• Import Shaded with Edges

    Whenever I import a file it always shows in shaded as the display state.  My default templates are set as shaded with edges.  Does anybody know where the setting is to change the display state so they always...
    Ryan Hawley
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  • The Ability to Open 3D InterConnect Parts and Assy's

    We recently received a large job from a customer, and they gave us their assemblies in STEP format. Their work was about 95% complete. Our task was to open the STEP files and make drawings and do a design review....
    Dan Bovinich
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  • import dxf/dwg error in SW 2020 sp 0.1

    235/5000 Hello,  Today we have upgraded the solidworks from 2019 sp 5.0 to 2020 sp 0.1. But unfortunately I noticed that I can no longer import dxf / dwg. The imported files are incomplete. Has anyone...
    Dragos Popovici
    created by Dragos Popovici
  • I can't save my file as .lxo type at all.

    I use 2019 SP5 now and I would like to save my files as .lxo type but 2019 can't output at all. No objects are made. Does anyone know why it happens?
    Norihito Watanabe
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  • adding prefix to import save

    Hello.  I have a question that in my review of the forum I didn't find this specific question asked (or at least I didn't search the right thing to find it).  The question pertains to SolidWorks 2015 x64 SP ...
    Timothy Hayek
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  • How to conver SolidWorks drawing file to CGM file?

    We want to convert .slddrw SolidWorks drawing file to CGM file format. Please explain.
    Minanath Sutra
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  • Solidworks 3d interconnect 2019

    Free?  License needed?
    Michael Hubbard
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  • How can I simplify an imported part?

    I requested a CAD file from our vendor and he said that they have been sending out STL files because they seem to translate to everyone's different CAD systems.  Ok, I'll give it a try.  I got a file with ov...
    Peter Loring
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  • PMI Export?

    So we are using Zeiss Calypso and a Contura CMM to inspect our parts.  We save all of our models as STP (step) files so we can import them into Calypso.  My question is though, is there anyway to export the ...
    Mark Cogean
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  • Pack and Go to another country

    Good afternoon all,   I am having some trouble with pack and go today with a rather large assembly, I am running SW2015 and send my SolidWorks via Pack and Go to our manufacturing plant in Turkey who also run o...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • importing solid edge files

    how can i import solid edge part file, assembly & dft file in solid works 2013
    Ajita Patel
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  • Batch convert SolidEdge files to SolidWorks

    Hi I have a customer that would like to do batch conversion of all their SolidEdge files to SolidWorks files. does anyone maybe have such a converter? or a alternatively have a workable easy process of doing this in...
    Robert Pereira
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  • Inventor Files

    I have an entire project of Inventor files that a customer sent me. Solidworks won't open them. I downloaded Adesks, Inventor Viewer and that gives an error as well. When I look under the iproperties of the file it do...
    Matt Juric
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  • import step box appears

    When an STP file is imported, the first feature appears as a box named "boss-extrude1" followed by the geometry of interest, named Imported1. How to prevent the fist feature from appearing?
    Vitaly Pesikov
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  • solidworks to radan lines break up

    Hello! I have been producing some very detailed spline drawings for sheet metal lasering. Our manufacturer has told me the drawings take a long time to clean up their end before lasering (they use Radan software) &#...
    Richard Sloan
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  • Import a 3D DWG as a solid part

    Hello All,   I have a 3D survey of a building I need to use to design an awning off for one of my clients.   The 3D survey has been supplied as a 3D dwg.   Is there a simple way of converting a 3D dw...
    Brent Trotter
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  • Importing 3d Lines

    I am trying to generate a sweep path that is defined by a series of connected straight lines. I could generate the X,Y,Z coordinates of the points on the line from 3rd party program like excel and using appropriate fo...
    Chun Heen Ho
    created by Chun Heen Ho
  • Can SolidWorks metadata be preserved when importing/exporting STEP files?

    I want to be able to create a STEP file (programmatically) and then import it into SolidWorks with metadata for measurements, exploded views and bill of material preserved in the import. Is this possible to do with ST...
    Olle Widell
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  • SW to .dwg conversion with title block viewport?

    When i save a SW drawing to dwg format i get the title block and drawing borders on to Autocad model space. As you know, this is leads to scale problems if the model views in SW are not in 1:1 scale. Ideally i would...
  • IGES conversion error.

    Hi,    I am trying to convert a part to IGES. When I do I get the attached error message stating about the translational error. If I click ok it then creates the file, but with a missing surface(s). Basi...
    Samarth Gs
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