When you update to a new service pack of a SolidWorks version you will not automatically get updates to SolidWorks tutorials or other local help files. These files are the .chm files installed when you originally install a version of SolidWorks.


One reason for this is that the local help files add considerable size and time to the update process. Most SolidWorks users are accessing our help online

from help.solidworks.com,  and the Web Help is updated with every service pack.


On the other hand, we don’t place our tutorials online because the local tutorials have the ability to open sample files and flash toolbar buttons. We would not be able to implement those features if we were to put the tutorials on the Web.


So, the only way to get service pack updates to tutorials (and local help) is to follow these instructions.


To download the latest tutorials and local help files in a service pack:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal on SolidWorks.com. 
  2. Click Downloads and Updates.  
  3. In Select Version, click the version of SolidWorks you are using and click the corresponding SolidWorks product. For example, select 2012 and click XP/Vista/Win7 - 32 bit in Service Pack 2.0.  
  4. Click your language and accept the license agreement. 
  5. On the Download and Install screen, in Step 3, click download, unzip, and install all the files.  
  6. In Upgrading from Service Pack, select the version you upgraded from.  
  7. Click Continue.  
  8. In Step 4 – Required updates, click SolidWorks Help.  
  9. Run swHelp<language>.exe to install the help files.


The installer places the updated tutorials and local help files in C:\SWDist\swHelp<language>\Files\lang\<language> and automatically copies them into your SolidWorks installation.