• versione futura

    Ho installato solidworks 2018/2019. Da inizio anno 2020 non riesco più ad aprire i file che elaboro a scuola e  che devo terminare a casa.  Esce il seguente messaggio di errore: immpossibile aprire i...
    Federico Brambilla
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  • SW2020 opening part printer starts

    Yesterday I upgraded to SolidWorks 2020. Now there's a weird phenomenon happening. Every time I open a part of a assembly, the printer automatically starts printing a view of the part/assembly. This happens so f...
    Jay Wolfs
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  • pack and go not working

    Is anyone else having trouble with Pack and go? I am trying to pack up a job to send out and the Pack and go list looks correct but when I tell it to move all the files to a new director solidworks only move a small...
    Greg Marz
    created by Greg Marz
  • Not getting total weight

    For question 1 of 5, I am getting Mass = 15027.05 grams.  The correct answer should be d) 14207.34g   I've gone through the model twice, picked up on one sketch error which I've since corrected. ...
    Steven Winoker
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  • PDF, DXF and STEP File Macro(s)

    I had individual macros, for both PDF and DXF file formats - which, from the open model/assembly created the respective file formats, in a folder of my choosing.  It appears, with upgrading to SW 2019, these macr...
    Mike Libbey
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  • Is there any plugin or add-on for solidworks to solidedge????

    i have to save file in solidedge file foprmat .par....is there any seperate add-on for that..kindly share
    Shanmugam K.
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  • I'm In Need Of A Customized Curriculum

    Hello everyone on the forum! I will be pursuing a job as a SolidWorks instructor/trainer. The local college is interested, but there is no curriculum...gotta start from scratch. Any instructors out there that can offe...
    Jim Panfil
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  • Why is the last lesson I finished in the CSWP Prep Course not showing as completed? Tried it 3 times now with no luck.

    Why is the last lesson I finished in the CSWP Prep Course not showing as completed? Tried it 3 times now with no luck.
    Jim Robertson
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  • Probe results in Flow Simulation

    Probe results is a great functionality in simulation, but it's not available on context sensitive help in flow simulation. It is available in menu (tools - flow simulation - result - probe mode).
    Mandar Parkhi
    created by Mandar Parkhi
  • SolidWorks on Macbook

    I'm using SolidWorks on Macbook Air (on windows), and the performance is very good. I was unable to use delete key, but later realised that function + delete should be used for delete.
    Mandar Parkhi
    created by Mandar Parkhi
  • Warning about SP3.0 and MC4SW

      Junior Member                 Group: Forum Members Last Active: 19 minutes ago Posts: 18,         ...
    Tony Tieuli
    created by Tony Tieuli
  • Lumber Profiles

    The link provided here will take you to a zipped file containing standard lumber profiles I created if anyone would like them.  I wanted to design a single car garage using Solid Works, so I started with a weldme...
    Fred Fulkerson
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  • Can Solidoworks now be used online? If so how?

    The following link indicates SolidWorks 2016 will be available online and usable by a variety of devices, including a Mac. However, when I visit mysolidworks.com there is nothing like this available. Does anyone know ...
    Scott Thompson
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  • Reply

    Thanks to all for your help.   Andy
    Ab Fitzgerald
    created by Ab Fitzgerald
  • Mirror Lesson

    This should specify that it is for Mirroring within a part.  We also need a Lesson about Mirroring in an Assembly.  Nicely laid out though, thanks.
    Scott Rypstra
    created by Scott Rypstra
  • How do I get to the customer portal from MySolidWorks?

    I thought I saw a link at one time, but now I cannot find it.  Would be nice to do that.  Same thing for the forums, so I can see discussions the in the old familiar way I'm used to.
    Tom Helsley
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  • Why do you take up so much space with useless, huge icons and dead white space?

    1/3 of my browser window is taken up by useless, huge icons and blank white space, making it almost impossible to read the summaries on the page.  Why do you continue to insist on taking up so much real estate on...
    David Schaller
    created by David Schaller
  • New Solidworks Users' Blog

    Hey everybody! If you want you can check out my new blog about Solidworks that i started! It is aimed to help users iwth tips and tricks on how to make the use of Solidworks a lot easier! It will be updated regularly!...
    Savas Voulgaris
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  • My.SolidWorks Feedback

    So far so good, hopefully customization of the content of the home page will be an option. Also, localisation is very important. Great idea, having all SW content in one portal! keep up the good work!
    Mile Andesilic
    created by Mile Andesilic
  • Materials selection

    I'm trying to assign the material AISI T-1 to a part and Solidworks doesn't have the material specifications that I can see.  Does anybody know how to update my materials list to include T-1's material properties...
    Cory Schudel
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