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I'm getting the following error when I run meshing:   "an unnamed file contains an invalid path."   This occurs at the 98-99% completed mark and there are no parts that come up as unmeshable up to that point.  The Study tree also locks up and I have to close & reopen the assembly to try again.   I have already tried using mesh controls on every… (Show more)
in Simulation
Saravanamoorthy Mani
Click to view contentHi Everyone,   I have a model for support structure carrying hot fluid of 5oo Celsius and load of 2000 N of load on the same facets shown in color of green and red Scattered.   The stress Distribution of the model is depicted. Kindly share your valuable suggestions/Feedback.     Immediate reply will be appreciated.   With Regards Saravanan… (Show more)
in Simulation
Samuel Parcon
Hi guys,   So I am new to this forum and I've created an account to ask my question, and I am using SW2015. I am modelling a cylindrical tool for die casting that we use for R&D purposes. In this tool, there is a hex cavity in the middle, and I apply a compressive load of 120 MPa somewhere inside the cavity to simulate our process. I made the… (Show more)
in Simulation
Joost Cauberg
Hello,   I'm trying to do some basic flow simulations. For this simulation I want to measure the rise of temperature inside this box. I've drawn a small box and In the middle I've put a little box. On one side of this little box 45 Watts will be generated as heat source. The temperature outside of the box will be somewhere in between 25 or 45… (Show more)
in Simulation
Chuanhu Sun
Hello,everyone!   recently I encounter an example,and one  the attachments   is the part  used to simulate , the question and requiremnets and  tips  are as follows:   dimensions and load(pressure):A=21mm,B=7mm,D=36mm,(other dimensions unchanged) P=1Mpa;   question:what is the average value  SX of stress concentration area ?(through the whole… (Show more)
in Simulation
Suhail P.
Click to view contentHi, i was doing free and forced vibration analysis of a cracked cantilever beam for different cases. i started with free vibration analysis. i want to find the natural frequency for the following cases.   even though we are not applying any force in case of free vibration analysis, practically we have to give an initial excitation.So here case… (Show more)
in Simulation
Will Nagge
I am trying to complete a tutorial on motion analysis and simulation in SolidWorks 2018. Half the time when I run the simulaiton it hides the part that I analysed after the simulation is complete and gives a colour plot the rest of the time as expected. When I get a results plot for magnitude of motor torque it does not make sense and does not… (Show more)
in Simulation
Juan Rodriguez
Click to view contentHello Community,   I am having troubles with the following (spring) geometry: As you can see it´s basically a spring element which is locked in position at the bottom surface and gets loaded from the top. My goal is to calculate the stiffness (N/mm) of this structure in the elastic region and the elastic limit force before permanent deformation.… (Show more)
in Simulation
Subhankar Chowdhury
ANSYS WB FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS - 3 Stage gearbox - YouTube   How to proceed with such simulation in SW Simulation?
in Simulation
Andre Nuesslein
Hello everyone, I am trying to save a curve that represents the PSD for a random vibration. With the Get curve function I am supposed to be able to reacces that curve later. Yet, the file path that Solidworks is offering me to get files from, is not on my computer. How can I find that path on my computer to save my curves there. Better yet, how… (Show more)
in Simulation
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