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MySolidWorks: Your place for all things SOLIDWORKS

Get answers. Learn more. Be current. Share and Showcase.


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Also discover MySolidWorks Learning, a new service that provides you with access to SOLIDWORKS online learning content - including SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual.



Thank you for using MySolidWorks.

We are excited to introduce MySolidWorks Learning, a new service that provides you, our users, with access to online learning content. Now you can learn SOLIDWORKS on your own schedule, at your own pace, from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.



The initial lessons are designed to complement SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training classes and with 30+ hours of online learning content available today we will continue to add additional content in future updates.


It’s easy to get started. Go to, browse or search for learning content and take a lesson.


Some of the content requires an active SOLIDWORKS subscription, so please make sure to register your SOLIDWORKS product serial number with your SOLIDWORKS online account.

Additional updates in this release include:

  • DraftSight product videos and getting started guides
  • Search enhancements
  • Access to SOLIDWORKS online training manuals


Come visit MySolidWorks and try the new online learning. We are launching this new services as a beta release and we appreciate and value your input. Please send feedback here:




Thank you for using MySolidWorks!

We are excited to announce the release of a new update to My.SolidWorks today. In this new version we’ve included several improvements making it easier for you to use the site and search for answers to your questions.


3D ContentCentral Integration


We've redesigned the presentation of 3D ContentCentral models in My.SolidWorks. Users and vendors invest a lot of time and resources into making high quality CAD models available to you and we want to make sure these models are presented to you in the best possible way.




Enhanced Search


My.SolidWorks is all about helping you get the answers you need, to get the most out of SolidWorks.  So with every release of My.SolidWorks, we fine tune the search engine to give you better, more relevant results.  For example, "What's the best video card for SolidWorks?”


For this release, we’ve also added two new search sources:


  • You can search for 3D ContentCentral models directly from My.SolidWorks.
  • We’ve added our YouTube channels to the search results.


Online Training Manuals


Are you attending a SolidWorks training class? SolidWorks Training is introducing online copies of Training manuals via My.SolidWorks.  Users who attend a training class can now easily access an online copy of their training manual on a PC, tablet or smartphone.


More To Come


My.SolidWorks is an ongoing project, and we have much more in store.  Join us at SolidWorks World 2014, January 26th through 29th, at the San Diego Convention Center, and be among the first to learn about the next round of enhancements.  We hope to see you there!




Thank you for all of the feedback you’ve given us, so far.  We’re always listening and open to new ideas – so please keep it coming!

The My.SolidWorks team has released updates to that make it easier for users to find answers to their questions across the SolidWorks community.


Starting today, you will find a new Home Page for My.SolidWorks that places the search option front and center, making it easy for you to stay productive with SolidWorks. You can quickly dive into recent articles about popular topics or browse the latest videos, discussions and blog posts by type.



Additionally, we've included access to the Support Home Page at - one of the most useful web pages for end users. This facilitates access to downloads, systems requirements and other resources from My.SolidWorks, all with a single login.  Plus, the My.SolidWorks search feature has been added to the SolidWorks Forums, putting access to everything on My.SolidWorks right inside the most active part of the SolidWorks online Community.


This release also includes new sharing features that make it easy to invite others in your organization to take advantage of this great resource, and benefit from the same tips, insights and knowledge that you do.


There are many more enhancements in this new version - all aimed at making My.SolidWorks better, whether you’re using a PC browser, a tablet, or your smart phone.


Thanks to everyone who visited and provided us the feedback we need to continue to enhance the My.SolidWorks experience. 


Be sure to check out what’s new – go to and please keep the feedback coming.



Today we released an update to My.SolidWorks, with a number of improvements to the user experience.


Updated Layout

The layout of My.SolidWorks has been reworked significantly!  Some of these changes include:

  • A header that uses less vertical space in the browser window
  • Updated colors and formatting, to improve legibility
  • Labeling to make it clearer what make the types of content are displayed in the different areas of My.SolidWorks
  • An adaptive format that uses more of the browser window on a PC, while also scaling down to display well on tablets and smart phones


Mobile Devices

With the new adaptive layout, access to My.SolidWorks via smart phones has been enabled.


3D ContentCentral Models

Recently posted models from 3D ContentCentral are now included in the recent items view of My.SolidWorks


Improved Performance

My.SolidWorks loads more quickly, with faster performance in all browsers.


And much more, all with the goal to improve the user experience with My.SolidWorks.


