• Import file into Solidworks trial

    How can I import a file into Solidworks Trial version?
    Tom Mc Carrick
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  • STL binary export has "solid" at beginning of file

    I export my Solidworks files to STL for use in other rendering apps. I always do this in binary to reduce file size. In some situation I want to look at the ascii equivalent so tried to convert the Solidworks-generate...
    Bryn Wolfe
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  • How to remove mesh from imported file

    I am trying to import an .sldprt file, but it has a mesh over it. I am trying to remove the mesh because I cannot edit it. Does anyone know how I can remove this mesh?   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Import/...
    Natasha McMasters
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  • Saving to .STL removes section of part

    Hello everybody,   So i am quite new to this, but i can't seem to find a reason for this insane loss of detail (or, more accurately, for the loss of the whole design) when exporting to .STL   I am also hav...
    Daan Borger
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  • 3D PDF & 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse no longer work together; what changed?

    I fully realize that this forum does not control Adobe Reader, nor 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse products. However, it is active, and some of us do use these products. As such, I am seeking peer user experiences, not some of...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Exporting Solid Works Assembly model to BIM model - .rfa format

    Hello all, how to convert the Solid Works assembly models into Autodesk Revit format (.rfa - format). My client needs the solid works model as BIM model with .rfa format. Please guide me....!   Thanks, Prabhu P
    Prabhu Prakash
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  • Import a DXF at a specific point

    I need to place a DXF file so that it's 0,0 point is aligned with a specific spot in my model.  How do I do this?  I have found out how to define where the 0,0 point is in the DXF file, but that doesn't real...
    Doug Schaefer
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  • Open wierd .dwg file in SolidWorks

    Hi everyone. When I import this .dwg file as a 2D sketch it has to many unnecessary lines. When I import it as a 3D sketch it looks good, but recognize all the entities as 2620 imported curves. It ...
    Oleksandr Nikulochkin
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    Hello All !!!      I am importing Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 part files into Solidworks 2018 SP 5.0 and re-defining the sketches so they are defined and dimensioned (See attached file). The first sketch i...
    Fred Groendyk
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  • Exprt assembly and several animations to gltf Solidworks 2018

    Hello,      I need to export an assembly and several animations to a glb or gltf file with Solidworks 2018. It looks like I could purchase Solidworks 2019 and use the included exporter, purchase SimLab...
    Colin Worth
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  • Equations looks different when exported

    Hi,  My exported equations from solidworks looks different from what I can see in there. It looks like that it is showing some hidden equation in the .txt which are not visualized in the solidworks. What should ...
    Mahsa Ghaffari
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  • Can you open a .PCE file?

    Can you open a .PCE file?   EDITED  BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Import/Export space. Please post to the appropriate space when one exists.
    Pierre Chauveau
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  • Only one Cpu core is very slow when outputting stp files

    Len Coire
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  • Importing step model - invisible part

    Hi,   can somebody help me with importing step model into SolidWorks?   It is plastic enclosure with four parts. Base, cover, panel and hook. The problem is, the base is invisible after import. We have Sol...
    Michal Šálek
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  • Importing a .dxf point cloud to 3D surface

    I am trying to import a .dxf point cloud to a 3D surface, it shows a very good 2D surface with the correct outline but I can't get the depth component to show up. A colleague can do it in Fusion 360, but I can't seem ...
    Michael Hanes
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  • Import/Export Toolbox configuration spreadsheets in 2019 SP2.0 not working

    Hey all,   We did make the leap into 2019 a few weeks ago. I have been struggling for a couple weeks through my VAR and SW, trying to resolve one issue since the upgrade, to no avail.   If I try to export/...
    Mike Thompson
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  • Importing Altium step file results in components in wrong locations

    When I import Altium step files into SolidWorks (2018) there are several components which are not in the correct location. They usually end up in the corner of the PCB (the 0,0 position).   In the 3D view i...
    Chi Kwong Yeung
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  • Standalone Translator?

    SolidWorks, Give us a standalone translator for importing files.   I'm currently importing files from OEM's (in this case, STEP files from Ford) and the first file I tried to open this morning took five hours be...
    Dan Golthing
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  • Imported Model "Error(s) found"

    I imported a STEP model from McMaster and it generated errors.  I ran import diagnostic and fixed the one surface listed.  However, my model still shows "Error(s) Found" in the import feature, which blows up...
    Doug Schaefer
    created by Doug Schaefer
  • save as pdf not working

    Hi folks, For some reason, my Save As PDF doesn't do anything. It accepts my input and lets me change my file name and such and navigate to a directory, and then I click OK. Then nothing is output to the directory......
    Charles Isaac-Samuel
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