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Wayne Matus
All you users with 4k Monitors, what are your SOLIDWORKS Settings? I have issues with being able to read the feature manager and task pane. And even worse is the help. 
in Hardware and Graphics
Alec Stewart
Hello   Do you have any advice about buying a mid-level graphics card here in the UK, for using with SolidWorks 2020 and Visualize.   USE: I need it to create anti-aliasing in SolidWorks as my current graphics card (VIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB) doesn't appear to be able to do anti-aliasing.     I am running Windows 10 (x64).   MY COMPUTER: -… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Damir Galic
Intel Xeon E-2278G or Intel Core i9-9900KF   Both have the same max frequency and the best single core performance. But ... which is better?   Which will give stutterless performance and better performance when working with very large assemblies? Which is more responsive when editing a dimension for example on a very large assembly? What… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Henry Gonzalez
Hello all, First let me say that I have never built up or selected a workstation for CAD purposes and know little about PC in general, just enough to be dangerous. I plan on upgrading to Solidworks 2020 and need to spec out a Dell workstation capable of handling this plus Simulation standard edition for the next foreseeable 4 years if possible.… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Ajeet Kamath
Click to view contentI have a Dell Precision 3540 with AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 GPU (In addition to integrated Intel 620 graphics).  This is a SW certified machine and should work with driver version 19.Q4 from AMD. However, Solidworks regularly crashes the graphics driver, and when I run SW RX, I see that it does not recognize the AMD driver, as seen here: The… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Stephen Wilson
I'm using an older video card that is neither supported by Windows 10 nor SolidWorks. It kinda works for the most part but, I have a lot of trouble zooming and rotating. The system often hangs for 10 seconds or more when I'm trying to move stuff around on the screen. The system RAM and CPU are not being taxed heavily at all during these times so,… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Callum Morris
Hello,   I am a product design student and I am looking to buy a new laptop before I go into my final year. I have managed to save up to a point but I am definitely looking below £2000. I do think I'm being fairly ambitious because I would like a laptop I can draw with (.i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator and sketchbook) as well as handle Solidworks,… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
Joel Van Beem
Solidworks is lagging on my external monitor (high system cpu usage) Solidworks lagging on external monitor - YouTube    On the laptop screen it works fine    Thinkpad P1 Quadro P1000  (440 driver) I7 8750H
in Hardware and Graphics
Sebastian Tomasello
when i enter in solidworks and i trace a line or something else the left side bar  seems to disappear, in dont know what to do becouse i cant work  i  put solid works in the 3d settings in invidia control pannel but nothing i dont have the money for a quadro i need a solution becouse all my friends use a gtx for solidworks and mine doesnt work.  i… (Show more)
in Hardware and Graphics
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