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Jacob Harris
As the title says: How would you do a riveted connection in simulation?   Thanks in advance!
in Simulation
宇 王
Know nothing about it .   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Simulation space. Please post in the appropriate space if there is one. About the Forums is only for posting about the SOLIDWORKS forum platform itself.
in Simulation
Marcus Merideth
working on a motion study and want to optimize the design using time for the motor to complete a task as the variable.  Any idea how to read time as a sensor?  Thanks!   Marcus
in Simulation
Jonathan Meng-Lim
Hello, I am trying to run a simulation on a flange-gasket assembly. While running the simulation, I used the H-adaptive method but after the first loop it gave me an error saying "Mesh Adaptive Failed". I attached the assembly, can anyone help me.   Thank you!
in Simulation
Dumisani Thomenic Mafanele
Click to view contentHi Team,   I really need help on the challenges I have experienced on weldments. I have a building structure made of weldments and few solid gussets. The challenge I have with it is that automatic detection of joints does not connect all my members as it should. Digging deep into this, I realized that weldments not joining together from… (Show more)
in Simulation
McOlisi God-Save Dima
How can find the Abaqus Associative interface plug-in for solidworks 2018 version
in Simulation
Hussain Bhavnagarwala
Hi Guys,   I am new to simulations, and i think i am doing something wrong.   I am trying to check the deflection of an aluminium sheet.   After applying the fixtures and load I try to create a mesh but I keep getting a mesh error.   I have created a small surface at the center of gravity using the split line feature. I have applied a load on… (Show more)
in Simulation
Stuart Moore
I'm trying to get my head around weldments and simulation.  I have a simple test piece, a three body weldment with two different types of weld, which I want to run a simulation on.  SW knows about the joints but wants me to add bonded contact sets between the parts.  This seems unrealistic to me since the bonds are between the welds and the parts,… (Show more)
in Simulation
J. Mather
I thought I had a post marked that identified the lead developer or at least a good SWx contact for this topic, but now I can't find the post.   It is my opinion that this is perhaps the most overlooked functionality in all of the MCAD world. I still find schools using 20th century techniques to teach mechanisms principles that could be much… (Show more)
in Simulation
Ryan Delacourt
Click to view contentI have created a tubular space frame chassis and want to analyse its performance through FEA, I am having some difficulties meshing the weldments that I have used to create the structure. there are several sections thorughout the chassis that have a slenderness ration of less than 10, therfore it will not consider it a beam.   Aside from… (Show more)
in Simulation
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