Taking my CSWE this week. I've gone through the CSWE learning path in MySolidworks twice, and done all the exercises in Paul Tran's 2010-2014 book (I bought the newest one, but it isn't supposed to be here until mid-N...
    Tyler Williams
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  • How many SolidWorks Elite are in the world?

    Just curious.
    Salvador Suniaga
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  • How many test Certifications I can take in a day?

    Can I take CSWA & CSWP in a row?
    Erick Contreras
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  • Certification voucher from SW Office license

    Can a SolidWorks Office license be used for a certification voucher?
    Scott Buckley
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  • Difficulty of CSWP Sheet Metal Exam

    Hello, I've been making my way through the CSWP advanced exams. I passed the drawing tools and mold tools exams and am now concentrating on the sheet metal exam. I did the practice test off the solidworks site and fou...
    Michael Hollfelder
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  • Free exams like Additive Manufacturing Associate?

    It will be really helpful if someone (from the certification group members or individuals) can post an update here whenever there's a free exam available. Can't really let this opportunity go un-noticed   EDITE...
    Ashistaru Dey
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  • What can i do if i cannot find the required material(Alloy Steel) asked in CSWP exam question in my Solidwork materials?

    Hello, i am currently training for taking CSWP exam and i'am using Solidworks 2019 from my college. I was doing lot's of practice questions as every question will ask you to change your part material ( example to All...
    richin richin
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  • Questions about the CSWE exam and topics

    I have a couple questions about the CSWE exam.  I still need to take one more module before even attempting to take the exam but I also plan on getting Paul Tran's book first.  Is the exam tailored to t...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Margin of error for CSWP (answers) which are not MCQs.

    Can any member of SolidWorks Community tell me that how much margin of error is allowed in CSWP exam answers where we have to type the answer instead of picking from given choices because often when I practice I get f...
    Muhammad Usman
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    I'm planning on taking my Professional certification for Advanced Surfacing today or tomorrow. I have done the CSWPA-SU learning path on MySolidWorks and have watched plenty of surfacing youtube videos, including brea...
    Tyler Williams
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  • Tangix TesterPRO Error when opened

    Hai guys,  Is there anyone who has experienced something like this when opening Tangix TesterPRO ?    FYI, i'm use the latest update download from https://3dexperience.virtualtester.com/#home...
    Rifan Suharyadi
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  • Truncate Material Density

    I am practicing for the CSWPA Molding test and on the practice exam it gives a density for Cast Stainless Steel of .27818. However, mine is .2781800699. The cast is big enough for that to give a difference that is sig...
    Luke Jones
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  • Solidworks 2018 won't give me the default template

    Solidworks 2018 and I'm doing the Introduction to solidworks tutorial found in question mark -> Solidworks tutorial. I'm on the "creating a new drawing" page   I'm on step 5. Problem is that there is no tab c...
    Matt H.
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  • CSWPA mold making

    Hi All,  I have a question for CSWPA mold making ?  Shrink rate : scale up or scale down ?  I do not know when to decrease and when to increase.      Post image Shrink rate : %0.8 or 0...
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  • Mold Tools Practice Exam Question

    Before I even ask, are you allowed to ask a question about the practice exam?
    Patrick Malone
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  • Mass of part >0.0042g off

    Hi all,   I've been doing the CSWP Segment 1 Sample exam (screenshot below). And I'm having what I think is rounding errors.   My part weight is 14207.3492g when I know it should be 14207.34g.   Do t...
    Bob Holt
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  • Can you get an offline "proper" trial?

    Hi! I'm trained in the autodesk product line and I'm now looking into what solidworks is all about. I bought a course on Solidworks and thought I'd get a trial in order to get the feel for the program but the site see...
    Thomas Kaggerud
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  • CSWP Question 4 Practice Exam Fresh Eyes

    Hi There,    I have looked through the forum before in relation to this question and seems like a few people have the same issue. I would like a fresh set of eyes to have a look at my model to find out what...
    Ben Harvey
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  • CSWP Sample Question 4

    Hey, all   I'm currently studying to take the CSWP. I'm using the book (CSWP Certification guide) to study. On question 4, I updated the equations and global variables to the following: A=221 mm B=211 mm C=16...
    Kevin Lambert
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  • Are CSWA exam questions copyright protected? Can I use CSWA exam question to make a video on it and upload on it YouTube?

    Can I make a video on the CSWA question solution and post it on YouTube? if yes, then how? Because I got copyright notice on my video. Please give legal advice so that I will not do any illegitimate things in future?&...
    Ravindra BHardwaj
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