• Saving as a STEP file creates an .err file

    I have an assembly file created in SW 2019. I have to give it to a vendor which only has SW 2017. They asked me to save Step files. I have saved the assembly as a Part file first, then tried to save it as ei...
    Chris Brown
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  • Need to make a rendered video

    Hello everyone.... I need to generate a motion video similar to this (Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RnLyg4lj1E ) I need to make a video that shows all the capabilities of a robotic arm...
    Mora Vaibhav
    created by Mora Vaibhav
  • I imported a step file into solidworks 2018 and cannot figure out how to get the mass properties of an individual part.

    I am having trouble getting mass properties from an imported step file. Solid works is not importing the volume of the part and is showing values of "-nan(ind)" for my volume surface area and mass. Is there anyway i c...
    Hunter Scribner
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  • Saving STL files with Bodys & Surfaces

    I am having problems with an Assembly exporting as an STL file I have an assembly with parts and surfaces in it it is of a boat for a trophy the sail is the problem it is a surface but when I export it as an.STL file...
    Andrew Wylam
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  • 2015 Pack and Go used parts

    Good morning all,   ran into a bit of trouble this morning, I have a relatively large assembly which I have been working on for a couple of weeks, the assembly file included numerous parts and sub-assemblies a...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Pack and Go bugs

    Hi all,   We have a problem with Pack and Go on SW 2019 SP 2 (W10 Pro & W7 Pro), when I start pack and go is run along and result is annormal.   for example I have an assembly with 10 parts and 15 atta...
    Petat Antoine
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  • Export STL files for import to Maya

    Hello!   Would anyone happen to know the proper method of exporting an STL file from Solidworks and importing into Maya?   The issue I am having is when I import into Maya, the 3D object is combined into o...
    Monika Bartocha
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  • Can you manipulate an imported IGES file from corrugated CAD software

    Kevin Kellogg
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  • Export to pdf not showing shaded with edges through transparent objects

    This only happens when I save as a PDF. This has never been an issue before last week. I cannot find the option in SW anywhere to fix this. See screenshots. First is the drawing displayed as I want it. Second is the P...
    Travis Tatum
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  • PMI Export?

    So we are using Zeiss Calypso and a Contura CMM to inspect our parts.  We save all of our models as STP (step) files so we can import them into Calypso.  My question is though, is there anyway to export the ...
    Mark Cogean
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  • save as pdf not working

    Hi folks, For some reason, my Save As PDF doesn't do anything. It accepts my input and lets me change my file name and such and navigate to a directory, and then I click OK. Then nothing is output to the directory......
    Charles Isaac-Samuel
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  • Inventor file conversion versions

    I can't seem to find anywhere which version of Solidworks will convert (don't want interconnect, will have to break link anyway) which version of Inventor file.  I need to convert Inventor 2019 (forced upgrade by...
    Telson Hadden
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  • export weldment items to step

    I want to export every single cut list item to a single step file named with a cutlist item propertie. Is this possible with a macro?   Thanks
    Tom Gijbels
    created by Tom Gijbels
  • Save As - 3D Pdf files - Crashing Adobe

    Exporting(Save As) 3D Enabled PDF creates the file but crashes during the open with Adobe Reader. This is a great tool for sharing models without the use of eDrawings software.   All files created with my previ...
    Justin Olson
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  • SolidWorks/Simulation Meshed Assembly Exported to ABAQUS .INP File

    Hi,   I am attempting to export a meshed assembly from SolidWorks/Simulation to an ABAQUS .INP text file. To test this I've created an assembly composed of four instances of a single part, each with an individua...
    John Burkhardt
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  • Scanto3D "invalid file handle"

    Upon trying to open a large xyz. point cloud file I get the following error message: "invalid file handle was associated with C:\xxx\filename.xyz"   Any suggetsions
    Robert Corbett
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  • SW 2019 STEP export slow

    Exporting files to STEP takes ages on SW 2109. I have no precise data for comparison, but I'm waiting for now 10 min to get an already simplified drawing exported. Also there is no progress bar, just a funny hourglass...
    Ricardo Roque
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  • IGES file misses a lot of feature after import to SolidWorks

    Hello I have a geometry in ANSYS Workbench. The geometry is shown perfectly without any gap or issue. Here it is: I exported it in IGES format using Geometry-Design Modeler in Workbench: But when I open it...
    Jafar Arash Mehr
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  • Can not open stp file individual parts from stp file assy

    I down loaded a stp file assy. Opened assy and saved as solidworks assy. tried to open individual part files from assy. Does not even give me an option to open stp parts. Tried all the combo's I can think of.
    Corwynn Sauve
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  • Macro to Batch Save Flat Pattern As DWG

    Hi Deepak Gupta,   I need to help with exporting multiple sheet metal files into flat patterns (1:1). similar to this macro. I am trying to figure out how to write a batch file/api/macro to export to ".DWG"....
    Andrey Henrique
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