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Bego Munoz
What exactly does this function do? Can anyone explain it with an example?
in Import/Export
Matthew Turner
Have imported a mesh stl via Geomagics for Solidworks plug in.   The part is a surface body.  The part has no "fixed" annotation.  Despite trying numerous times, shutting down and restarting SW, these parts I am importing are stuck in the orientation they are imported in, and there is no means or options to orient the part while importing.  I cant… (Show more)
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Tyler Vance
Good morning,   After 15+ years on Pro/E / Creo, I'm now working from Solidworks 2019 Standard, so I'm new to this software. Our customers require that we are able to translate files from Catia and NX. Obviously our standard edition won't do it. I have been told by some folks in SW sales we need the premium edition of SW to accomplish this. We… (Show more)
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Dylan Sinclair
Click to view contentHi all, in need of some urgent help here as im going out of my mind!   I have tried every setting imaginable but still having now luck. Basically I have created a 3 sheet drawing in Solidworks and go to 'save as' DXF, however when this is saved, I open the DXF and it looks like below... all 3 sheets are different to (Sometimes sheet 1 is the… (Show more)
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Robert Conklin
In the past when I Imported X_T or STEP they were divorced from the saved imported .SLDPRT file. The SLDPRT file was  NOT linked after import to the original X_T or STEP file.  I just had some imported surfaces in the .SLDPRT file ( A true DUMB solid) But now it is not like that There seems to be a reference in the feature tree to the Original… (Show more)
in Import/Export
Corneliu Golban
Hello,   I upgrated to SW2020 SP1.0, and when I open an STEP file of an assembly and save it, I have only one assembly file, without parts. In the assembly I have all the parts with references in the STEP model. How can I save the assembly with all the parts in the same folder? I check also the "Include all referenced components" but no… (Show more)
in Import/Export
Vitaly Pesikov
When an STP file is imported, the first feature appears as a box named "boss-extrude1" followed by the geometry of interest, named Imported1. How to prevent the fist feature from appearing?
in Import/Export
Dan King
I have an STL and an OBJ scan in but I do not know how to edit it in solidworks as I would like to trim a piece off it and potentially add more features.    I cannot seem to edit it at all, everything just errors, very confused.      Any help appreciated
in Import/Export
Danny Hindson
If I check the "set materials" option when saving a part or assembly to .3mf format the resulting file isn't valid. When loading the .3mf file generated by SolidWorks via the lib3mf library I get a warning "Encountered warning #32958 : A components object must not have an object-level PID." and the material information is dropped. I think this is… (Show more)
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