• Help! Exporting DXF from Solidworks Drawing

    Hi all, in need of some urgent help here as im going out of my mind!   I have tried every setting imaginable but still having now luck. Basically I have created a 3 sheet drawing in Solidworks and go to 'save a...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Opening STEP files with assembly not saving with external references

    Hello,   I upgrated to SW2020 SP1.0, and when I open an STEP file of an assembly and save it, I have only one assembly file, without parts. In the assembly I have all the parts with references in the STEP model...
    Corneliu Golban
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  • Large STP Files

    So I have recently taken over our IT Department and it has placed me over troubleshooting SW issues. I am pretty ignorant when working with drawing files. The computer that is being used is  Intel Core i7-4790K 4...
    Ray Bishop
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  • import dxf/dwg error in SW 2020 sp 0.1

    235/5000 Hello,  Today we have upgraded the solidworks from 2019 sp 5.0 to 2020 sp 0.1. But unfortunately I noticed that I can no longer import dxf / dwg. The imported files are incomplete. Has anyone...
    Dragos Popovici
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  • SW to .dwg conversion with title block viewport?

    When i save a SW drawing to dwg format i get the title block and drawing borders on to Autocad model space. As you know, this is leads to scale problems if the model views in SW are not in 1:1 scale. Ideally i would...
  • Keeping References when going to STEP and Back

    We are using an automated design tool to edit SolidWorks assemblies that have been converted to STEP. The process looks like this:   1. Convert parts from SLDASM to STEP. 2. Assemble parts in automated tool. 3...
    Sean Hatch
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  • Opening SolidEdge ASM

    Hi,   I am trying to open a SolidEdge ASM first my solidworks said that it was incompatible or secured. But for both that is not true. Then, when i selected "graphical body" something more happend. It tries t...
    Bob Hamers
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  • Exporting xyz point coordinates from a 3D sketch.

    I have a 3D sketch with a hundered or so points. I would like to get the xyz data from these points. I have tried to save as a iges file and open that file in notebook, which lists all the values but I need to know wh...
    Cody Munk
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  • Solidworks-Tekla IFC export questions

    Hello everyone,   I'm doing some interaction test between Solidworks and Tekla with IFC2x3 (because the version of Tekla that I'm testing, doesn't support IFC4 format). For the test I have modelled...
    David Casas Rojo
    created by David Casas Rojo
  • Free Solidworks OBJ Exporter v2.0

    Hello people, Here is a free macro, suitable for SW2005 and up, to export your models in Alias|Wavefront .obj format complete with .mtl and textures. The macro works with parts and assemblies and configurations. It...
    Neil Larsen
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  • Surface Issue when exporting to STEP

    Morning all,   I have an issue with a couple of my parts when exporting to a STEP file, I have some M5 self tapping screws that export with a sharp tip (at the wrong end) which comes out looking pretty cool but...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Duplicate Virtual Component Names on .step Import

    I am constrained (by our management) to exporting files from Inventor 2019.  I am constrained (by their management) to importing files into Solidworks 2018.  My head asplode.   The process so far is fa...
    Telson Hadden
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  • Convert stl. to step. problems with surfaces

    Hello,   The CAD file related to this case is attached to this message below. I intended to convert this file format from stl. to step. and essentially the step. file will be used in Starccm for aerodynamics stu...
    Wushuang Bai
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  • 2015 Pack and Go used parts

    Good morning all,   ran into a bit of trouble this morning, I have a relatively large assembly which I have been working on for a couple of weeks, the assembly file included numerous parts and sub-assemblies a...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Export STL files for import to Maya

    Hello!   Would anyone happen to know the proper method of exporting an STL file from Solidworks and importing into Maya?   The issue I am having is when I import into Maya, the 3D object is combined into o...
    Monika Bartocha
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  • Can't close file or exit SW from opening a step file

    This happened when I open a step file from a vendor  The message kept pop-up each time clicking on "OK" and I can't even shutdown the SW See att. video clip    
    Christian Chu
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  • how donwload my piece from the test version of solidworks ?

    how donwload my piece from the test version of solidworks ?
    Enzo Feriti
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  • Err. file when saving part file

    I am attempting to save a part (attached) which will then be used in a finite element software. The software only takes the file types listed below. However, when I attempt to save to any of these files types Solidwor...
    Rhoss Adams
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  • Converting to step - Inconsistent spline curve

    Hey, I havwe been converting to step for me and my Fiberglass/Design people to go back and forth, they are using pro e and catia...anyway I have neverhad a problem till today...... Sw will not save my model to ste...
    Angela Hill
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  • VRML to X3d?

    Has anybody heard if Solidworks will support import/export for X3d anytime soon? Apparently, it has already replaced VRML. Since we are currently investigating custom programming using exported VRML files, we would li...
    John Summers
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