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Ellis Wright
I'm just starting with SW. When I try to open a .ipt or .iam file, I get an error message saying the file was not found, invalid, locked or an incompatible type. What might the problem be?
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Dmitry Ponomarev
Good afternoon,   Houw can I save only selected parts from various sub-assemblies from the main assembly? And eventually export them to an STL document. I can't export the whole document, because it is too large.   I tried to look for the create sub-assembly option, but I don't think I can use this on parts belonging to different sub-assemblies.… (Show more)
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Nicholas Hayman
I have an issue with multi 'node' lines slowing down my PC in Solidworks.   I have exported an Ai file from illustrator into a DXF file. I have then imported the DXF into Solidworks. In both illustrator and Draftsight (DXF) the linework has many breaks or nodes. When i bring this into Solidworks the nodes remain.   The amount of nodes cause my… (Show more)
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Ibrahim Ch
Click to view contentHi, I am trying to export a large amount of folders containing SW formats. I would like to save them to .dwg and .step. I tried #task and the task scheduler, I could not get a result on any of them. Here is what I get with the task scheduler: A SW windos pops up and.. thats all, I can't save via the file via the file tab. If I close this… (Show more)
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Arthur Vieira
I'd like to present several projects I've been working on in Solidworks 2015 to my team. PowerPoint (I'm using Office 365) allows you to import 3D models into your presentation, but it seems it only support some formats: *.fbx; *.obj; *3mf; *.ply; *.stl and *.glb. The only format directly exportable from one software to another is the *.stl, but… (Show more)
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Charles Isaac-Samuel
Hi folks, For some reason, my Save As PDF doesn't do anything. It accepts my input and lets me change my file name and such and navigate to a directory, and then I click OK. Then nothing is output to the directory.....:/ Solidworks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro.
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Troy Janka
We will be receiving our laser within a couple weeks and some questions have been brought up. Is there way for a laser not to cut all the way through the sheet metal part if all we want is an indentation of some sort.   Our current way on our turrets is easy, we just add a .055 hole to our parts and our CAM software know what it is. We will… (Show more)
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Ricardo Roque
Exporting files to STEP takes ages on SW 2109. I have no precise data for comparison, but I'm waiting for now 10 min to get an already simplified drawing exported. Also there is no progress bar, just a funny hourglass next to the taskbar icon, to make one aware of how far the process is. Another colleague in my office is having the same issue...… (Show more)
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John Wayman
I tried to save a fairly large assembly as STL and got this message:   Due to the lack of available virtual memory your STL request has been terminated. Please increase ypur STL deviation and/or angular tolerance or increase the available memory for your system.   At no time in the run-up to this error did the memory used increase beyond about… (Show more)
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Mohammad Darabseh
saving as .RFA (REVIT) option is removed from SolidWorks 2019 SP0, why?   this is a new feature in SW2019, I tried it in Beta version, but since SP0, the option has been removed, "EXPORT TO AEC" tool generates only (.SAT) as in SW2018.   can anybody explain.
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