Hardware Certification

Blog Post created by Jeremy RIEDEL on Dec 19, 2019

SOLIDWORKS support goes beyond VARs and Technical Services teams. It also includes our R&D team. One way that SOLIDWORKS R&D supports users is with our Hardware Certification. To help explain this process, we have provided the following information in a Question and Answer format.


Q1: What is SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification?

A1: SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification is a process in which SOLIDWORKS R&D works closely with OEM partners to identify professional grade hardware and submit it to a series of tests to verify functionality and performance.


Q2: Who should use the Hardware Certification webpage?

A2: Users looking to purchase new hardware should browse the available systems and cards to confirm their configuration was tested.


Q3: How does Hardware Certification benefit users?

A3: Users running certified hardware have the benefit of the highest level of support from SOLIDWORKS R&D. SOLIDWORKS engineers and developers work closely with our OEM partners to ensure that certified professional hardware performs well with SOLIDWORKS.


Q4: Will I get support if my card is not on the Certified Graphics Cards list?

A4: Yes you will receive SOLIDWORKS support as long as you are using a supported version of SOLIDWORKS. If an issue is reproducible on hardware that is not certified and the issue is not reproducible on certified hardware, that issue will be evaluated for a fix but will not include hardware partner support.


Q5: Where do I find drivers for graphics cards?

A5: We recommend that you use the latest driver that the hardware vendor provides. We will list the driver most recently certified. When a new driver is certified, we remove old drivers from the list. Therefore, if a specific driver is not listed, that does not necessarily indicate that the driver was never certified, only that a newer driver is recommended.


For more information on drivers: Graphics Card Drivers for SOLIDWORKS