• Part Selection using API

    Hi all,       I am trying to assign variables to the face selections of my parts, I have been trying to do it through recordings but every time I record the same models face ID's by clicking on th...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Instance and Value

    When I try to write using commands off of the Solid works help website I know i need to modify them but I don't understand how. For example what is value and instance for the code below? Please note I am just starting...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Simulation Question that's thought challenging

    Hi all,        I am trying to create an accurate simulation for flow of water going through a pipe underground that then gets exposed to some mechanical systems and gains or looses energy and goes...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Upgraded to 2020 last night and now I can't select faces to mate

    I updated to 2020 Sp3 last night.  Now I am trying to add a very simple coincident mate between two surfaces.but the surfaces will not select.  I am at a loss.    I checked the System options>s...
    Gary Garrison
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  • Display area and perimeter of a face on drawing?

    I'd like to be able to attach a note to a face that displays it's area and perimeter. Right now we have a spot in our title block that we fill in manually. This is being used to drive manufacturing routings and has to...
    Shawn Stugard
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  • How to set ambient light only as default SW2020

    I want to change my lighting default settings to have NO directional lighting, only Ambient, set at 0.85.  I've tried changing settings, saving the scene as a new scene, over-writing an already existing scene - a...
    Evan Lockard
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  • Is there a place where file property "value/text expressions" syntax is shown?

    I am trying to get a pipe length to automatically be displayed in a BOM, driven from the part feature (where length is inputted). I can do this for the most part but if I extruded in 2 directions (from center) the for...
    Shawndra Products
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  • After converting CircuitWorks file, SolidWorks won't save assembly

    We updated SolidWorks from 2019 to 2020 this week. Now, when I convert a CircuitWorks file, SolidWorks won't save the converted PCB assembly. It's acting like it is saving (spinning wheel} but after 30 minutes, it's s...
    Sam Sánchez
    created by Sam Sánchez
  • How to set total time for transient

    Trying to add in the values of time total and time step for my transient study. I keep getting error code 424. Any help wold be appreciated. Thanks!     'Should change the thermal study to transient 'will r...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • How do I add Unit of Measure property in Toolbox parts?

    We have added Unit of Measure column to the Solidworks BOM, but Toolbox components do not show EA. How can I globally set the property unitofmeasure to EA.
    Jeff Yancey
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  • What do your co-workers do with SOLIDWORKS that makes your blood boil?

    So, we have this discussion about impressive SW tricks:   What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.   Let's make another thread to capture the little things your co-workers/client...
    Jim Sculley
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  • toolbox for standard license

    My boss has professional and I am using standard to create drawings from models on tooling and if he uses a component from the toolbox I am unable to load it into my drawing. This creates a problem with the bill of ma...
    Phillip Delisi
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  • Can I save a files from 2020 SW to 2019?

    A vendor has 2019 and I have 2020. I need to save my file as a part file but in 2019. It cannot be a step file.    Any thoughts?
    Max O'Neill
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  • rolling or bending sheet metal with Hem edges

    Hello I want to bent or roll a flat sheet metal with Hem edges or edge flange. Can I bend or roll this sheet? If we can do this please help me. Thanks.
    Milad M.
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  • ProE to SW

    To get the most features (least error) from ProE files (both in part and assembly such as mating) should I open ProE file in SW or covert files from ProE to SW Is there any limit or missing features for old ProE rele...
    Christian Chu
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  • Sketch and Evaluate/Measure don't agree with each other

    In the part below (Sketch of Revolve 1) I have the flange diameter in the sketch at 1.09375 which rounds off to 1.0938 for the radius of the flange, that should make a diameter of 2.1875, yet when I measure the p...
    Ken Brunskill
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  • Solidworks 2020 SP3.0 is available

    No issue with installation. Now to start the bug checking.   wish me luck !
    Mark Bradford
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  • Caravan window (motorhome Window).

    I want to model a caravan window. anyone can help to find tutorial related of modeling one. thanks
    Aravinda Durage
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  • Upgrading to SW 2020?

    Hello;           We are seriously looking at adding SW manage & we do presently use SW 2019 Sp5 w/ PDM Pro. We usually wait until around November to upgrade (because ...
    robert dattilo
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  • SW2017 - Anyone else experience slow choppy zooming when using the mouse scroll?

    SW2017 - Anyone else experience slow choppy zooming when using the mouse scroll?
    Jack Huang
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