• solid edge to solidworks

    i am wanting to open solid edge drawings in solidworks. what do i need? we have someone in hungary using solid edge that is sending me .stp files which enturn making me have to recreate the drawing he already has. i w...
    Jim Buckallew
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  • Making section frames from a model

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to acquire some section frames that i already make a 3d model of a part.   Basically it is a V-shape frame model which has a closed contour inside.  As you will see...
    Bora Döker
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  • 2019 sp5 eDrawings very slow in saving?

    Anyone else experience this?   The very long wait is somewhat worth it?..  I mean,  eDrawings seems to be improved from the past.. but.. what gives... what the heck is it crunching or compressing?&...
    Paul Salvador
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  • Is it Possible to Render a Iges/STEP files in visualize since it doesn't have a Design tree? 

    Just wondering how can i render a IGES file in solidworks visualize?
    Ruban Anthony
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  • Imported Mesh Error Warning

    We use imported parts in our assemblies and the Import Diagnostics tool doesn't fix all of the errors, as I'm sure many of you are aware. Is there a way to "accept" the part as is to turn the "error warning flag" off?...
    Ken Scott
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  • Why is solidworks creating new files in multiple folders when an assembly created from a .stp file is saved?

    I have had this issue for years and have never been able to solve it.  This issue only occurs with assemblies created from step files.  Creating the step file goes fine and i save the newly created as...
    Mike Mulvihill
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  • converting an edrawing to dwg format

    hey guys,   i have been given an edrawing from a client who has requested that we convert it into either a .dwg (autocad) or .dgn (microstation) format so he can edit it.   firstly, is this possible?  ...
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  • Import/Export Toolbox configuration spreadsheets in 2019 SP2.0 not working

    Hey all,   We did make the leap into 2019 a few weeks ago. I have been struggling for a couple weeks through my VAR and SW, trying to resolve one issue since the upgrade, to no avail.   If I try to export/...
    Mike Thompson
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  • .ifc does not work

    When i try to export my IFC 2x3, a file is made, only 4kb's big. No data in there... (file-> save as -> IFC 2x3) Tried a lot but it is nog happening. Someone knows whats the problem?    Thanks, Mark&...
    Mark Kingma
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  • "Import Each layer to a new sketch" never enabled.

    This little feature was introduced a couple of releases ago (maybe 2010) and at the time it was announced I was pretty excited about it since I frequently had to import PCB layout drawings from AutoCAD into SolidWorks...
    John Burrill
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  • importing wireframe igs

    A client has sent us an igs file in wireframe mode. It opens in SW 2013, the feature tree loads a whole bunch of parts but none are visible. If you scroll down the Feature manager highlighted items show up but no part...
    Mark Sawchuk
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  • Getting error opening JT-file with SW2019

    "The JT file could not be imported because it does not contain any geometrical data or may contain only tessellated geometry."   Is there anything I can do to open this JT-file?
    Janne Kalinen
    created by Janne Kalinen
  • Pack & Go - Still referencing server

    Morning all, had this issue pop up again recently after I thought it was sorted,   problem: When I finish a design, I pack and go to a zip folder and then send it to our Turkey branch to manufacture. When the...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Exporting a Bill of Material from a SolidWorks 2017 drawing.

    We are implementing a new MRP system and trying to export BOM's from a SolidWorks 2017 drawing. If we export (save as) to Excel we are losing trailing and leading zeros. Exporting to CSV is causing problems if there a...
    Glenn Douglas
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  • Suppressed Drawings in Pack & Go

    I have a situation where I'm attempting to do a Pack & Go of a small assembly.  When I look at the PnG selection screen, it identifies several DRAWINGS as being suppressed but the associated part models are N...
    Jim Paige
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  • Open Large .STP File

    I'm trying to open a large .stp file (.65 GB), and SolidWorks 2018 seems to hit a wall trying to open it. I have task manager open and it shows the RAM leveling off around 10 GB (out of 32), and the CPU keeps churning...
    Noah Jackowitz
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  • Automating SolidWorks by Excel

    I've automated all my calculations in an excel file full of functions and formulas. i enter the inputs to the excel file and then all the outputs are known in some specific cells. But then i have to cop...
    Meysam Agazadeh Par
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  • Merge lines offset value import dwg swe

    What exactly does this function do? Can anyone explain it with an example?
    Bego Munoz
    created by Bego Munoz
  • Move/Copy command does not work with Geomagics for Solidworks imported surface body

    Have imported a mesh stl via Geomagics for Solidworks plug in.   The part is a surface body.  The part has no "fixed" annotation.  Despite trying numerous times, shutting down and restarting SW, th...
    Matthew Turner
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  • Can Solidworks Premium Translate Catia and NX files?

    Good morning,   After 15+ years on Pro/E / Creo, I'm now working from Solidworks 2019 Standard, so I'm new to this software. Our customers require that we are able to translate files from Catia and NX. Obviously...
    Tyler Vance
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