• Is it possible to import tool libraries/cribs from other programs lik eG-wizard or Fusion into Solidworks?

    I have a large tool library that I would like to import into Solidworks but I can't get the import feature to work. Solidworks doesn't seem to recognize .hsmlib, .tool, or .tsv file formats   Any suggestions wou...
    Phil Factor
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  • Saving Inventor parts and assemblies in Solidworks

    When I open an Inventor assembly to view it, and then go to close it, it automatically saves a copy as a .sldasm and the parts as .sldprt files. Even though when prompted to save, I say NO.  Is there a setting th...
    Jeff Abshere
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  • Problem with exporting file names

    Hello all,   I have a problem during export process, at the moment I want to export a file from Solidworks 2015 or 2017 and the export window pops up the name of the file in the export window doesn't match with ...
    Mario Sánchez
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  • Slow STEP File Translation. Is This Normal?

    I've been using SW for 22 years. Lately, I have had to translate some medium smallish sized assy's into STEP files. This smallish sized assy took 33/41 minutes to translate.   If I translate to ParaSolid X_T, it...
    Dan Bovinich
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  • Free Solidworks OBJ Exporter v2.0

    Hello people, Here is a free macro, suitable for SW2005 and up, to export your models in Alias|Wavefront .obj format complete with .mtl and textures. The macro works with parts and assemblies and configurations. It...
    Neil Larsen
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  • Export sketches of multi-body sheetmetal to DWG/DXF

    Hi, I have a problem, that I don't know how to solve. I have a part with multi-body sheetmetal and I want to export sketches in DWG file. The problem is that when the part is single body, the sketches are showing fin...
    Michaël Forcier
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  • I need help with importing a large .obj file as a solid body (or even surface body)

    I'm running SWX 2019 SP5. I bought a model of a military truck thinking that I would be able to convert to a solid body. Even a surface body would suit my purpose. When I try to import it I get the error that it has t...
    Ricky Casey
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  • Can the zoom point in the DXF Cleanup window be changed?

    When exporting a view or flat pattern to a DXF, when the DXF cleanup window pops up and I try to zoom in to a location, it zooms to the opposite side of the window left or right. The vertical works as expected. So if ...
    David McCullough
    created by David McCullough
  • abacus is not accepting IGES,STEP and some other CAD imports.

    ABAQUS is not accepting IGES, STEP and some other CAD types but it is accepting SAT. please find attached the STEP, IGS and SAT types of the same file.
    Mohd Mubasheer Quadri
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  • Multi body parts to dxf/dwg

    Trying to get these fixtures laser cut out. Talking to the laser guy and he wants the files in .dwg format. I don't mind doing that but is there a quicker to covert every body to that format? So far all I've found sea...
    Taylon Center
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  • break link

    I have imported a rather large step assembly and a I can't seem to find the "Break link" in the assembly tree 
    Mike Goldsworthy
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    i opened a creo assembly file in solidworks with 3d interconnect enabled and now i need to save it as a solidworks assembly file, but while doing it the individual part files are not saved . Can anyone throw some ligh...
    Ruban A.
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  • when "save as" PDF missing geometry from the assembly drawing view.

    Hello all,   Greetings!   Hope all are doing good and safe at this Covid-19 scnario. Wishing all good for all of us!   SolidWorks drawing exporting to PDF some sketch geometry is missing in PDF....
    Abhishek Bhargava
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  • How do I save to external files...

    So I imported this .STP assembly with '3D Interconnect' so that I can at least look at saving workable individual files and start to look at each to understand how much work there is to do.   The only problem th...
    Stephane Morvan
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  • Save As - 3D Pdf files - Crashing Adobe

    Exporting(Save As) 3D Enabled PDF creates the file but crashes during the open with Adobe Reader. This is a great tool for sharing models without the use of eDrawings software.   All files created with my previ...
    Justin Olson
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  • Solidworks doesn't save older versions of Parasolid files

    I use an import tool that is compatible with Parasolid v29 files, but incompatible with some v30 files.  I attempted to save an older parasolid version through the save as, OPTIONS, and Solidworks seems to ignore...
    Mark Visconti
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  • How to rename all files within an assembly using strings from custom properties and keep model/drawing references

    Hello Guys, I need to export files to my client and change all filenames to a mix of values from custom properties. I hoped #TASK could help. Unfortunately when I tried to rename files with export macro, the reference...
  • I need to convert easm file to stl

    I am currently working on urgent engineering project and I am new toSolidworks. I have my files from my engineer that are in solid workformat (edrw format and easm format) and I need to convert them to STL for 3Dprint...
    Lidia Habtamu
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  • How to import DXF

    When importing a DXF it brings it into Solidworks. But the dimensions are not pull correctly. I need to be able to then scale the DXF to inches within the Solidworks work space. 
    Nathan McMahon
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  • after i export a part to dxf i then cant make a drawing of the part untill i restart solidworks

    when i export a part to dxf after i have done it i then cant make a drawing of a part untill i restart solidwork. spoke to solidworks they say its my computer. anyone had the same issue
    Andrew Hemings
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