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Amitoj Battu
Made an STL file in Fusion360 and now tried importing it in Solidworks. The first image shows how it was imported, with all the faces on all surfaces. After using FeatureWorks -> Recognize Features in Automatic Mode, I get what is shown in 2nd picture. . Now the problem here is, I cannot remove the faces in the holes and where the fillet is.… (Show more)
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David Bissonnette
I am opening STP files in Solidworks 2018 SP4.0. My System Options in the Import Tab has the Unit set to File Specified Unit. The native files were designed in IPS units but they are opening in MMGS. I am creating DXF files and for every part of the assembly that I pull out I have to manually change the units in the Document properties… (Show more)
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Lauren Smith
I am currently using student editions of SolidWorks and Abaqus and would like to perform FEA on a a fairly complicated assembly I have created in SolidWorks. I know that there is a way to link SolidWorks and Abaqus so that I can directly import my SolidWorks model into Abaqus for analysis, but I cannot seem to find any informaiton on this. Can I… (Show more)
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Iain Hendry
SolidWorks 2019, SP1.0.   Previous versions of SolidWorks:   1.  File, Save As, STL 2.  File exports to STL, workflow resumes.   2019:   1.  File, Save As, STL 2.  File exports to STL 3.  SolidWorks opens the New Document dialogue (select a template/material) 4.  SolidWorks automatically seems to re-import the just exported file   My… (Show more)
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Michel Ketterle
I have a 3D dwg file with around 500kb If I import it into Solidworks need around 10 min to import it and generating around 700 surface features and additional  700 planes. How could I import that file as a regular body like it happened if you import SAT, step or IGES?
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Prabhu Prakash
Hello all, how to convert the Solid Works assembly models into Autodesk Revit format (.rfa - format). My client needs the solid works model as BIM model with .rfa format. Please guide me....!   Thanks, Prabhu P
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Steven McCallion
Click to view contentHi folks, I can't attach the sldprt sorry. Sometimes in the STL Options I don't get any useful triangle count info, which means I instead have to save the file -> check the preview numbers -> cancel the save -> go back to options -> repeat. Which is a bit laborious compared to just checking the info in the Options tab. See the attached image.… (Show more)
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John Rice
Has anyone had any problems with the DXF file not updating when exporting? about 1 time out of 50 I will catch the DXF file date and time being updated but the actual dimensions being changed in the DXF did not. I have to end up deleting the whole DXF and starting over on the export, it wont simply override.. anyone else have this issue? seems to… (Show more)
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