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Devin Gibson
Recently I have tried to import several .step files of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies into SolidWorks that were created by our Electrical Engineer in Altium. When the file is imported, everything goes as expected except the apperance of the PCA is entirely gray (the default SolidWorks gray) instead of the colors I am expecting. I think I know… (Show more)
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Jona Hoad
Hi,   I need to open some DWG drawings of a building so that i can model the the space in Solidworks. I can get them open, but as soon as i try to edit or take dimensions Solidworks tends to crash.   Is there any known reason for this?   Thanks   Ryan
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Dominick Lauria
Recently, I had to reinstall Solidworks Electrical on my machine due to another program that was conflicting with it.  Now that the conflicting program has been uninstalled, and Solidworks Electrical reinstalled, I need to bring the previous project into the new environment.  Unfortunately, one of the reasons why Solidworks Electrical needed to be… (Show more)
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Igor Fomenko
I want to export midsurface model to STEP file. Solid bodies are hidden in shell configuration, but I get STEP model which contain both: hidden solid and midsurface Of course I can delete (not hide) body in shell configuration but in this case I loose all mates in my assembly in shell configuration Iges works good for one part, but for shell… (Show more)
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Troy Szatkowski
Error "Encountered invalid record index." when importing .stp file in SW2017. Same file opens in eDrawings. What is the issue? This issue has been happening intermittently since we upgraded from SW2015 to SW2017 a month ago. Cannot seem to figure it out. I tried adjusting the Import Options one by one, but to no avail. The weird thing is that… (Show more)
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Mike Vis
We use to use Camworks font for cutter paths for text on blocks.  At this point this is not working as the export file does some interesting things to the text in the dxf for 2011 version.  What other ways are there to accomplish cutter paths in Solidworks?  I have a request to get this fixed but that must be low on the list for priority's.  So… (Show more)
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Michael Staelgraeve
How to I get the Feature tree out of Cimatron into Solidworks?
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Mohamed Negm
I have drawn multi bodies in a single file and then separated the drawn parts each in a file after that i tried to convert each single body in to parasolid extension but it tells me (( the file could't be saved because the parts geometry is not valid for this type of save operation )) and when i try to save it as IGES it does nothing and no files… (Show more)
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Grant Parry
I am trying to import a Inventor Assembly as a Feature (Opening the .aim file format directly into Solidworks prompts you to choose between 'Feature' and 'Body.') but it will not copy over the iProperties i have created within Inventor. However if i open the Assembly as a Body (Sub Assembly with an assembly) it will copy across the custom… (Show more)
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Diego Sagredo
Good morning. The problem is the following:       - I export a slddrw to DWG in version 2000/2002.       - Solidworks 2016 exports it without problems, apparently.       - When opening the exported dwg, everything seems correct. If you move a drill, or a view, autocad changes the metric threads by drills (M5 => Ø5) This is very problematic, since… (Show more)
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