• Certification voucher from SW Office license

    Can a SolidWorks Office license be used for a certification voucher?
    Scott Buckley
    created by Scott Buckley
  • Difficulty of CSWP Sheet Metal Exam

    Hello, I've been making my way through the CSWP advanced exams. I passed the drawing tools and mold tools exams and am now concentrating on the sheet metal exam. I did the practice test off the solidworks site and fou...
    Michael Hollfelder
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  • Questions about the CSWE exam and topics

    I have a couple questions about the CSWE exam.  I still need to take one more module before even attempting to take the exam but I also plan on getting Paul Tran's book first.  Is the exam tailored to t...
    Brian Stoddard
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    I'm planning on taking my Professional certification for Advanced Surfacing today or tomorrow. I have done the CSWPA-SU learning path on MySolidWorks and have watched plenty of surfacing youtube videos, including brea...
    Tyler Williams
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  • CSWPA mold making

    Hi All,  I have a question for CSWPA mold making ?  Shrink rate : scale up or scale down ?  I do not know when to decrease and when to increase.      Post image Shrink rate : %0.8 or 0...
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  • CSWP Question 4 Practice Exam Fresh Eyes

    Hi There,    I have looked through the forum before in relation to this question and seems like a few people have the same issue. I would like a fresh set of eyes to have a look at my model to find out what...
    Ben Harvey
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  • Error In CSWPSampleExam

    Specifically question 3, the answer stated is 15100.47 g, however I only get this answer when I set the hole wizard to the standard settings for the M8 counterbore, not the specified settings listed in the question pr...
    Aron Martin
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  • CSWE Practice

    I've completed all five of the CSWPA tests in the last couple of months and am now ready to take the CSWE test. I've looked over the CSWE course on MySolidworks and gotten Paul Tran's most recent book on the CSWE and ...
    John Ripple
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  • Help regarding CSWA exam

    Hello everyone.    I am planning to sit for my CSWA exam very soon - probably by next week. I have few questions regarding the format of the exam, I'll be glad if someone who already sat for CSWA exam can ...
    Hashim Mansoor
    created by Hashim Mansoor
  • New User - Best Initial Training?

    I have a toolmaker who will be spending 1 hour per day with me to Learn SolidWorks.   He has zero CAD or CAM experience. Never touched it. He has limited computer/Windows experience, he just uses his phone for ...
    Rick Becker
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  • Tool Matrix

    I'm a new user for draftsight for mac. The tool matrix box that appears on the right side of my screen only has modify. It doesn't show standard,draw,or entiny snap as it shows in the tutorials. why?
    Leonard Montana
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  • Difficulty of CSWPA Weldment exam

    Hello all,   I'm almost eligible for the CSWE exam. I just have to pass the weldment exam. I was wondering what some of your experiences were with this exam. I've never used the weldment feature in solidworks at...
    Michael Hollfelder
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  • Improvements to SolidWorks Help Content

    SolidWorks strives to provide the best documentation possible for our users. As discussed in my earlier blog post, we have implemented SolidWorks Web Help to allow us to enhance the help experience, update the content...
    Jim Wilkinson
    created by Jim Wilkinson
  • There is a way to find free materials on the internet that can help you practice for the CSWP exam, the full exam?

    Hello everyone,   Can you help me with this. I am limited on money but I want to be able to find free resources on the internet, with exercises which can help me with the preparation of CSWP core exam, full exa...
    Eugen Lupascu
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  • Youngest CSWE!

    I just had to share this, because I think it is an absolutely AMAZING accomplishment - Way to go Jason! http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/education/article170513627.html
    Todd Blacksher
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  • CSWP exam

    Hi Freinds,   I will be attending Solidworks CSWP exam next week. My questions is Is there time frame to have all the 3 segments exam within a week or two? Or Is that like I can give exam for any segments befo...
    Nitesh Birje
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  • What kind of education would I need to have a job that makes use of SW?

    Long ago I had some experience with mechanical drafting but I left it to work in the civil engineering field. Now I am wanting to get back into it but I am pretty sure my background isn't what it needs to be. Besides ...
    Rob Watson
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  • Solid Professor?

    So far I've heard good things about Solid Professor, and the few sample videos I got to watch seemed pretty sweet. But I was wondering if anybody has taken the Solid Professor course and successfully passed the CSWP e...
    Benjamin Walker
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  • Routing: Piping & Tubing course book suggestion

    The current Routing: Piping and Tubing course focuses primarily on buttweld fittings which are gender neutral. In my designs, I primarily use parts which are male and female, including socketweld pipe fittings, NPT pi...
    Tom Gagnon
    created by Tom Gagnon
  • Taking a certification exam at Solidworks World?

    I've heard that it's possible to take a certification exam at Solidworks World.  How do I sign up for this, and is there an additional fee besides the conference pass?
    Elisabeth Daley
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