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Mayssam Nassir
I'm trying to simulate flexible rod which fixed in one side and the another side is free. I want to get like this simulation which appears in this link:    who can help me with some tips about kind of simulation and material definition?  Thank you, Mayssam
in Simulation
Chris McGovern
Hello all.    So I have a nonlinear static analysis modelling loading and then unloading of a plastically deforming part which works just fine. I can select a node, save it as a sensor and get a time-dependant displacement plot out as I need.    However, my task is to compare the time-displacement behaviour across a range of part dimensions. The… (Show more)
in Simulation
Jose Adalberto Caraballo
como solucionar Solidworks simulation: "poisson's ratio should be less than 0.5"?, estoy tratando de hacer una simulacion de un ensamble con varios materiales, se crea la maya pero no me corre el estudio y muestra el mensaje de mas arriba.
in Simulation
Hanifah Az Zahra
Click to view contentI keep getting this message while trying to run the simulation. Followed by series of "data not available" and "running failed" / "meshing failed". It was okay when i ran a simulation before, then i have to change the loads applied and when i tried to run the simulation again it happened.     I also try to delete all the simulation data and… (Show more)
in Simulation
Dan King
I do not have the option to enable collision/physics when I choose the ball and select move component. I am attempting to shoot a ball out of a barrel, it is working except it falls through the barrel. How do I make them interact with one another.   Also how do I add friction/drag/air resistance to the ball firing.    Thanks.   Assembly is… (Show more)
in Simulation
Vitul Raj Govindaraju
I have an issue with this Simulation. The Riser has to take 25kg weight on its top and the weights have to gradually pass thru the Ribs of the riser to internal ribs of the body. I think something is not correct with the boundary conditions. Could anyone point me to the right direction ?   These are 2 PE parts.   Please download the files from… (Show more)
in Simulation
Raymond Diangelo
I'm learning visualize and there's very little information about it online. Tutorials aren't specific enough so here's my specific question. The youtube video I'm watching shows the guy setting up configurations in Visualize from the top center of the screen. My Visualize screen does not have that section. How do I get that section? I've searched… (Show more)
in Simulation
Carl Nurse
I want to activate the express tools (initially simulation express) but only driveworks express appears n the express tools drop down ?
in Simulation
Rony Rony
Click to view contentHi there,   I have been having issues regarding the solid object contact in Motion Analysis. I am trying to make a simple conveyor assembly which consists of 3 main parts, such as the conveyor Beam, Chain, and Beam End (the part where the motor and sprocket will be placed later on). These parts might be unclear based on my explanations, but I’ll… (Show more)
in Simulation
Sebastian Castaneda
Earthquake simulation step size question (Linear Dynamic Modal Time History) For the model I have, I am applying uniform base excitation in the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions with real earthquake data. I’m using 30 seconds of acceleration vs time data for each direction and the step size of the data is 0.01 seconds. Thus I have 3001 time… (Show more)
in Simulation
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