• Bent Lofted bends - unable to select the two open profile sketches

    in the attached file when following the procedure shown, at item 4 i am unable to select both sketches as it apparently recognizes them both as one(?).  The sketches seem to be "greyed" out as well.  Can you...
    Larry Hill
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  • Is there a good way to get solidworks for free as you practice for and take the CSWP?

    I was recently laid off and thought I would take the time I have while job searching to finally take my CSWP. I obviously want to practice a bit beforehand as I don't want to pay to take the test more than once and mo...
    Hollis Carroll
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  • how can i create air blowing balloon motion analysis in solidworks motion study

    Hello everyone, I NEED YOUR HELP, I WANT TO CREATE MOTION STUDY LIKE BELOW LINK  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYsisfDEGBk    THANK YOU.
    Dinkal Dangroshiya
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  • Gears not configuring when inserted into Assembly

    I use Solidworks 2018-19 licensed version and need to use the Toolbox for inserting gears but cannot configure the gear correctly. When I drag and drop the helical gear icon into the workspace and then in the "Configu...
    Jaideep Aphale
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  • My SW hang ups ? What now ?

    Some members of this forum told me I should look into "MySolidworks" tutorials. So I did. Within a half hour I ran into hang ups. Below are screen shots of the pages I was on. I went thought the first 2 modules on the...
    F. Leatin
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  • Flat pattern bodies for curved archway

    I am currently trying to model a curved archway frame (c channel made from 3 off 10mm plates) around a cylindrical brick wall. I have managed to model this however I am having difficulty in creating flat patterns for ...
    Dom Cavasinni
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  • PLC Physical address & Address

    Good day everyone, Did you have encountered for this issue.   Issues : -PLC address and address that change manually will be reset when update data -How to fix data of the physical address and address in the PL...
    Hanhan Jaya
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  • The feature failed: Edge Flange doesn't work as intended

    I restored all my settings and preferences. I draw a rectangle sheet of metal and try to make a simple edge flange but it's giving me an error. What have I messed up in the program? It must be a setting or button I cl...
    Na Na
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  • I want to take the exam for Solidwork Professional and I don't have access to a registered license.  How can I do?

    I want to take the exam for Solidwork Professional and I don't have access to a registered license. How can I do?
    Ricardo Abrahante
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  • Desktop configuration

    Hello,   i really need need someone’s help determining the best configuration to run my new desktop I purchasedfor work.    SSD.  -   512gb adata su800ns38   HDD.  ...
    Logan Adrian
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  • Assemblies very very slow to open

    Lately I'm having trouble when opening assemblies. It used to take me no longer than a minute to open some of my assemblies and now the same assemblies can take 4 to 5 minutes to open. What could have changed all of a...
    Roland Doucet
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  • Error in CSWP prep course

    Hi! I already finished the CSWP course but there is one lesson (external references) that even when i finish the lesson with 100% the platform do not recognize that I finished it. I tried to solve it retaking the less...
    Sebastian García
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  • How to import and place downloaded materials/textures in Visualize?

    Hi, I am relatively new to SW Visualize and I have just subscribed to Poliigon's material database to increase my options when selecting materials/textures. But I find it somewhat difficult to figure out how I import ...
    Morten Stovegaard
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  • SolidWorks using 100% of intel GPU when idle

    Hi. I am struggling with performance of my laptop when solidworks is not used but running on background. I have new DELL precision 5530 laptop, win 10 1809 build, Quadro P1000 + intel UHD 630 Solidworks 2015, SP3, c...
    Jaroslav Jurica
    created by Jaroslav Jurica

    Dear friends i would like the simulate the machine of u bending of 20mm rod in the below picture if any one can help me that will be great help, if there is any similar study done please share link so i can help my ...
    Daulat Singh
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  • Unit System Option Pick - other than IPS, MMGS, CGS, MKS?

    Hi all again!  Is there any way to add a new unit system option besides those default IPS, MMGS, CGS and MKS?   For practical engineering around the Metric World, a Millimetres Kilogram Seconds (MMKS?) woul...
    Heikki Jalonen
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  • Is it possible to create a pano jpg in Solidworks Visualize to use in Google Cardboard, there is a best practice? thanks

    Hy, I need to create a panoramic image to use in Google Cardboard. I use Solidwork Visualize Pro. I tried with a panoramic mode but there isn't a valid jpg to use for. Does anyone know how to do? Thanks Enrico
    Enrico Fistarol
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  • Creating fillet radius on a Lofted edge

    Hi all, I have created a propeller blade profile with NACA airfoil data points & finally it is converted in to a solid geometry with Loft feature. However, I have some issues with which I need some help. For al...
    Sarvesh Ambekar
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  • Bunk bed opens

    Hello, I am working on a project bunk bed open and I will be happy for help. The basic idea is that the bed bed on the second floor relies on two pillars opens, telescope-shaped (like a crowbar Salafi), so that the co...
    Eran Simcha
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  • Can I use solidwork software to make circuit wiring diagram?Can you tell me the procedure for making the circuit diagram?

    Dear All, Can I use solidwork software to make circuit wiring diagram?Can you tell me the procedure for making the circuit diagram?Do I still need to download the plug-in related to the circuit diagram?   Best ...
    Song Lei
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