As a result of user feedback, we update the SolidWorks Help on a regular basis. We primarily receive feedback through the Feedback on this topic link that you can find at the top of each help topic of the Web Help. Your feedback helps us provide the documentation that you need. We very much appreciate this feedback, and encourage all of you to continue to provide it.


Here is a list of enhancements that have been made to the SolidWorks 2012 Help through recent service pack updates.  


Motion Analysis


Layout Sketch Block Motion


Suppose you are running a Motion Analysis type of motion study on a layout sketches model of an assembly. You can set the mass properties for the sketch blocks that represent your mechanism.


Learn more here:


Torsional Springs and Dampers


Learn how to create torsional springs or dampers in motion studies.


Motion Study Plot Types

Learn details about all of the types of motion study results you can create.


Photoview 360


Caustic Analysis

You can control the display of caustics in your PhotoView 360 Renderings by adjusting the Caustic Amount and Caustic Quality in PhotoView Options.  Higher values for Caustic Amount increase the visible area and intensity of the caustics. Higher values for Caustic Quality increase the visual quality of the caustics. Learn more from these help topics.





You can adjust Gamma in the Final Render window to change the brightness of the midtones in your output image, while preserving extreme whites and blacks. Check out this example in the help.


Mates and Assemblies

Do you want to learn how to copy mates when you copy components in an assembly? Check out this example demonstrating the Copy with Mates command.



Parting Line Surfaces


Want to learn how to adjust parting line surfaces? You can use the manual mode to display handles that you can manipulate to adjust the parting surface.


Saving Layers to .DXF/.DWG Files


Learn how to preserve SolidWorks drawing layers when saving drawings as .dxf or .dwg files.


Exploded Views - Adding Explode Lines


You can check these examples demonstrating adding route lines and jog lines to exploded views.