• I completed the CSWA exam back in 2013 and it is not showing my certificate in my training folder.  How can I get it added?

    I completed the CSWA exam back in 2013 and it is not showing my certificates.  How can I get it added?
    Stephen Bodwell
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  • Corner Relief issue

    Hi all, so im trying to make this corner relief,but after i do it some weird stuff happens, see attach corner relief. I dont know why this happens, have done it before look at attach 5-4-V. And it definetely has to be...
    Karli Kasin
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  • My SW hang ups ? What now ?

    Some members of this forum told me I should look into "MySolidworks" tutorials. So I did. Within a half hour I ran into hang ups. Below are screen shots of the pages I was on. I went thought the first 2 modules on the...
    F. Leatin
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  • PLC Physical address & Address

    Good day everyone, Did you have encountered for this issue.   Issues : -PLC address and address that change manually will be reset when update data -How to fix data of the physical address and address in the PL...
    Hanhan Jaya
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    Daniele Aiola
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  • CSWP Question

    This question appears on the CSWP examples on "My Solidworks"   My attempt on SolidWorks My error message My answer selected before clicking on "Submit" Feedback after clicking "Submit" Changing th...
    Barry Morris
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  • The feature failed: Edge Flange doesn't work as intended

    I restored all my settings and preferences. I draw a rectangle sheet of metal and try to make a simple edge flange but it's giving me an error. What have I messed up in the program? It must be a setting or button I cl...
    Na Na
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  • Model Mania '13

    Very good videos from Model Mania, especially like the shortcuts for creating keyholes, right click on mouse while hovering over a surface to reveal the bottom side of part instead of rotating view when adding mates. ...
    Steven Winoker
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  • Can't figure why feature I've attempted to create using Plane 5 isn't working.  See attachments please.

    Preparing to take the CSWP.  First playing around with some examples from the CSWA.    My question is with the feature with the R35 arc at a 20 degree angle.   The pdf is hard to read all the ...
    Steven Winoker
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  • I want to take the exam for Solidwork Professional and I don't have access to a registered license.  How can I do?

    I want to take the exam for Solidwork Professional and I don't have access to a registered license. How can I do?
    Ricardo Abrahante
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  • Recovering a MySolidworks file from a expired trial

    I have a Solidworks licence and I have a file developed during the trial that I forgot to save. Can I recover it somehow?
    A. Nichitiu
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  • recover files from trial version

    On my homefolder of the trial page I had some files. I upgraded and bought a student licence but now I cannot access the solidworks in browser, or the files. Can I recover them?
    A. Nichitiu
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  • how to add an engraving tool into solidworks CAM

    I am new to solidworks cam software and I'm trying to figure out how to add an engraving tool in the "TOOL CRIB" but I don't see any V-bits in the selection. 
    Marcos Salgado
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  • Solidworks sheet metal bend  angle reduction do not work correctly (only 90 ° works )

    I tried to put Bend reduction .Its works only for 90° works correct but other angle do not work  can anyone help me?  ex: Stainless Steel 1.5 mm sheet  90° bend reduction in 3.3 mm 45°...
    Gnana Muru
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  • Revision error

    Hi,  I managed to screw up my drawing revision links! Instead of it being linked to a property I've manually overridden it on countless of my drawings by RMB - Edit sheet format - and enter rev. nr. manually in...
    Mats Hindén
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  • Desktop configuration

    Hello,   i really need need someone’s help determining the best configuration to run my new desktop I purchasedfor work.    SSD.  -   512gb adata su800ns38   HDD.  ...
    Logan Adrian
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  • Training Access

    Why am I suddenly being told that I need to upgrade to Solidworks Professional in order to view the CSWP training videos? I am using the student version through Kennesaw State University. 
    Michael Barnes
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  • Solidworks 2019 & Office 365

    I just installed Windows 10 and Solidworks 2019 Student Edition on my laptop. I can't get the Design Tables to work using Office 365. Does the Excel program have to reside on my laptop (I'm using a web based version ...
    Michael Barnes
    created by Michael Barnes
  • How do I get rid of SP4 Pop up?

    I have downloaded and installed SP4 but continue to get a pop up saying that SP4 has been downloaded and asks if I want to install. It is rather frequent and distracting...is there something I can do to keep from gett...
    Laura Smith
    created by Laura Smith
  • Assemblies very very slow to open

    Lately I'm having trouble when opening assemblies. It used to take me no longer than a minute to open some of my assemblies and now the same assemblies can take 4 to 5 minutes to open. What could have changed all of a...
    Roland Doucet
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