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Robert Corbett
Upon trying to open a large xyz. point cloud file I get the following error message: "invalid file handle was associated with C:\xxx\"   Any suggetsions
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Andrey Henrique
Hi Deepak Gupta,   I need to help with exporting multiple sheet metal files into flat patterns (1:1). similar to this macro. I am trying to figure out how to write a batch file/api/macro to export to ".DWG".  I work for a sheet metal company and we have to send all of our dxf's to a certain folder in dxf format.   Any help would be greatly… (Show more)
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Fred Groendyk
Click to view contentHello All !!!.    I have loaded Solidworks 2019 on my machine and have not used it yet because we have not done the proper testing with our files, so I have been using Solidworks 2018 SP5.0. Here lately, I have notice that when I do file exports (.STP, .DXF), I am getting the attached file (SldWorks 2019 Application (.STEP)). If I converted a… (Show more)
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Christian Chu
Click to view contentThis happened when I open a step file from a vendor  The message kept pop-up each time clicking on "OK" and I can't even shutdown the SW See att. video clip    
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Charles Isaac-Samuel
Hi folks, For some reason, my Save As PDF doesn't do anything. It accepts my input and lets me change my file name and such and navigate to a directory, and then I click OK. Then nothing is output to the directory.....:/ Solidworks 2018 on Windows 10 Pro.
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Shanmugam K.
I have solidworks2019 my client has solid Edge ST10....He wants the assembly file to open in solid Edge ST10 with full constraints and feature as i am modelling in solidworks...Is there any ways to convert??   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Import/Export space.
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Joey Waldner
When i Save a Part to a DXF it always Automatically save to Flat Pattern and the name or number of the File... How do i Change the Settings so it doesnt save to Flat Pattern Ect.?    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Import/Export space. Please post to the appropriate space when one exists. The MySolidWorks space is specifically for posts about… (Show more)
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Tim Hibler
Is this printer compatible with Solidworks and Draftsight
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Roslian Efendy
Hi, when i save as DWG from SW, and open in AutoCAD or other 2D CAD programs, my first sheet is black and more organized, but the other sheet is white and does not look properly arrange. Is there a way to set before i export?
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Swati Bhargava
Below is the question related to : Zemax sample present in : Design Examples\Lens Systems\2- Biocular and Binocular Lenses    What I did: 1.Exported the zemax multi-configuration model for binocular system (shown below in Zemax) as a STEP FILE. 2.Then, Open that STEP file in Solidworks   What I see: When file is opened in Solidworks,… (Show more)
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