As a result of user feedback, we update the SolidWorks Help on a regular basis. We primarily receive feedback through the Feedback on this topic link that you can find at the top of each help topic of the Web Help. Your feedback helps us provide the documentation that you need. We very much appreciate this feedback, and encourage all of you to continue to provide it.


Here is a list of enhancements that have been made to the SolidWorks 2013 Help through SP2.


Sheet Metal

Bend Tables


You can use bend tables to specify the bend allowance or bend deduction values for a sheet metal part. Do you want to better understand how to edit or create sheet metal bend tables? The sheet metal bend table documentation has recently been enhanced.


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Gauge Tables


Gauge tables store material properties for sheet metal parts. Do you want to better understand sheet metal gauge tables? Recent enhancements to the documentation provide more details about the tables.


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Adobe® Illustrator®


Are you exporting SolidWorks files as Adobe Illustrator files? The help topic for exporting (.ai) files from SolidWorks has been enhanced.


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