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Jack Poon
I am trying to export an assembly of a sheet metal part with PEM engineering inserts however, only the sheet metal part is exported and none of the PEM inserts show up. The PEM inserts were originally downloaded as STEP files and open normally and were saved as a SLDPRT if that information is relevant. If I make all the parts virtual, then the… (Show more)
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Sally Diener
Can't figure out what's going on. When I try to save as another file type, it acts like it's processing but then there's no file to be found.   Running SW 2015 in Parallels
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Mahesh Sathe
Hi... While converting my solidworks assembly into STL files some times, some files are missing. But when I tried to covert later on same assembly is get converted into STL with all files.   I don't know why this is happen?
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Martin Goulet
Hi SolidWorks users,   We just made a major upgrade to the design department at my company. We bought SolidWorks 2012 and brand new Dell Precision workstations. This is awesome for our department...   However, the production department are still using old version of Master CAM and Esprit to do the machining. Theses licences will have to be… (Show more)
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Scott Baugh
I am working with a company where they use NX and we use Solidworks. We have been trying to find away so they can make changes in NX and it update my files and when I make a change it updates their files.So far they are going to have to redo all the work I do and I will have to redo all the work they do. The only advantage is I can actually open… (Show more)
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B. Cooper
When importing an Creo 3.0 assembly into SolidWorks 2017 I can't find the option to use existing. The only option I have right now is to import then replace the components with existing files.
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Damodaram Madali
Hi Everyone,   Is there any way, that we can convert solidworks assembmly files(.sldasm) to Revit file formats(.rfa) ???   Please share if there are any Macros availble. Thanks in advance for your help...     Regards, Damu.
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Pilar Almorox
Hi to everyone   Please, I need to transform my Solidworks' files into an compatible file for Autodesk (BIM or REVIT). Is it posible? Any software?   Looking forward to hearing from you     Greetings from Spain!
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Hey All,   Me being a SW guy, recently was forced to learn Revit Architecture, since all the Civil and architects are moving to it. Does anybody know if it is possible to export a part or assembly to Revit to be used as an object or a family?   Thanks in Advance
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