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March 9, 2020 - SOLIDWORKS SP 2.0 Available for download.


February 10, 2020 - AMD Launches Radeon Pro W5500


February 6, 2020 - Beginning with version 442.19, NVIDIA no longer provides Quadro drivers for Windows 7.


February 5, 2020 - A new and updated Hardware Certification page has gone live.

February 5, 2020 - SOLIDWORKS is certifying NVIDIA drivers at a Branch level. Quadro Driver Branch. Customers can still install the exact driver that SOLIDWORKS used in certification testing, this will be listed in the 'notes' section on the Hardware Certification webpage.


November 19, 2019 - AMD Launches Radeon Pro W5700


March 11, 2019 - NVIDIA Quadro Kepler Mobile GPU support ending.

The question on everybody’s mind; what driver should I install?  The simple answer...the one that works! However, life is never so simple and so it is the same with graphics card drivers and your workstation. To simplify your search, we have below a step-by-step process that may assist you in finding the correct driver for your workstation.


If you have an AMD card, SOLIDWORKS will be certifying each quarterly release. The link from the Hardware Certification webpage takes you to the release notes for a specified driver version and allows you to choose your Operating System and download the driver. Allowing customers to choose the latest quarterly release ensures they can receive the latest security patches and hotfixes and maintain SOLIDWORKS support.


If you have an NVIDIA card, SOLIDWORKS will be certifying a specific branch rather than a specific version. On the Hardware Certification page, you will see a note ex. R440 is certified and version 441.66 was used in testing. This means that we recommend installing any driver on the R440 branch after version 441.66. Allowing our customers to choose any driver within that branch ensures they can install the latest security patches and hotfixes and maintain SOLIDWORKS support. Quadro Driver Branch History for Windows | NVIDIA 


Step 1: What Graphics Card do you have in your system? Start > Device Manager > Display adapters

Step 2: Check if your card is on the Hardware Certification list. Hardware Certification | SOLIDWORKS 

Step 3a: Your card was on the page; simply visit the link provided to download the appropriate driver.

Step 3b: Your card was not on the page; go directly to the device manufacturer website for the latest supported driver.


What if the latest driver is not working correctly on my system? Please report this to your VAR and SOLIDWORKS support.


Hardware Certification

Posted by Jeremy RIEDEL Employee Dec 19, 2019

SOLIDWORKS support goes beyond VARs and Technical Services teams. It also includes our R&D team. One way that SOLIDWORKS R&D supports users is with our Hardware Certification. To help explain this process, we have provided the following information in a Question and Answer format.


Q1: What is SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification?

A1: SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification is a process in which SOLIDWORKS R&D works closely with OEM partners to identify professional grade hardware and submit it to a series of tests to verify functionality and performance.


Q2: Who should use the Hardware Certification webpage?

A2: Users looking to purchase new hardware should browse the available systems and cards to confirm their configuration was tested.


Q3: How does Hardware Certification benefit users?

A3: Users running certified hardware have the benefit of the highest level of support from SOLIDWORKS R&D. SOLIDWORKS engineers and developers work closely with our OEM partners to ensure that certified professional hardware performs well with SOLIDWORKS.


Q4: Will I get support if my card is not on the Certified Graphics Cards list?

A4: Yes you will receive SOLIDWORKS support as long as you are using a supported version of SOLIDWORKS. If an issue is reproducible on hardware that is not certified and the issue is not reproducible on certified hardware, that issue will be evaluated for a fix but will not include hardware partner support.


Q5: Where do I find drivers for graphics cards?

A5: We recommend that you use the latest driver that the hardware vendor provides. We will list the driver most recently certified. When a new driver is certified, we remove old drivers from the list. Therefore, if a specific driver is not listed, that does not necessarily indicate that the driver was never certified, only that a newer driver is recommended.


For more information on drivers: Graphics Card Drivers for SOLIDWORKS