• SWX Video and Media Player

    I have five Media Players I use this also to watch SWX videos. All these media players have Play/Pause button either at a bottom corner or at a middle of the bottom at a particular point. I am looking for a Media Play...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Old solidworks installation on the wrong drive letter

    Hello, I have an old soldtworks 2019 installation (for student) which was installed on the wrong drive letter. (Clone disk) I cannot uninstall it properly. A resettlement works halfway because I do not have the desir...
    Max Bers
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  • Sketch text parameters not showing

    Hello, I'm quite new to SolidWorks, so pardon me if I do not explain well things.   I'm trying to use the sketch text tool, but the parameters (alignement, font, etc...) are not showing up since i've rebooted t...
    Enzo Pb
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  • Hello everyone

    Hello I am new here. I am working on an innovative stationery product that I am patenting. I am on an Entrepreneurial License J
    John Smith
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  • (3DConnexion 3DMouse + Solidworks) + (Pan + (Zoom or Rotation)) = Model Flies off screen

    I know that this has been an ingoing issue (It has been an issue with me + Solidworks since time began).  I am posting it now, simply because I was looking for a possible solution and ran into these threads and t...
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • Why my solidworks crash when I start sketching?

    I can start or open a part in Solidworks.   However, when I start sketching/editing, Solidworks crash.   If it may help, the Solidworks  FLEXNet server does not run.  
    Jayen Pillay
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  • SW-E Font size

    Hi all, For SW-E, How do I change font size for connector pin #? Thank you
    Richard Hong
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  • Where are Custom Color Schemes saved?

    In System Options --> Colors  When saving a color scheme, the new scheme name shows up in the "Current color scheme" drop-down menu.  But, where is the scheme actually saved so I can back it up and not lo...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • C drive and alternative

    My C drive is near to become full. Do you have any idea to get rid of this issue without changing the system.  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Will the following computer run Solidworks:   Lenovo - Yoga C740 2-in-1 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 12GB Memory - 512GB Solid State Drive

    Lenovo - Yoga C740 2-in-1 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 12GB Memory - 512GB Solid State Drive - Mica
    Layla Moriarty
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  • 2d Cut List Optimiser Recommendations

    Hi Guys   The day has arrived when I've got the support of the boss to get a cut list optimiser.  I know there are free ones knocking about but we're considering a paid solution.  The primary importanc...
    Rob Edwards
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  • Method to use a pre-existing point sketch with Hole Wizard?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use a pre-existing sketch with fully defined points as the source for a hole wizard feature? As far as I'm aware, hole wizard sketches always need to be created in the wizard itse...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • dell 7730

    solidworks rx not recognising dell 7730
    Alejandro Cortina
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  • Can we change part Custom/ Configuration specific properties from assembly design table

    I want to change part's custom or configuration-specific properties from assembly design tables.   for example, let's say I want to change the value of "Cost" property applied in part from the assembly's design ...
    Vishal Surwade
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  • SolidWorks Art Work - By Request

    In the now famous "Give me your points" Contest  thread Kelvin Lamport asked me to explain the process of creating abstract art using SW Former SW CEO Bertrand Sicot and former VP of Product Marketing & ...
    John Stoltzfus
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  • Incorrect measurements in Assembly

    Hi, in an assembly, I was able to use the measurement tool to check/verify if the axis of two perpendicular intersecting holes are lining up (dx = 0mm if they do). However, when I imported the assembly into another as...
    Peter Cohen
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  • I get the attached message when running SOLIDWORKS

    ...FlexActAPPActivationCreate error 66...  and cannot run my SOLIDWORKS (2019 or 2020)
    George Berold
    created by George Berold
  • SWX Installation

    I already have SWX 2020 SP2 standard version and tried to upgrade it to SP3 through the upgrade option provided by SWX but installation is not happening after certain point. How to fix it? video is attached....
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Solidworks 2019 Structure system - Profiles

    Hi,   Does anyone know why Solidworks 2019 has moved from non-configuration based weldment profiles to configuration based, so now all old weldment libraries are obsolete, or at least someone will have to deal a...
    Nejc Čuk
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  • how can i buy online solidworks 2015, how can i buy online solidworks 2015

    how can i buy online solidworks 2015, how can i buy online solidworks 2015
    Mohamed Abdo
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