Please take a few minutes to check out the updates to My.SolidWorks, and as always, please let us know what you think, here in the Community!

Cropped My.SolidWorks.jpg

As you may know, the SolidWorks Customer Portal and associated systems are scheduled to be offline May 3 through May 6 for a major maintenance update.


My.SolidWorks will remain available during this time, and users will be able to log into My.SolidWorks, but some of the content sources and features of My.Solidworks will be affected.  For example, you will be unable to open your Profile, because this is managed in the Customer Portal, and you will not have access to either the SPR database or Support KB Solutions.


We apologize for these interruptions, and look forward to serving you fully beginning Monday.

We are happy to announce the release of My.SolidWorks – a new community experience that helps you connect, discover and share everything SolidWorks.  My.SolidWorks can be accessed by anyone at

My.SolidWorks Screen.jpg


The SolidWorks Community website is a great place to turn for the insights you need to get the most out of SolidWorks.  With discussion forums, blog posts, online help and more, a visit to the SolidWorks community site will usually result in an answer.  And in cases where it doesn’t, it’s easy to pose a question – one of your fellow users can likely offer advice.  My.SolidWorks makes engaging with the SolidWorks Community easier than ever.  It gives you a single place to find insight and expertise from all over the SolidWorks Community.


Some of the key capabilities of My.SolidWorks include:

  • Login:  Anyone can use My.SolidWorks, but you will get the most out of it, including the most content and the most functionality, when you log in.  Just use your SolidWorks Customer Portal account, or register in My.SolidWorks.  Some of the capabilities below are available only if you’re logged in.
  • Search:  If you’re in need of a quick answer to a question, My.SolidWorks gives you a single search that will return results from all across the SolidWorks Community – YouTube videos, Forum discussions, Online Help, Blogs, Twitter feeds, and more.  When you’re logged into an account associated with SolidWorks Subscription, Subscription-only content like the Support Knowledge Base becomes searchable through My.SolidWorks!
  • Browse:  When you open My.SolidWorks, you will see recent items pulled from all over the community.  Featured content – articles we think are important to highlight – appear at top.  Then on the left side, you see recent items from the SolidWorks blogs, YouTube channel and other sources that are updated less often, while on the right you’ll see posts from sources that are updated more often, like Twitter and the SolidWorks Forums.
  • Personalize:  If you have particular areas of interest, or content types you want to focus on, you can use filters in My.SolidWorks to tailor the view to meet your needs.  These can be saved from session to session, allowing My.SolidWorks to keep your preferences in place, every time you come back.
  • Bookmark:  If you find something you want to save or get back to easily later, you can simply bookmark the article using the bookmark icon when you hover over the article, then easily browse all of your bookmarked items, using the same bookmark icon in the main view.
  • Share:  If you find something really great, why not share it?  My.SolidWorks lets you share via email or popular social networking sites, allowing you to serve as a resource to colleagues and others who might benefit from that article.


My.SolidWorks has been available as a Beta site since SolidWorks World 2013, and we’ve made a number of changes since it initially became available.  The three most requested changes we have addressed are:

  • VARs:  We’ve added the ability for you to see who your VAR is inside My.SolidWorks, and made it easy to launch their Website.
  • Browse:  We’ve reworked the browse view, both in terms of the layout and also in terms of the underlying logic for what shows up.    The sizing of articles is more predictable, and by placing high-volume traffic at the right, we’re keeping higher-value content accessible for longer.  We’ve also changed the graphic treatment, so the distinct articles are broken out more clearly.
  • Additional Sources:  For customers  who are active on SolidWorks Subscription, we’ve added the ability to search for SPRs and Knowledge Base solutions, from within My.SolidWorks.  No additional login is needed, and relevant results from these sources are returned alongside other content types when you search in My.SolidWorks.


The first time you access My.SolidWorks, you’ll see a Welcome page with a quick introductory video and some links for the most common My.SolidWorks tasks.  If you dismiss the Welcome page, you can access it again any time, using Help, Welcome to My.SolidWork.


My.SolidWorks is an ongoing investment in the SolidWorks Community, and we have much more in store for the coming months.  If you have any questions or comments concerning My.SolidWorks, visit Take advantage of My.SolidWorks and the SolidWorks Community to get more out of your investment in SolidWorks -- sign in or sign up today!

Even with the first release of My.SolidWorks, we will be continually updating, reshaping and improving it.  We need your help evaluating and providing feddback on new capabilities! 


If you want to participate in our future Beta's, leave a comment here and we will contact you for the next round of improvements.