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Rémi Buteau
Hello all,   I would like to know why some recent received files from my cutomer in .prt format (extract from CREO), are 'nt possible to import in my Solidworks 2017 SP5.0 or 2018 SP3.0?   Last month, all those received files were been ok for the import. I don't understand the reason? Please help me!
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Matt Lombard
3D Interconnect looks like the old Edit Feature for an imported feature spruced up with a little automation. Is anyone using this aside from demo jocks?
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Jason Harren
Hi , I know a lot of people are asking how to convert drawings to PDF , but mine is that I need to convert at least 100 drawings to PDF at once , including dwg or slddrw drawings , accurately . Meaning that the geometrical symbol or the texts cannot be missing a character or a number . Are there any suggestions ? Powerful softwares or using DOS… (Show more)
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Gang S.
hi there! i got a problem when i import an UG part file into Solidworks. i want to break relationship up between UG and SW, i know i can right click the reference node then click "break link", but how should i do it via VBA or C#?  i have searched the API help, and find a method "BreakAllExternalFileReferences2 Method (IModelDocExtension)", but… (Show more)
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Richard Gergely
I import a lot of files in either Step or Parasolid and have so for many years. The actual import part seems to work as expected in 2018 but what happens after looks like it has gone downhill big time, well at least for me anyway.   Firstly removing appearances works initially but say you open up a assembly a day later somehow they have reverted… (Show more)
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Paul Banks
I'm importing files from unigraphics which are large assemblies. When the translation is complete all the components are unsuppressed but the bodies in the components ARE supressed so I'm having to unsuppressed the body in each component which takes a long time. Is there a quicker way to do this?
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Russell Horton
I am having issued with the "Pack and Go" Option in windows explorer. I will give you some backgroudn information on my machine:   I recently upgraded to 2011 Solidworks Professional X64 SP4.0. My previous version was 2009 SP0.0   I have windows 7 Professional and a 64bit Operating System.   The Issue I am having is the "Pack and go" option… (Show more)
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Neil Larsen
Hello people, Here is a free macro, suitable for SW2005 and up, to export your models in Alias|Wavefront .obj format complete with .mtl and textures. The macro works with parts and assemblies and configurations. It has been made to enable SolidWorks models to be rendered in cg applications such as Blender and Octane… (Show more)
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Ari Arponen
I have possibility to get auxiliary models as STEP or JT format, I tried to search what are the major differences between these but didn't found clear answer. Anyone have experience which is better? I have always used the STEP-files, and now noticed that SW2018 can open JT files also.
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Tech Guy
I have downloaded an assembly which is in 3D Obj format. I have successfully imported it into SolidWorks 2018. How to make individual parts from the 3D Obj file? The following is what I got when I imported it into SolidWorks 2018. I like to learn how to design and work on the model.
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