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Alex Polo
Hi - I am importing a STEP ASSEMBLY into SW2018 in previous SW2017 imports I would get all the previously named parts to display correctly now all the parts come in with untitled# sequence - any advice on how to correct this.   Thanks Alex. 
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Robert Gradias
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Jennifer Farrar
is it possible retain interactive hotspots when exporting to any of the following file formats?: dwg dxf pdf wmf
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Timothy Hayek
Hello.  I have a question that in my review of the forum I didn't find this specific question asked (or at least I didn't search the right thing to find it).  The question pertains to SolidWorks 2015 x64 SP 1.1.  So here it goes:   I receive a lot of models from various suppliers and they usually provide them in .STEP or .IGES formats.  Sometimes… (Show more)
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Corey Brooks
I just upgraded from SW 2017 to 2018. As a company, we work in Multi-body. Now our customer supply models are coming in as assemblies. I am able  to work around this problem by saving out the assemblies as a part, BUT that is not how I want to work with every file the we receive. I am looking how to make these changes to the page. System Option_… (Show more)
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Eden Loofe
This has been asked a year ago but i couldn't find the answer anywhere: When saving a sketch as DXFfile I get the following error: "Error: initializing DWGdirect - "   Basically i can save one DXF, but once i try to save another i get the error message. I have to restart Solidworks and re-load the model every time. I've had this problem since… (Show more)
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Jim Ragan
We use faro Scene to create and export point clouds. You can run it through Recap and into autocad or inventor and it will import in color correctly. I can export the point cloud as an XYZ Ascii file and import that into SW but it has no color. Any ideas?
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José Alejandro Arias
Hello, I copied some lines and text from an AutoCAD .dwg File to a solidworks Drawing and I'm using it in the Sheet Format.   Whenever I try to save the drawing as a PDF File, specific lines change their color from black to blue, as shown here:     (this is part of the company's logo) turns into   and  looks like   Does anyone know a way to… (Show more)
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Paul Labelle
Hello,   Is anyone aware of a way to convert polylines into regions or boundaries? I have polylines of different widths and lengths, but I need to convert these to perimeter regions or boundaries.   Thanks   Paul
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Anil Tanwar
Hello guys, I want to make a 3D parametric file for export to CST simulation software,but I face a problem that i could not make a 3D parametric file in Solid works can some one guide how to make this kid of file which I can export in CST??????? I have to make he geometry every time in CST so I wish to import the Parametric 3D so that  I can… (Show more)
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