• Inventor Files

    I have an entire project of Inventor files that a customer sent me. Solidworks won't open them. I downloaded Adesks, Inventor Viewer and that gives an error as well. When I look under the iproperties of the file it do...
    Matt Juric
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  • import step box appears

    When an STP file is imported, the first feature appears as a box named "boss-extrude1" followed by the geometry of interest, named Imported1. How to prevent the fist feature from appearing?
    Vitaly Pesikov
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  • solidworks to radan lines break up

    Hello! I have been producing some very detailed spline drawings for sheet metal lasering. Our manufacturer has told me the drawings take a long time to clean up their end before lasering (they use Radan software) &#...
    Richard Sloan
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  • Import a 3D DWG as a solid part

    Hello All,   I have a 3D survey of a building I need to use to design an awning off for one of my clients.   The 3D survey has been supplied as a 3D dwg.   Is there a simple way of converting a 3D dw...
    Brent Trotter
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  • Importing 3d Lines

    I am trying to generate a sweep path that is defined by a series of connected straight lines. I could generate the X,Y,Z coordinates of the points on the line from 3rd party program like excel and using appropriate fo...
    Chun Heen Ho
    created by Chun Heen Ho
  • Can SolidWorks metadata be preserved when importing/exporting STEP files?

    I want to be able to create a STEP file (programmatically) and then import it into SolidWorks with metadata for measurements, exploded views and bill of material preserved in the import. Is this possible to do with ST...
    Olle Widell
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  • IGES conversion error.

    Hi,    I am trying to convert a part to IGES. When I do I get the attached error message stating about the translational error. If I click ok it then creates the file, but with a missing surface(s). Basi...
    Samarth Gs
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  • 3d pdf crashes on open

    This may not really be a Solidworks issue, but I'm having zero luck finding an answer from the Adobe forums.   I've some 3d pdf files.  Smaller ones of only a few kb open fine.  Larger ones, in this ca...
    Sean Johnson
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  • STEP Export - Geometric issues

    Dear community,   I am used to export my parts to STEP (AP214) format, and send them to our suppliers. I just realized exported STEP have bad geometries on this specific project. I attached two screenshot...
    Valentin Colomb
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  • I need to reduce the size of a step file. Best way?

    I need to reduce the size of a step file to put it on a website. Any one got any ways? cheers
    Tyler Stanley
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  • Step file conversion

    Does anyone know of a good way to convert a large database of step AP203 files to A214?
    Mike Marcoux
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  • #TASK 3D PDF Error

    Good morning all,   Have been using #TASK for a while now and its helped me massively, however I'm running into an issue with only 1 of my models (with numerous configurations) in which I cant export 3D PDF'...
    Dylan Sinclair
    created by Dylan Sinclair
  • How to batch convert project to PDF?

    I need a good macro or something like it to batch convert a project of prints to PDF.
    Aaron Levy
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  • Scaling .dwg files in Solidworks Drawings

    Hi there,   I have a lot of Inventor .dwgs that I need to open in SW and convert to PDFs.  Some are large or unusual shapes and appear as much larger than the Solidworks drawing sheet when I open ...
    Erin Blomert
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  • Solidwork Chassis to Abaqus using STEP file

    Hello,   A team member for a school project set me this file to run some torsional rigidity analysis on using Abaqus. I was planning on converting it to a STEP file then importing to Abaqus as a 3D wireframe bod...
    William Haase
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  • .ERR file created every time STEP file is opened

    Afternoon all,   I have had this issue for a while and just ignored it and deleted the .ERR files when they pop up, but its starting to get a little tedious now,   Other than just ignoring them, is there a...
    Dylan Sinclair
    created by Dylan Sinclair
  • Export to IGES or STEP with custom properties attached

    Is there a way to have the custom properties from your SW model embed into an IGES or STEP 203 or 214 export?  I am working on a customer process that requires traceablity to be imbeded in the exported files....
    Richard Hall
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  • Import Inventor iProperties

    I'm trying to import Inventor files into Solidworks and it was my understanding that with SW 2018 (I have 2019 SP4), 3D Interconnect allows SW to pull custom properties into SW's File Properties. But I'm not getting t...
    Darius Teichroew
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  • UG NX Assembly Import File Naming

    When opening a UG NX assembly and selecting the “Include PMI” option shown below then I get imported components with the strange extensions added to the file names: If I leave the “Include PMIR...
    Greg Kemner
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  • Importing Inventor Assembly at Feature with Custom Properties

    I am trying to import a Inventor Assembly as a Feature (Opening the .aim file format directly into Solidworks prompts you to choose between 'Feature' and 'Body.') but it will not copy over the iProperties i have creat...
    Grant Parry
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