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Ben Sveum
Hello,   My company uses Solidworks PDM and we have created drawing templates that have linked entries to PDM. The Drawing Template uses $PRPSHEET:{Department} to fill in the entry. The first sheet of the drawing will fill in the Dept. entry from the Department slot on the part data card. After the first sheet, the dept. entry fills in with 2… (Show more)
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Dave Metheney
I am trying to create a sheet metal part out of a 18" cube in two pieces. Can this be done and not have the two bodies overlap? I can sketch and trim the one part so it fits inside the other but I was hoping that could be done with a command. I am new to the sheet metal commands. Thank you
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Jaroslav Jurica
Hi. I am struggling with performance of my laptop when solidworks is not used but running on background. I have new DELL precision 5530 laptop, win 10 1809 build, Quadro P1000 + intel UHD 630 Solidworks 2015, SP3, certified Quadro driver 391.56 + patch for 2015 recomended by tech support (i do not pay subscription for now so my reseller will not… (Show more)
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Carlos Silveira
Click to view contentNo text appears on the drawing detail sheets I'm using Solidworks 2020 and when I'm going to do the detailing of the parts, there is no text, neither of dimensions nor of the legend of the sheets, could someone help me?
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Earl Gunn
  Re: Having issue fading parts and assemblies in Solidworks 2019 motion studies  Hi, I followed above thread on "fading parts in Motion studies", and changing the transparency setting in appearances worked for several assemblies.… (Show more)
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Philippe Fontaine
Que faire quand ce message arrive avec le triangle jaune, je me suis assuré avec SW explorer que le fichier est unique pas de duplication dans d'autres repertoires, mais meme message. Si on enleve le composant, on remet le composant et contraintes, ca marche, puis on ferme on ouvre meme probleme. Merci pour l'aide
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Николай Овсянников
Здравствуйте. Нужна помощь! В рамках научной работы я сравниваю натурные испытания и испытания смоделированные в simulation, как мне найти такие параметры как временное сопротивление разрыву, среднее разрывное усилие и полное относительное удлинение?
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Larry Hines
My windows 10 opens trying to install solidworks 2019 SP02 and continuously gives error that solidworks.msi for this installation cannot be found. Can this program be downloaded separately or is there some other solution. Windows 10 Pro Build 20215.rs_prerelease.200911-1500
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