As a result of user feedback, we update the SolidWorks Help on a regular basis. We primarily receive feedback through the Feedback on this topic link that you can find at the top of each help topic of the Web Help. Your feedback helps us provide the documentation that you need. We very much appreciate this feedback, and encourage all of you to continue to provide it.


Here is a list of enhancements that have been made to the SolidWorks 2013 Help through SP0.




Parting Line Analysis


Do you want to figure out the best way to split a mold? You can use Parting Line Analysis to do this. The Help for the Parting Line Analysis now includes an improved description of the functionality and with new graphical examples.


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Influence Curve Options for Boundary Features


Are you trying to understand the influence curve options for boundary features? The documentation for boundary features has been enhanced. New examples in the Help illustrate influence curve options for boundary features.


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Best Practice for Configurations with External References


Having trouble with multi-configuration assembly parts with external references? A new example in the Help demonstrates why it is best to have a corresponding part configuration for each assembly configuration when a part contains external references from a multi-configuration assembly.


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SolidWorks Rx


Graphics Card Diagnostics


Looking for information on how well your graphics card and driver are set up for use with SolidWorks? You can find out using SolidWorks Rx.


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Capturing Software Problems


Have you come across a repeatable software problem with SolidWorks? You can check out this help topic to see how to use SolidWorks Rx to capture the problem before sending the details to technical support


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Benchmarking Computers Running SolidWorks


Looking for information on how to your SolidWorks performance compares with that of other SolidWorks users?


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