• Import Inventor iProperties

    I'm trying to import Inventor files into Solidworks and it was my understanding that with SW 2018 (I have 2019 SP4), 3D Interconnect allows SW to pull custom properties into SW's File Properties. But I'm not getting t...
    Darius Teichroew
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  • Exporting xyz point coordinates from a 3D sketch.

    I have a 3D sketch with a hundered or so points. I would like to get the xyz data from these points. I have tried to save as a iges file and open that file in notebook, which lists all the values but I need to know wh...
    Cody Munk
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  • UG NX Assembly Import File Naming

    When opening a UG NX assembly and selecting the “Include PMI” option shown below then I get imported components with the strange extensions added to the file names: If I leave the “Include PMIR...
    Greg Kemner
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  • Importing Inventor Assembly at Feature with Custom Properties

    I am trying to import a Inventor Assembly as a Feature (Opening the .aim file format directly into Solidworks prompts you to choose between 'Feature' and 'Body.') but it will not copy over the iProperties i have creat...
    Grant Parry
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  • default units in dxf/dwg import?

    Is there a way to make mm my default import units for dxf/dwg or does it always have to be inches, meaning when I'm in a hurry it always comes in 25.4 times too big? Or is this coming from the dxf file and I need to g...
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • We import dxf files into our solidworks parts but have to always change from inches to millimeters before we import. How can i set this up to always import as millimeters?

    We would like to set the importing of dxf files as macros but cant do this until the files import in millimeters.
    Mark Mason
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  • Solidworks-Tekla IFC export questions

    Hello everyone,   I'm doing some interaction test between Solidworks and Tekla with IFC2x3 (because the version of Tekla that I'm testing, doesn't support IFC4 format). For the test I have modelled...
    David Casas Rojo
    created by David Casas Rojo
  • fixing imported geometry errors

    Are there quick fixes for imported geometry errors?   Specifically, imported surfaces, or other common errors that crop up when you have to use an imported file?
    Benjamin Reynolds
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  • When saving Solidworks-file to SAT it becomes really heavy (20mb)

    Hi all,   I am trying to save a file in Solidworks as SAT to make it compatible with other software. My only problem is: when I save is as SAT, the file turns into a file of around 20mb. This is too much lookin...
    Kels Vd
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  • PRT (Cadkey) files missing information in SW 2018 sp4

    I'm trying to open some old PRT (Cadkey) files from 1999 with SW 2018 sp4. When SW opens the file, the drawing views are present, but dimensions, text, and hatching do not show up. Is there a better way to open these ...
    Rick Palandri
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  • Bonjour, j'ai un probleme de modification de piece dans un assemblage

    Bonjour, j'ai réalisé plusieurs pièces que j'ai intégré dans un assemblage. J'ai ensuite modifié ces pièces une fois dans l’assemblage, ( des perçages, des ...
    Elian Isolphe
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  • Solidworks 3d interconnect 2019

    Free?  License needed?
    Michael Hubbard
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  • Dimensions change style when exported as DWG/DXF and clicked on in autocad

    I have the drawing units set to feet and inches in solidworks and everything looks perfect. I export to DWG or DXF and everything initially looks exactly the same except when looking at the properties of the dimension...
    Tom Sowers
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  • Weird surfaces when saving part as STL

    Hello, I have a question about saving a .SLDPRT-file as a .STL-file so I can send it to my 3D printer. I have done this loads of times and it never gave any problems. I am now trying to save a part with a lot of hole...
    Thomas Lohmeijer
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  • 3D Interconnect Created Two Halves

    I imported a bunch of .stp files with 3D interconnect enabled before i realized it was causing a problem for me. This created parts that have two "halves" or lines in the center of the parts. Is there a way to get rid...
    Sam Johnson
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  • How to convert a solidworks file to a DXF file

    I have a solidworks .sldprt file or I have a solidworks .sldasm file. I want to convert it into DXF file so that I can open it as a DXF file in AutoCAD and work with it. How is it possible.  Kindly note that bot...
    Saurav Ghosh
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  • how do I unlink a feature to enable healing operations

    Tracy Sells
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  • nx drafting standards?

    Doing a project in Solidworks.  The client requires that the drawings be in a specific format.  Meaning dimension styles, fonts, view labels, balloons, etc..  They currently use NX.  Is it possible...
    Mark Creel
    created by Mark Creel
  • Automatic ASCII Save

    Why does SolidWorks 2019 save an "ascii" file every time I hit save? I have recently converted a lot of .STP files and created alot of Sheet Metal parts but this happens on new parts created also. 
    William Lorentino
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  • Is there a way to include Custom Properties with exported step or iges?

    I need to export my models for use in a Hexagon PPM based file store system called iPEP. They say I can use step or iges files but it's not much use if I can't include the properties such as functional location, type ...
    Scott Lyon
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