   i am facing remote load issue , please need guidance   Thank you
in Simulation
Keval Patel
Click to view contentfor some reason this assembly is not meshing i tried everything from medium, to the finest smallest mesh there is no interferences   there is a circular cable inside a thermal paste which sits inside a tool plate the tool plate has 1/16th dia holes in 1x1'' spacing ps if you could help me reorient it to lay flat on a axis thanks
in Simulation
Takumi Matsumura
I am doing fatigue analysis. I would like to change the material constant without changing the simulation target and investigate the variation in life due to the material constant. I changed my mind that tensile strength and yield strength had an effect on fatigue life, but the life did not change. Which material constants affect fatigue life in… (Show more)
in Simulation
Keith Mulhern
I'm attempting to recreate a thermal chamber that we use for testing electronic devices.    Quick rundown of model setup: - Chamber is fully modeled with 20"^3 plenum with 250CFM convective fan at the rear. - Fan is modeled as an internal fan with an inlet aperture at the top of the chamber and outlet at the bottom (which successfully… (Show more)
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