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Roche Du Toit
Click to view contentHi All,   I would like to create a search using the variable option, but somehow it needs to do a compare between the 2 variables and if they are not the same to only show the files that don't match.   Is this possible?
in MySolidWorks
Kazuki Takahashi
Click to view contentWe have outsourced some designs to our external partners External partners can not log in to PDM, so parts are designed outside of PDM management I want to replace an assembly component in PDM with a component with the same file name
in MySolidWorks
Shanmugam K.
i have to save file in solidedge file foprmat there any seperate add-on for that..kindly share
in MySolidWorks
Richard Her
Is anyone else not seeing the latest postings? I can only see postings from 21 days ago, at the "forums" page, but if I am at my "home" page, it will show the most recent posting. see images.  I know its not a real solidwork question, but I like reading up on what's new with solidworks or resolutions to problems I didn't know.
in MySolidWorks
Timothy Marion
Thirty-four of the 44 lessons indicate a status upgrade to the standard level is required. I’ve followed all steps (entered SolidWorks Serial number and software version) as indicated but my status level does not change.
in MySolidWorks
Vu Vo
In CWWA exam prep course, under move and rotate components. The question was:       To move a component, use the _ mouse button to move it and the _ mouse button to rotate it.   1. Middle, Right 2. Right, Left 3. Left, Middle 4. Left, Right   Isn't the answer support to be 4. Left, Right? The right answer in the review was 3. Left, Middle.… (Show more)
in MySolidWorks
Training User 12
I am new to Solidworks API and i keep getting the 424 error object required. I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHY. I cant figure out what is not being declared correctly due to my lack of knowledge to Solidoworks API.   I am trying to use the HorizontalAutoSplit to split my BOM (on drawing) at a certain number. For example, i have it being split at 7. I know… (Show more)
in MySolidWorks
Sebastian García
Click to view contentHi! I already finished the CSWP course but there is one lesson (external references) that even when i finish the lesson with 100% the platform do not recognize that I finished it. I tried to solve it retaking the lesson several times but it stays the same
in MySolidWorks
Jim Panfil
Hello everyone on the forum! I will be pursuing a job as a SolidWorks instructor/trainer. The local college is interested, but there is no curriculum...gotta start from scratch. Any instructors out there that can offer some guidance?
in MySolidWorks
Mark Burgin
I have the attached image of an assembly.  I have the gears mated but need to mate the pawl (in blue) with the small gear.  How would I go about this?
in MySolidWorks
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