• Comments folder not showing in feature tree SolidWorks 2019

    Dear all,   Can someone please tell me how to show the comments folder in the feature tree. According to the HELP it should be created after adding a comment but no result.      Best regards, Ro...
    Roy Grievink
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  • does someone know how to get past the error code "G8B: Image Idices are not proper...Plz Check the order in enums and the images"

    i am installing student addition solidworks and this error code popped up when I tried to open it
    Maya Woolaver
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  • crash while initializing VBA

    Dear Forum,   when starting solidworks 2018-2019 it crashes while initializing VBA engine. I can't record this, because SW won't even start. Anybody having the same problem or maybe even a solution?   ...
    Georg Hartmann
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  • Solidworks 2019 sp5 freeze periodically ONLY if  license borrowed

    Hi , after almost whole day of testing I have find the problem Solidworks 2019 sp5 freeze every several minutes for about 5-10 seconds . This happens ONLY if I work with borrowed license . Even if computer connected...
    Yuri Maclayen
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  • How do I get anti-aliasing to work?

    Hello     I am new here. I am working on an innovative stationery product.   I need some 3D line drawings of my product for my patent filing application. I have a high resolution (4K) screen. I was ho...
    John Smith
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  • online licensing / PDM task add in

    We have a problem here related to Online licensing and PDM task add in. (alle Software is Solidworks 2019 SP3). The Solidworks license is set to online licensing and works fine under normal conditions. We are runnin...
    Bernhard Conrad
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  • SW 2020 crash on create plane

    Just started using SW 2020, sp3.0. Every time I try to create a plane, SW crashes. This is a big problem.....   Very simple part, see feature tree and attached part.  
    Chad Huleatt
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  • 3dconnexion with SW2020

    Just updated to SW 2020, sp3.0. 3dconnexion devices are not working correctly.   Previously I could have buttons assigned to different commands in drawing/ part/ assembly. Now they are using the drawing commands...
    Chad Huleatt
    created by Chad Huleatt
  • cswp voucher expiry

    i have CSWP-MM and surfacing vouchers. but i dont know expiry date of those vouchers.. can anyone know where to findout?
    Amol Jagtap
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  • NVIDIA Quadro Experience

    Has anyone used the new NVIDIA Quadro Experience application with SOLIDWORKS? Any experiences to share?
    Chu Lor
    created by Chu Lor
  • Show Curvature Combs & Toolbar

    I want to bring “Show Curvature Combs” to Toolbar but it is gray in the box but in graphic area drop down menu it is active. How to fix it?    
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Anyone need a doorstop?

    I was tidying up my office and I came across these.  Anyone need a doorstop?
    Gary Garrison
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  • Macro buttons gone after settings restore

    Something strange is going on...   I've created some command manager toolbars with macro buttons specific to assemblies, parts and drawings (three toolbars). I've added some custom icons to the buttons, so it's...
    Willem Nagels
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  • When designing assemblies to be 3D printed, do you take tolerance into consideration?

    Hi, I am designing lots of parts to be 3D printed. In SW, things work out exactly but once the objects are 3D printed, they may not fit. For example, I have a 3cmx3cmx3cm cube. I want to make a case that just fits the...
    Peter Cohen
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  • Where is "publish to 3d" in 2020?

    I've read the help. It says this: Publishing a Model to 3D PDFYou select a 3D PDF template, and then populate the 3D PDF with items you select, such as 3D views, notes, custom properties, and BOMs. To publish a model ...
    Jory Blagden
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  • Display issues and lots of crashing SW2020 SP2 - multiple PCs

    My colleague and I are getting a lot of crashes and some display weirdness ~5+ per day on SW2020 SP2. For a time after SW starts, everything is as normal but the symptoms below start to appear and then SW crashes with...
    Rob McMahon
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  • Lets make a list of known issues with SW 2020

    I thinking we should have an ongoing list of known issue for Solidworks 2020, so that user don't have to look all over to see if they are experiencing a new issue, or a known issue, that may or may not have a solution...
    Mark Bradford
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  • Regarding System Configuration

    Hello Friends. I need help in choosing a system configuration that I will be running Solidworks on   To be used for (Application) 1) High End Rendering and Visualization tools. Photoview 360 2) Lot of Documentati...
    Mukarram Khan
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  • Confirm System Configuration

    We are going to take a system which is having following configuration   Dell Precision Tower 3630 1) Processor- i7-8700k 8th Generation. Base Frequency 3.6GHz and Turbo Max Frequency 4.7GHz. 2) Ram 32GB (16+16...
    Mukarram Khan
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  • Error on the BOM Cut List!!

    Hi! So I need help 'cause my BOM is not counting my weldments cut list properly.   Err1 >  I have this structure made up of two types of tube, and when I initially inserted the table it was giving me an ...
    Ana Pires
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