• Issues with exporting the CREO part to Solidworks

    Hello all   I have a CREO part (*.part.1) extension and I am trying to open it in Solidworks. However, I am getting an error stating that the file is either locked or of an incompatible type. Does anyone faced s...
    Mehar Bade
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  • Having trouble opening downloaded files through the file explorer outside of solidworks after installing 2020. I get the message "This action is only valid for items currently installed". Has anyone else had this problem?

    Chase Donald
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  • Revit TO Solidworks?

    I have an interesting question for everyone... is there a way to get a Revit model over to Solidworks? More specifically, here's what I'm trying to accomplish.. I have some large chilled water systems that I have do...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Importing a step file is an empty model

    I've tried importing step files that are assemblies and i get no geometry. It's just a blank file with 3 planes and an origin. If it's a single part it seems to import OK. I've attached a file that won't import p...
    Dermot Cradden
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  • STEP file imports as an empty assembly

    I am trying to import this STEP file from a supplier, but I have the same issue as this thread. Import .STEP files error  Every time I import the file, it goes through all of the parsing steps, then creates an ...
    Samuel Wiest
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  • Creating a solid object from .obj for 3-D printing

    Hello,   I am attempting to convert an .obj file to a solid body so that I can edit it in solidworks and add it to an assembly I am creating. I have run into a problem where the mesh file will only be shown as s...
    David Rudolf
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    Customer wants us to import our 3D model into a dgn file for them to put into their plant layout. I've had a hard time figuring out how exactly this works. It's a Microstation / Bently progam. Every "how to" and tu...
    David Sloop
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  • Batch export sheet metal flat patterns to DXF from assembly

    I'm trying to batch export multiple sheet metal flat patterns of an assembly to DXFs instead of opening and saving as each individual parts.  I'm just wondering if there is a tool in Solidworks that can enable me...
    Hunter Hinson
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  • batch export all parts in assembly as DXF

    Hi,   I need to export all files within an assembly as DXF, using a specific view. Currently I do this part by part and I'd like to automate. Any suggestions?  
    Kevin Shields
    created by Kevin Shields
  • .iam and .ipt problem opening

    I'm just starting with SW. When I try to open a .ipt or .iam file, I get an error message saying the file was not found, invalid, locked or an incompatible type. What might the problem be?
    Ellis Wright
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  • Opening STEP files with assembly not saving with external references

    Hello,   I upgrated to SW2020 SP1.0, and when I open an STEP file of an assembly and save it, I have only one assembly file, without parts. In the assembly I have all the parts with references in the STEP model...
    Corneliu Golban
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  • Task Scheduler is exporting drawings to PDF incorrectly. Dangling annotations in PDF even though attached in drawing.

    I am using Task Scheduler 2020 and have recently converted all of my old parts to Solidworks 2020. I have checked the assemblies and parts references and they all seem to be correct. When I am opening the drawing file...
    Yolanda Dang
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  • what is the correct setup to import a JT file?

    I received a file from my client in JT, although I can read it in Unigraphics When I import it in Solidworks I do not see nothing at all. What should I do to set up so that it will be screened and I can open tho...
    Ruben Balderrama
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  • Missing and spontaneous parts in a CREO assy imported with 3D Interconnect

    Hello I'm importing a CREO 4.0 assembly with 3D Interconnect. If I check the 'Ignore hidden entities', two parts doesn't get imported. They are visible and unsuppressed in CREO.   If I replace those com...
    Raul Borobio
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  • Mesh data

    How many people currently have to deal with mesh data of some kind, whether point cloud, subd, mesh, voxel, polygons, obj, etc.   Do you deal with it in SW or use some other software to do it? What is the source...
    Matt Lombard
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  • Does anyone know if Catia V5 can translate to the solidworks format

    Our design engineers us Catia V5 for modeling.  They have to supply model information to our manufacturing engineers who use Solidworks.  Does anyone know if there is any data transfer package that will allo...
    Wayne Schafer
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  • Snowmobile CAD model, does anyone have one? Trying to build scissor

    Snowmobile CAD model, does anyone have one? Trying to build scissor
    Barry Cannon
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  • Exporting to Unity with reference geometry included

    Hello!   Is it possible to export SolidWorks model to Unity with reference geometry included?   I tried SimLab FBX/glTF exporter, and we get no reference geometry. It would come very handy if we could use ...
    Vili Volcini
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  • Snowmobile CAD model, does anyone have one? Trying to build scissor

    Snowmobile CAD model, does anyone have one? Trying to build scissor
    Barry Cannon
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  • import dxf/dwg error in SW 2020 sp 0.1

    235/5000 Hello,  Today we have upgraded the solidworks from 2019 sp 5.0 to 2020 sp 0.1. But unfortunately I noticed that I can no longer import dxf / dwg. The imported files are incomplete. Has anyone...
    Dragos Popovici
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