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Robert Werner
I downloaded this SketchUp file mars curiosity rover obj | 3D Warehouse and converted it using SketchUp - export function to dwg format. However, when I try to import it in Solidworks 2012, the process is so slow that it is impractical. Solidworks creates an enormous number of files. Finally I abandoned the conversion. I succeed in exporting and… (Show more)
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John Gurrola
I need help Parts imports with too many pieces, Like hole is 2 parts
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Dan Golthing
OEM vehicle files are sometimes hundreds if not thousands of step or igs imports.   Open...wait...Save. Open...wait...Save. Open...wait...Save. ad infinitum.   you get the idea.    Any suggestions how to automate this process?   I was looking in task and there's a "Import 3D" macro, but I haven't yet been able to get it to do anything.  … (Show more)
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Abhishek Lad
Hiee All,   We are facing following major issue when Solidworks 2D drawings are converted in .dwg format. a) When we convert Solidworks drawing file in .dwg format & if we move/modify the dimension in .dwg then Tolerance disappears for the break dimension (refer below pics).     Is their any method to overcome the above issue?
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Richard Davies
Hi Forum,   My first post and it's a call for help. I have a model where I have applied an image as a decal. I would like to export this colour model for 3D printing in colour, but I lose the decal when I export to different formats. Is there a way of doing this?   Regards,   Rich
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Sean Birt
Hello all, i have recently discovered loads of extra stl files that have appeared in a folder, i did not save these there anyway solidworks would do this? all that has been done is the model has been saved as an stl and stp files, then i notice all these extra stls appearred??   any ideas chaps and chapesses Thank you… (Show more)
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Rick Barragan
Hi,        Today, I was able to translate one particular inventor file to Solidworks fine, It prompt me to covert all the features fine. Then I went to my next file and it creates a derived part with a solid base part. It didn't give me the dialog option box to convert as features or bodies. i tried any other inventor part and same result.    I… (Show more)
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Zohrab Janessian
Hi, Does anyone know how to import points from a table in excel into solidworks. I heard theres a way do do it with macros. Rob
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Hunter Hinson
I'm trying to batch export multiple sheet metal flat patterns of an assembly to DXFs instead of opening and saving as each individual parts.  I'm just wondering if there is a tool in Solidworks that can enable me to do this or a macro I can implement?
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Yuyang Zhou
Hi all, I am having problem opening this .prt file in my Solidworks 2018. It says there's missing parts/files. I saw it somewhere that Solidworks cannot open Creo 2.0 files. I'm wondering if it's my problem or the file's problem. Could someone gimme a hint please Thank you
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