• save as pdf not working

    Hi folks, For some reason, my Save As PDF doesn't do anything. It accepts my input and lets me change my file name and such and navigate to a directory, and then I click OK. Then nothing is output to the directory......
    Charles Isaac-Samuel
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  • Free Solidworks OBJ Exporter v2.0

    Hello people, Here is a free macro, suitable for SW2005 and up, to export your models in Alias|Wavefront .obj format complete with .mtl and textures. The macro works with parts and assemblies and configurations. It...
    Neil Larsen
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  • Importing Altium step file results in components in wrong locations

    When I import Altium step files into SolidWorks (2018) there are several components which are not in the correct location. They usually end up in the corner of the PCB (the 0,0 position).   In the 3D view i...
    Chi Kwong Yeung
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  • Exporting Bend Lines as layers in Drawing

    Hello,   I'm trying to get a bunch of flat patterns on a single D-Sized drawing then save it out as a DXF. The issue I'm running into is when I try to separate my sketches/bend lines to separate layers (for etch...
    James Zertuche
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  • How can I fill in file properties for 3D Interconnect parts to show up on a drawing BOM?

    In my assembly, I can turn on Assembly Visualization on the Evaluate tab and add columns for Description and Part Number.  Then I can edit those fields so they show up on my drawing BOM.  Is there a better w...
    Brian Stoddard
    created by Brian Stoddard
  • Problems with dxf functionality - my SW2016 version will not open dxfs

    At the beginning of the year updated from 2013 version to 2016.   My Solid Works  is exporting the dxf okay, however software does not want to import dxf back in. Will not open dxf; system ul...
    John Babay
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  • rfa

    Hello !   I'm trainee and I just use Solidworks to see and simplify mecanics models.  Also, I have to import these models to Revit and since SW 2019 it's possible but I have a lot of model and I would like...
    Baptiste Morin
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  • Surface Issue when exporting to STEP

    Morning all,   I have an issue with a couple of my parts when exporting to a STEP file, I have some M5 self tapping screws that export with a sharp tip (at the wrong end) which comes out looking pretty cool but...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Amount of surfaces and solid bodies after saving .step assy as part

    # # Hi,   I'm having a bit of troubels here. A 3rd party has provided me with 4  .step assy's of hydraulic routing and connections that are imbedded in my project. All 4 Assy's are pretty much simi...
    Koen Plekker
    created by Koen Plekker
  • Mapping part files with dxf export

    Hello everyone,   I know this seems to be a ongoing thing from what i can find, but with solidworks dxf mapping of parts i need help.  To start the reason i need it to map sketches in the part mode is cause...
    joshua harmon
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  • Solid works to laser cutter

    What files does a laser cutter accepts ?  Is it dxf or dwg ?  i have a solid works sheet metal model, what file format should i save it in, to get it laser cut. i have seen some tutorials where adobe...
    Sagar Patel
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  • Is #TASK Safe? If so why is the Names of some "tasks" in Russian?

    Carlos Palomarez
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  • Save PRT file as STL.

    I am using SolidWorks 12.  Trying to convert a part (below) into an STL but it keeps crashing the program. Any suggestions would be much appreciated?  
    Alan Miller
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  • Duplicate Virtual Component Names on .step Import

    I am constrained (by our management) to exporting files from Inventor 2019.  I am constrained (by their management) to importing files into Solidworks 2018.  My head asplode.   The process so far is fa...
    Telson Hadden
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  • Inventor file conversion versions

    I can't seem to find anywhere which version of Solidworks will convert (don't want interconnect, will have to break link anyway) which version of Inventor file.  I need to convert Inventor 2019 (forced upgrade by...
    Telson Hadden
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  • stl

    Hello, I'm using SolidWorks 2018 to create a part. I save it as a .stl file and open it in Preform for 3d printing. In preform, it brings up an error that the file is broken and needs repair. The repair fails.   ...
    Jae Oregon
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  • STL

    Hello, I am dealing with a new supplier of 3D printing services, and he said there is an error message when he opens my STL file generated from Solidworks 2018. He sais that I have to remove the material, appearance...
    Linh-Chi Nguyen
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  • Issues importing multiple STEP files

    Hello!   I've been having this issue for a little while now and despite having googled it a bit, I've found no similar problems. Basically, I can import a single STEP file successfully, after which I'm prompted ...
    Davi Grossi
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  • How can I keep part/assembly custom properties when saving as gltf file?

    I've added couple of test properties to my assembly, but when I save file as GLTF i cannot see those properties in .gltf file. I'm I doing something wrong, or is this not supported yet?
    Darko Batina
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  • Open Large .STP File

    I'm trying to open a large .stp file (.65 GB), and SolidWorks 2018 seems to hit a wall trying to open it. I have task manager open and it shows the RAM leveling off around 10 GB (out of 32), and the CPU keeps churning...
    Noah Jackowitz
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