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Alin Vargatu
Hello SOLIDWORKS Power Users and welcome to the 19th SWPUC!   Many of you asked for surfacing, direct editing and imported geometry repair challenges. I am trying to combine all these challenges in one.   This is what you need to do:   1. Download the file Start.x_t. 2. Import it in SOLIDWORKS. It will look like this (zonal section applied to show… (Show more)
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Thomas Stegeman
When I "Save as" a part as VRML97 I can see the color of the faces but choosing a different coordinate system causes the color of the faces to be blank.  How can I fix this?
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Matt Peneguy
I've got my 3D printer back up and running and I'm trying to figure out how to modify a Thingiverse part.  The problem is that when I try to do anything with it, I get an error.  Anybody have any ideas?  Am I going to have to measure and model it.  The part is attached.
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Alp Selin
Hello everyone   I am actually working on an assembly composed of 850 components and I wanted to make a motion analysis with this assembly. The fact is the solver is too low to calculate my simulation. So I decided to convert subassemblies into parts and I have created a new assembly with these new parts. Everything was okay until I… (Show more)
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Michaël Forcier
Hi, I have a problem, that I don't know how to solve. I have a part with multi-body sheetmetal and I want to export sketches in DWG file. The problem is that when the part is single body, the sketches are showing fine in the export to DWG, but if there is more then one body in the part, when I export it, the sketches won't show. I joined a file… (Show more)
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Timothy Taby
So I imported a assembly from De-Sta-Co of a pneumatic clamp.  Solidworks opens the assembly, but the parts are not really parts like in a normal assembly.  There is an arrow on the part and assembly icons in the tree.  I believe these are PRO-E / Creo parts that are imported because in windows explorer they have the .prt.1 extension.  Is there… (Show more)
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Mike Mason
I just spent 20 minutes searching this forum for an answer but couldn't find one.  I'm trying to simply get some 2d geometry from a 2d sketch inside an assembly to a vendor for some cnc waterjet cutting.  Am I missing something here?  I know there needs to be a simple answer that I am just not seeing.  Help.
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Troy Szatkowski
Error "Encountered invalid record index." when importing .stp file in SW2017. Same file opens in eDrawings. What is the issue? This issue has been happening intermittently since we upgraded from SW2015 to SW2017 a month ago. Cannot seem to figure it out. I tried adjusting the Import Options one by one, but to no avail. The weird thing is that… (Show more)
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Peter Fortin
Anyone ever used Solidworks in conjunction with imos? We have both here, and I wonder if there's some way to connect the two more directly (no intermediary dxf or stp).  If would simplify things greatly when I have parts for the wood shop.   Thoughts?
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Colin Ng
Hi all,   I've read up and I know that many people recommend using other software to import .stl files. However, all I need from the .stl is something simple. I want to convert it into one solid body so that I can do small edits to it. Specifically, I wanted to edit the .stl files from this link in thingiverse:… (Show more)
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