• SOLIDWORKS Setting for 4k Monitors

    All you users with 4k Monitors, what are your SOLIDWORKS Settings? I have issues with being able to read the feature manager and task pane. And even worse is the help. 
    Wayne Matus
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  • What mid-level graphics card should I buy (in the UK) for SW2020 & Visualize?

    Hello   Do you have any advice about buying a mid-level graphics card here in the UK, for using with SolidWorks 2020 and Visualize.   USE: I need it to create anti-aliasing in SolidWorks as my current gra...
    Alec Stewart
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  • Which processor

    Intel Xeon E-2278G or Intel Core i9-9900KF   Both have the same max frequency and the best single core performance. But ... which is better?   Which will give stutterless performance and better performanc...
    Damir Galic
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  • Need help selecting new Workstation for Soildwork 2020

    Hello all, First let me say that I have never built up or selected a workstation for CAD purposes and know little about PC in general, just enough to be dangerous. I plan on upgrading to Solidworks 2020 and need to s...
    Henry Gonzalez
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  • Why won't Solidworks recognize my GPU driver?

    I have a Dell Precision 3540 with AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 GPU (In addition to integrated Intel 620 graphics).  This is a SW certified machine and should work with driver version 19.Q4 from AMD. However, Solidwork...
    Ajeet Kamath
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  • Touch screen Solidworks and drawing workstation

    Hello,   I am a product design student and I am looking to buy a new laptop before I go into my final year. I have managed to save up to a point but I am definitely looking below £2000. I do think I'm being...
    Callum Morris
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  • Solidworks lagging on external monitor

    Solidworks is lagging on my external monitor (high system cpu usage) Solidworks lagging on external monitor - YouTube    On the laptop screen it works fine    Thinkpad P1 Quadro P1000  (44...
    Joel Van Beem
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  • Why Can't SWRx Look Up My Graphics Card/Driver?

    "SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics Report Diagnostic Results: Without an internet connection, Rx cannot check the latest driver recommendations for you automatically. Card/driver combination information can be found at:...
    John Willett
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  • Asus GL551j

    Hi, I am thinking to buy a new laptop and I found a (2nd hand) Asus GL551j. Will it run Solidworks or it is a waste of money. I am not goinig to create complex assesmblies for the moment (an average of 20-30 parts per...
    Agg Nik
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  • System requirements for simulation dedicated machine

    We are running SW 2019 both simulation premium and simulation professional.  I need to set up a machine for a couple of engineers to run seismic simulations on battery rack assemblies.  Usually these assembl...
    Mark Schulz
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  • Poor SW2016 performance on working station.

    Problem: Poor SW2016 performance on working station.    While working at Solidworks on my master's thesis, I noticed delays and trimming. It doesn't matter if it's a large assembly or a small part. Just...
    Maciej Zawartka
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  • How to quickly load large assemblies.

    When we tested the loading speed of a large assembly, we found that the Xeon Gold 5217 Processor is not as fast as the Core i7-7700K. The version is SW2018. Is our setting wrong?   We need to load large assembl...
    Chunsheng Zhao
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  • conflict between RMD radon wx 2100 and dell precision 3540 computer and solid works

    To the solid works forum, Hardware and Gaphics This is a problem I am having where there is a conflict between my Dell precision 3540, and a RMD radon pro WX 2100 graphics card.  I am having the same problem as ...
    Jack Kloepfer
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  • Rx Diagnostic no longer providing a recommended Video Card Driver

    I noticed that two things happened to the resources for quickly finding a certified driver for SOLIDWORKS.   1. The Rx tool no longer provides a DOWNLOAD button for the correct driver. That is a huge problem. In...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Very much fewer certified compatible graphics cards!?

    We just upgraded from 2016 to 2019. We checked compatibility for 2016 and 2017 for the graphics cards in our recent computer purchases. However it seems whole swathes of graphics cards have vanished from the supporte...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • slow performance with new laptop with RTX3000 Quadro 6Gb

    Hi everyone,    I have very strange performance issues with SW2020 SP1.   I just bought a new laptop, an ASUS CONCEPT D with 32 Gb of RAM, 1TB SSD, RTX3000 6Gb graphic card.   I7-9750H processor...
    Frederick Haesevoets
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  • Who deployed SOLIDWORKS under Horizon? how does it feel?

    We are evaluating virtualization solutions, who deployed SOLIDWORKS under Horizon? how does it feel? Thanks!
    Chunsheng Zhao
    created by Chunsheng Zhao
  • Bad Aliasing with SOLIDWORKS 2020 and Quadro RTX4000

    I'm putting a new workstation through its paces with the above card using the 441.66 drivers, and I'm seeing some pretty bad aliasing:   Notice how the vertical edge seems to go from thick to thin and the stai...
    Jim Sculley
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  • New Computer spec review please?

    Here's the latest quote from our IT department.  I'd welcome input on any part of it, but I'm particularly curious about the Processor.  I only use SW for Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings, so it's my understa...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Computer system for Solidworks 2020

    I am writing using translate so there might be a mistake, sorry. I'm going to install a new computer system, but would it be enough?   The system is as follows; 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM.E5-2673V3 X 2 CPU (48 core)8...
    Mehmet Baskurt
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