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Tomas Guglielmini
Hi, I need to export dxf files for laser cut. I would like to make a single line cut of a part of the model, and for naming also use single line font for engraving. The problem I´m having is that I cannot generate the geometry single line cut, so I have to leave them as sketch. When I export the model to dxf/dwf and I check the Sketches box, I… (Show more)
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Jaryd Flores
Hi everyone, I have been trying to use Adobe Print to PDF to print 8 different drawing sets and each time it is cutting a small portion off the bottom. It's as if there is a white box placed on top of the drawing, but there is nothing in the actual drawing. The print preview looks as if everything is normal. So far I have tried printing at a… (Show more)
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Ghazi Toutounji
Is there a way I can convert a Navisworks file nwd to any 3D format I can open in Solidworks? Thanks.
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Lazzari Enrico
ho la necessità di importare dei file che derivano da un assieme, ma voglio importarli direttamente come parte. Come posso fare.
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Jim Sculley
Click to view contentI have a large STEP assembly that I have imported and I am running Import Diagnostics on the parts one by one to make them all solid with a single imported body in the feature tree.  For the most part it works, and If it doesn't, deleting a face and manually repairing it isn't too difficult.  I get a multi-body part here and there, no big deal.  … (Show more)
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robert dattilo
Click to view contentHello;        I'm creating jpegs, & then pulling them into NX, so I can create cgm files for a customer. My question is why is SW creating different exported image information widths, for the same 11 x 17 B size drawings? The customer is creating drawings & I'd like to give them consistent cgms.This is all just accepting the defaults for the… (Show more)
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Aaron Hayden
I've read the help section about Inventor files as well as several previous threads regarding the topic. I have Solidworks 2019 SP3 and Inventor View 2020 installed. We receive Inventor files on occasion, but not enough to warrant a seat. Anyone have success importing? If so, what was your workflow? I've tried with and without 3D interconnect and… (Show more)
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Justin Pires
Click to view contentIve been working on DXF mapping our part no to the "Etch" layer and material to the "7" layer.   I dont have any nesting software, just jetcam free viewer, can someone verify Ive got the text mapped to the layers correctly?
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David Cederstrom
Hi I want to export an Solidworks file to 3ds max with material on it for exampel oak or chrome. When a press M (material) in 3ds max and push "pick material from objekt" it say "Material #26" not Oak or chrome. The color is right but not the name. I need the name more than the color of it
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David Casas
Hello everyone,   I'm doing some interaction test between Solidworks and Tekla with IFC2x3 (because the version of Tekla that I'm testing, doesn't support IFC4 format). For the test I have modelled a part in both software with rebars, mostly to see how SW can help me build some complex shapes in the future to import to Tekla.    1) I built a… (Show more)
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