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Naushad Ali Azim
hello all   i want to import the excel file in solidworks costing for the machining part in the customizing template   i did not find any option to do it   let me know if any clues   regards
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Blake Pomeroy
I'm having issues with the imported geometry tool in Solidworks 2018.  I used to be able to start a new part and then import a single IGES file with multiple parts in it, but now am unable to.  When I attempt to use the imported geometry tool nothing will open or show.  In addition, I can open a single IGES part one at a time, but when i go to… (Show more)
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Neil Larsen
Hello people, Here is a free macro, suitable for SW2005 and up, to export your models in Alias|Wavefront .obj format complete with .mtl and textures. The macro works with parts and assemblies and configurations. It has been made to enable SolidWorks models to be rendered in cg applications such as Blender and Octane… (Show more)
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Phil Iehle
I have been having an issue with 2018 when exporting an stl. Using the same STL resolution settings that I have been using in 2015-16-17 which worked fine now take much longer to export. For instance a 25mb file would normally save in under 5 seconds. Now I can wait 30 to 60 seconds for the same file to export. A file of 200mb or so can take up… (Show more)
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Manuel Stieblehner
Hallo ,can i safe a part as a prj  format
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Dan Golthing
having to import large, cumbersome geometry from vehicle OEM's and looking for a 3rd party add-in (or maybe not add-in) software to open and clean up huge step and igs files.  any experience out there?   SolidWorks consistently fails.  on 2017 (would like to go to 2018 but not possible yet).
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Troy Szatkowski
Error "Encountered invalid record index." when importing .stp file in SW2017. Same file opens in eDrawings. What is the issue? This issue has been happening intermittently since we upgraded from SW2015 to SW2017 a month ago. Cannot seem to figure it out. I tried adjusting the Import Options one by one, but to no avail. The weird thing is that… (Show more)
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Ananth Balasubramanian
Guys I need to find out the features used in this helical end mill. I wanted to find out the helix feature, I tried using feature works but was unable to select the right faces for the cut-sweep selection.Can someone help me with this.   Thank You
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Stuart Pyper
When I import a .step file and save it as a solid works part the holes are coming in as 2 semi circles and not 1 clean hole which then comes in on the dxf that I make with this. Is there a setting which can stop this? I have never had this problem on years of previous solid works releases.
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Charley Leonard
I'm simplifying an earlier question. Any suggestions on an efficient (or not) way to get a 3D sketch into a 3D DXF or 3D DWG format? I realize I can't get there just with SolidWorks alone. I have had success in converting solid bodies into a 3D dwg/dxf wireframe state, but what I really want for this unusual application is just the 3D sketch.
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