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Theodoros Dragonas
When i save a SW drawing to dwg format i get the title block and drawing borders on to Autocad model space. As you know, this is leads to scale problems if the model views in SW are not in 1:1 scale. Ideally i would like to save my SW drawing in .dwg format and then get the model in AC's model space and title blovk and border in AC Layout along… (Show more)
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Sean Johnson
This may not really be a Solidworks issue, but I'm having zero luck finding an answer from the Adobe forums.   I've some 3d pdf files.  Smaller ones of only a few kb open fine.  Larger ones, in this case about 1.7Mb crash upon opening.    I've reloaded the Adobe software, and made some changes to its configuration settings, but at the moment I… (Show more)
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Sean Hatch
We are using an automated design tool to edit SolidWorks assemblies that have been converted to STEP. The process looks like this:   1. Convert parts from SLDASM to STEP. 2. Assemble parts in automated tool. 3. Save Assemblies from tool as STEP files. 4. Convert Assemblies back to SLDASM from STEP. 5. Insert Converted Assemblies into template… (Show more)
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Samarth Gs
Click to view contentHi,    I am trying to convert a part to IGES. When I do I get the attached error message stating about the translational error. If I click ok it then creates the file, but with a missing surface(s). Basically I am designing a wind turbine blade and it is to be analysed so for that, I need it in IGES form. But the whole airfoil part seems to be… (Show more)
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Valentin Colomb
Dear community,   I am used to export my parts to STEP (AP214) format, and send them to our suppliers. I just realized exported STEP have bad geometries on this specific project. I attached two screenshots for comparison on a specific feature.    Some remarks : - It appears on small features, especially fillets. - Fillet are lacking, or… (Show more)
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Tyler Stanley
I need to reduce the size of a step file to put it on a website. Any one got any ways? cheers
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Bob Hamers
Hi,   I am trying to open a SolidEdge ASM first my solidworks said that it was incompatible or secured. But for both that is not true. Then, when i selected "graphical body" something more happend. It tries to open BUT , it is a fairly large asm. ( 840KB)  ( I think its large ) But there are parts in it which are even bigger (??). If i open a… (Show more)
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Mike Marcoux
Does anyone know of a good way to convert a large database of step AP203 files to A214?
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Dylan Sinclair
Click to view contentGood morning all,   Have been using #TASK for a while now and its helped me massively, however I'm running into an issue with only 1 of my models (with numerous configurations) in which I cant export 3D PDF's... The program Creates 3 or 4 and then comes up with this error message;     I have sued the exact same process for 6 other models… (Show more)
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Aaron Levy
I need a good macro or something like it to batch convert a project of prints to PDF.
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