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Aravin Naidu
Hi all, I have set-up and run a buckling simulation but the load factor seems far higher (600) than what I would expect for a aluminium box of thickness 10mm loaded externally with 10bar and internally with 1bar . I have checked material, load and support but can't find the problem. Please advise
in Simulation
Bence Rivasz
Hi,   how can i simulate this threaded connection to get the right stresses everywhere, without rotate the part in 3d. -If i fix the face of the bolt where it touches the "nut" (or use any advanced fixture) and take a load onto the nut the stress distribution there wont be accurate. -cooling down the bolt (or warm up the nut) to reach the… (Show more)
in Simulation
Paul Millhouse
I'm trying to make some simulations of a rather simple part under static compression. The part is shown below. To make this simulation as simple as possible I have isolated the part (no assembly) and even removed features that would make things more complicated. I just want to see purely how much this part will deform under a given loading… (Show more)
in Simulation
Stephen Doroba
This issue began happening when I tried to run a study on a file that was saved to my flash drive. I saved the file locally and I still can't run it. I also can't run any studies I had already performed before this issue arrived. How do I resolve this?
in Simulation
Russell Waseem
GUYS! This is my first time doing a stress simulation for an assembly. Can someone guide me how to apply a horizontal force of 600 lbs on this link. Material is plain carbon steel. I've attached the files. Any help is appreciated thanks.
in Simulation
Peter Dratwa
Hello there!! I am designing a electrical contact spring. And also comparing it with actual result from testing Setup. From simulation i am getting Resultant force as 1.4 N and from actual testing of same Contact spring with measuring device i got the 0.8 N. Can anyone explain why is the difference so much ? I know there is some tolerance… (Show more)
in Simulation
Belal Abdullah
Hello My dear , I am new user for this software I need to analysis steel and aluminum brackets by solidworks  , The attached brackets fixed on concrete by anchor bolts and the legs fixes on the web by welding and aluminum mullion fixed on brackets by through bolt (Bolt and nut   kindly find attached file and please i need your support to draw… (Show more)
in Simulation
Kevin Yu
I'm testing out SolidWorks natural frequency FEA. I've made a simple cantilever beam out of Stainless Steel. I ran the simulation and am getting incorrect results for the natural frequencies compared to what online and hand calculations are showing. It seems like the first natural frequency match, but the subsequent ones are incorrect. Any help… (Show more)
in Simulation
James Lee
Hi Guys,   Do you know why the "Create Body from Deformed Shape" command is not found even though I did a clean unistall and reinstall of SolidWorks?   If I right click the results folder, I should see the command but it is not there as shown below.     Thanks in advance for the help.   James
in Simulation
Matt Gortner
Are there any settings (in Solidworks or Windows) that speed up "show results" for simulations?  I'd like to increase my efficiency.  Thanks!
in Simulation
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